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9.11 investigation

A Few Pictures From The 911 International Inquiry in SF

This is an amazing event going on in SF right now, where researchers from all across the country are coming together and sharing info, making presenations, debating issues, etc.
Activists getting together before the events, Carol B is the event organizer
Activists getting together before the events, Carol B is the event organizer
Barrie Zwicker spoke
Barrie Zwicker spoke
Webster Tarpley
Webster Tarpley
Webster Tarpley asking a series of questions about 911
Webster Tarpley asking a series of questions about 911
The presentations range the full spectrum, from people with vast historical knowledge talking about the Kennedy assassination, to people talking about the details of the demolitions of the towers, to people who have been lifetime activists and are sharing their knowledge, to icons like Mike Ruppert who get a lot of applause.

Mike presented last night - he focused on a very well done and focused version of Paul Thompson's 911 timeline just for the segment of the standdown, and identified the person who is initially responsible. He presented it grounds for a legal case, and referred to Phil Berg who was in the audience.

Webster Tarpley (unauthorized biogrphy of Bush I), Bruce Gagnon (Coordinator of Global Network Against Nuclear Weapons), Mark Taylor(false flag ops and Kennedy researcher), Joseph Calhoun (Bombing of WTC in '93), Grey Brechin ('Imperial SF' power and ruin), Barrie Zwickwer (The Great Deception), Nicholas Levis (Berlin 9/11 Conference) and Carol Brouillet (International Inquiry organizer) also presented yesterday.

The entire second floor of the building is devoted to the event so that you can go from one room to another where either films are showing or activists are speaking in a circle of chairs, or food is being given out, or tabling is happening. Some rooms are only for researchers being interviewed or holding a 'conference' being filmed. Just coordinating all the people who are filming was something else - hours and hours of discussion of equipment and plans the day before.

For me, the great thing about the conference is to finally meet all the researchers and activists in person and talk with them about their work. Below are a few pictures from the event.

homepage: homepage: http://www.deceptiondollar.com/Inquiry911program.htm

SF indymedia coverage 27.Mar.2004 09:37


FOCUS on DOWNED FLIGHT is urgently needed TO IMPEACH BUSH IN 2004 ! ! ! 27.Mar.2004 12:16

politics as possible

Bush administration's strategy is to hamper the investigation any way they can. The objective of that strategy is to throw a smoke-screen around all the issues and so distract attention from the real weak point in the history of that fateful day. The weak point , that is, from the point of view of the Republican Party National Committee --- the most visible part of the shadow government.

THE WEAK POINT IS THE PLANE THAT WAS SHOT DOWN OVER PENNSYLVANIA. There is a theory, unsupported by facts and documentation, that the plane somehow inexplicably blew up over Pennsylvania. At that point, the plane --- originally intended to hit the third of the 9-11 targets, namely, the White House --- was flying westward away from its designated target. It was locked in by a NORAD jet and by the NORAD air defense system for that sector. In such a situation, the order to shoot a large passenger jet has to be obtained from the highest level --- the President. There is plenty here for competent investigators to analyze and work up --- from NORAD procedure to the recorded cell-phone call. See, in pdx.indymedia archive, article titled "911 cell phone calls impossible", 02.Oct.2003, INCLUDING COMMENTS SHOWING THAT CELL PHONE CALL WAS TECHNICALLY POSSIBLE WITH DIGITAL TECH CELL-PHONE.

What Bush wants is a continued unfocused investigation that fails to move public opinion because it can easily be discounted as too complex and as conspiracy theory. What Bush fears is focus on the Pennsylvania flight. He gave the order, either explicitly or by mumbling something incoherent when asked the question, to kill the passengers and crew on the air-liner that suffered an explosion and lost a wing and dropped from the sky over Pennsylvania. It is much less complicated than the other 9-11 issues and it goes directly to the electability of Bush in November. IF THE PEOPLE BELIEVE THAT BUSH GAVE THE ORDER TO SHOOT DOWN THE FLIGHT, BUSH MAY NOT EVEN BE ABLE TO CONTINUE IN OFFICE UNTIL NOVEMBER ! ! !!

The Bush administration is relieved to see so much discussion about what did they know and when they knew it, and so on, because what they really fear is that the news will focus on that incident in the sky over Pennsylvania. Further, there is the audio recording of a passenger calling from the plane on a cell phone describing the efforts of the passengers and the crew to take over the plane from the terrorist hi-jackers.

at this point I don't know what it would take 27.Mar.2004 13:07

Bob Fleischer rjf-nospam@tiac.net

"What Bush fears is focus on the Pennsylvania flight." -- My response is that at this point I don't know what it would take to awaken the American people. Bush has been shown to be a blatant liar who deceived the nation into war. Shouldn't that be enough to impeach? On 9/11, if one takes the official story as true, Bush has shown himself to be the most incompetent defender of the nation in history (and the evidence against Bush on 9/11 gets worse and worse). Shouldn't THAT be enough to impeach?

The problem is that Bush has an impeachment-proof majority in Congress and nearly half of the people still think he's doing a good job -- God only knows why.

to 'politics as possible' - 27.Mar.2004 14:27

simple math

good strategy - your concern is well placed.

(although I find it a little cog dissonant that this is your position on 9-11, and you still think Nader is a "spoiler to the Presidential election" - when the electronic voting machines which Kerry voted for are a much greater threat . . .)

