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Gathering of Solidarity For Tre Arrow

For those not making the trek up to BC Monday, there will be a gathering of solidarity for Tre at the top of Mt Tabor Monday, March 29th at Noon
tre arrow
tre arrow
Entering from the Salmon Street or 69th street entrances, follow the road all the way up, past the crater and the white gate, up to the very top of the mountain. There is a statue there, and a few yards directly behind the statue is a circle of trees, we will gather there to hold Tre in the light, and send him our healing energy. Any show of support is powerful in these dark days, but we feel that Monday in particular, when he will be having one in a series of court dates, it is critical for us to demonstrate our continued support for an activist who has given so much to the struggle for justice and environmental preservation.

Tre asked that I express for him his love and appreciation for all the support he has received these past 2 weeks, your letters and contributions mean so, so much to him and are helping to sustain him through this difficult time.

homepage: homepage: http://www.griffinsforge.com/truth2power

Missing the Point 27.Mar.2004 11:40

Justice Evans

While I realize negative comment on this issue may result in ostricization from the independent left, I feel that at response is not only necessary, but also would be irresponsible not to make.

While the pursuit by the FBI and other agencies of Tre Arrow was exciting and further cause to keep a watchful eye on our federal police and their investigatory actions, many of us seem to miss the point of the whole thing. Tre Arrow and the ideals he struggles to uphold are not only relevant, but also worth fighting for. The problem is that in the fight, the rules of fighting were broken. Property damage to make a point (these days) fails to make the point. The result today is always simply that. Property damage and the pursuit of the property-damager, the eventual arrest and conviction of that person or group. What if Tre Arrow had ended up in some kind of FBI shootout and was killed? Would we stand up and cheer in his "martyrdom?" Would we cry for the FBI to be investigated (we all know how that one goes)? Or would Tre Arrow be just another dead idealist who failed to make a change? I choose the last.

We're asked to join Tre Arrow in BC. We're asked to send our best wishes and keep him in our hearts. I can only feel that everything surrounding Tre Arrow and his actions are keeping us from actually doing anything. We fail to remember that we gave ourselves rules to follow in this game called Changing The World, and when played correctly, we can win the game. The U.S. Constition lays it all out for us, but too often we lump it in with the powers that be who mis-use it and mis-read it.

We, as left-thinkers, have the same opportunity as the people we want OUT of power to make an effect on our nation and our world. There are no rules about status and money that we must first follow, and if we can learn how to play this game, we can actually do something.

Please, when thinking of Tre Arrow, wish him well, but realize that his tactics will never ever work in this country, and that perhaps the only real way we can do anything is by following those rules we hate so much. Also, realize, that if you take the time to understand those rules, you too will see that its not that hard of a game to play.

interesting 27.Mar.2004 13:28

log-time reader

It's funny how "Justice Evans" only ever shows up to this site to criticize direct action. And of course he presumes the guilt of Tre Arrow before a trial has even begun.

Perhaps "Justice" could enlighten us as to why "his tactics will never ever work in this country" by pointing out 1 example, just 1, of a social movement that was successful without resorting to direct action so that we can all research how to be effective without the use of direct action. I for one would be most interested to learn of that historical precedent.

not a leftist 27.Mar.2004 13:31


Many of us who read and post to this site, and who are trying to work on issues of truth, justice and equality in our communities, do not consider ourselves to be members of the "Left", which is a faction we see as hierarchical, overly-intellectual, spiritually-bereft, stultifyingly unemotional, classist, and ineffective. As for "the rules", well, no leftist i know actually follows all "the rules"; instead, they pick and choose those rules they believe are fair and then endlessly preach about it, trying to make everyone else stick to them, all the while excusing the breaking of other rules. These arguments about property destruction never come up, for example, when the news we're discussing is about nuns breaking into military installations and spilling their blood on missiles or pounding on them with hammers. (And i definitely applaud all the people of faith who make choices like that. They rock!)

Support or do not support Tre as you wish, but don't lump everyone else into your "leftist" world. We don't all live there.

and further more 27.Mar.2004 15:39


These pervasive attacks against proponants of direct action contributes to a culture of hostility twards action commmunity, and action consiousness. The trouble is that anyone that really cares about social justice struggle isn't looking for the rules, they're rightly looking for the next step they can take to advance thier struggle. This isn't gonna chage. It didn't change the day before the boston tea party broke colonial law and threw that tea. It didn't change when gays "violently" defended themselves from police attacks at stonewall. It didn't change after the romania arson stoped the clear creek timber cut, and it won't stop now.
When a person transitions from actavism to action consious they often find themself surrounded by people who are a detrament to thier safety. When we develop respect for both legs of the movement and only then, will we be able to make the fundamental change we need in our society. Again and again, people are caught. If they had a community of support that recognized the value of action consiousness this wouldn't happen. There would be peer pressure to do things like:

a)destroy the evedince
b)tell no one outside the action cell
c)recognize liabilities (for example if a link in the chain has a kid, PROTECT them by limiting thier exposure to dangerious knowledge.)
d) Value the power of "rings of influence" if somone is interested in doing "work" with you, but they surround themself with people that are not action consious recognize this as a liability.
e)TAKE BABY STEPS, establish a relationship of trust through the actions you take.
f)Share liability equally, developing a habit of "group think" protects each member from the liability of LEADERSHIP.
h) Never talk specifics- you might ask: Doesn't this limit our ability to recruit? NO it's ok to tell somone you trust "I'm into grafitti, billboards, or ecodefense" It's not ok to say I did ---- on blank ity blank day. It's called EVIDENCE silly.
I) The smaller the cell the tighter the group.
J) If a member of the cell is anything but 100% go- DON'T DO IT!
K) Always wear P.P.E. PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT- gloves, glasses, hats, oversized shoes with doubled up socks etc.
L) never use drugs within a month of an action
M) Use anonomious computers for communiques, only add enough info to assure that the cell took the action, and no more. wear p.p.e.
N) scope a target for security, and neutralize it first. Spray paint, zip ties,and duct tape can work wonders.
O) always have an escape plan- WITH CONTINGANCIES.
P) intigrate easy ins and easy outs to your gettaway plan. This could be anything from pre checked drainage pipes, to neighboring roofs, to recognizing the weak points in the parimiter fence which are: wherever fences connect. Wherever there's structure there's usually "cracks."
Q) Learn how to fight it could make the differece between getting away and not.
R) talking on or around electronic devices is dangerious, use no specifics. If your cell needs to talk take a walk in the woods, or go on a bike ride.
S) knowing the line between consiousness and paranoia can save your life, telling everone that the cops are after you for somthing you've done, If you're not positive that they are is a good way to tell the cops to watch you. Eh?

These skills can protect you. If friends you know support direct action or revolution- empower them to learn these skills.

cause the power of the people don't stop-

Slander is also against the "rules" 28.Mar.2004 07:31


and many of us who read and post here actually believe that folks ought to be considered innocent until proven guilty ~and are too smart to take the word of someone who had everything to gain and nothing too loose by implicating Tre. Jake's sentence was reduced by nearly half for his accusations, for which he never had to offer a shred of evidence to back up. A few of us here know la little too much about 'Jacob the Lier' to believe a word he says about anything.

What is "irresponsible" about your comments is that you dont know that Tre ever commited propert damage, but you have no problem with smearing his good name here. Is it not possible that the authoritues found this effective, non-violent activist too much of a thorn in their side? Would it be the first time an innocent activist was "taken out" by the authorities? No we have to go way, way back to find the first such soal, before Bikko, before Silkwood, oh there are too many to name here. How quickly we forget.

So, if you are pledging allegiance to the "rules", then you must accept that Tre is innocent until proven guilty, and that no evidence has been brought against him. Period.
We are not all "left-thinkers" here, but many of us believe in justice.The simple fact is, you don't have any idea whether Tre was in any way involved in the Shoppert or Ross Island Gravel incidents, and you owe him the benefit of that doubt.