I also happen to agree with Bob Fleischer that it's pretty much impossible at this point (especially amid the U.S. Corporate Media fog) to awaken the sleeping American Sheeple to any of the myriad incogruencies about 9-11 - even a seemly straightforward one like Flight 93.

unfortunately it make take decades - even centuries - for the true, complete story of the 9-11 deception to emerge.

Daniel Hopsicker next week 4/3 & other 9/11 meetings 27.Mar.2004 14:43

member, 9-11 Truth Alliance

One of the presenters at the International Inquiry into 9-11 - Phase One, San Francisco, will be speaking in Portland next week.
Daniel Hopsicker at Laughing Horse Books, Saturday April 3rd, 7:15pm.
This is sponsored by the local chapter of the 9-11 Truth Alliance, a nonprofit group raising discussion on 9-11 and the aftermath.
The admission fee is $5 - $15 sliding scale.

The event is listed on the Indymedia calendar:
 link to protest.net

Open meetings via meetup.com are happening on the topic of 9/11 in the Portland area --- free and open to the public. Next dates are April 15 and May 20 (3rd Thursday of the month, venue to be determined).
There have been two meetings to date.
The website gives details:  http://9-11questions.meetup.com/

Why do they believe? 27.Mar.2004 18:53


The people of the USA are like people anywhere else when they feel disempowered by a corrupt and arrogant government-- they each make their own political calculation of what it takes to survive.

The people of the USA don't believe the official lie-- they just don't think there is anything they can do about it, and they keep their heads down. Went on for years in the USSR and East Germany; now we see the same sort of calculation going on here.

ok 'tom' - 27.Mar.2004 23:02

simple math

"The people of the USA are like people anywhere else when they feel disempowered . . . they don't believe the official lie-- they just don't think there is anything they can do about it, and they keep their heads down."

--I agree with you, up to a certain point. many thousands of Americans may, in fact, be feeling more 'empowered' about the real facts of 9-11 after this week's events.

"Why do they believe?"

you also must remember - the U.S. Corporate Media has exerted *huge*, massive, widescale influence on Americans' perception of these events since 9.11.01. The U.S. media's influence, in concert with the Bush Administration, as their virtual mouthpiece not challenging their edicts or reports, is at least if not more powerful in its overall effect than the propaganda machines of the USSR, East Germany and Goebbels' Nazi-era (Fox News is directly, specifically modeled after this) setups. This is especially true in the performance of the U.S. media in drumming up post-9/11 frenzies like the illegal Iraq war invasion. from one hysteria, to the next . . .

I also agree that small, singular events like the 'official' 9-11 hearings (heavily spun by its own corrupt setup/composition and corporate media coverage) and the 'alternative' 9-11 conference of real, independent investigators could possibly reach a certain critical mass among the American people, if enough of them are paying attention.

but how many of them - aware - are needed to reach that critical mass?

and when will that critical mass of Americans be reached? in time to stop the next 9-11  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/03/284278.shtml by the NWO cabal (after which time a whole new, elevated level of control and regime sets in)?

More pictures of the speakers at the Inquiry 28.Mar.2004 11:50


Phase 2 of Inquiry May 30 - June 20,2004, Toronto, Canada 28.Mar.2004 12:58

Skeptics Inquiry for Truth info@911inquiry.org

Phas 2 of the Inquiry takes place in Toronto, canada.
May 30 - June 20, 2004


now seeking donors, sponsors, volunteers, registrants

Thanks for the coverage from San Fran.


Huge media coverage in San Francisco 28.Mar.2004 18:24

The Chronicle

Page B4

"With 9/11 in the news, conspiracy buffs gather"

 link to www.sfgate.com

San Jose Mercury News Coverage 28.Mar.2004 21:43


Posted on Sat, Mar. 27, 2004
Skeptics examine Sept. 11
By Dana Hull
Mercury News

High-level advisers from the Clinton and Bush administrations testified before the commission investigating the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in Washington, D.C., this week.

Now a growing subculture of skeptics, amateur sleuths and independent researchers of all stripes are questioning the ``official narrative'' of Sept. 11, and about 100 people are gathering in San Francisco this weekend for a three-day inquiry of their own.

It's easy to dismiss the self-proclaimed ``911 Truth Movement'' as little more than conspiracy theorists gone overboard.

But the movement, which until recently largely lived on the Internet, is increasingly holding public forums and attracting attention from the mainstream media.

The weekend event, at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco, includes panel discussions about Al-Qaida's links to the CIA, the history of covert operations, and the role of Pakistan in Sept. 11. Some of the more incredible theories say that the planes never hit the World Trade Center towers but that the towers were destroyed by remote control; others insist that some of the hijackers are still alive. The Internet is filled with Web sites like www.911 review.org and www.911 sharethetruth.com, many of which argue that Sept. 11 was an elaborately planned hoax.

Part II of the ``International Inquiry Into 9-11'' will take place in Toronto on Memorial Day weekend.

The conference, which began Friday and continues through Sunday, comes as the events of that day are still fresh in the public's mind. The official inquiry in Washington, D.C., has drawn widespread attention. As it began, Richard Clarke, a former counterterrorism expert, published a book saying that President Bush ordered him to look for a link between Iraq and the Sept. 11 attacks.

The official Sept. 11 commission has largely focused on warning signs that a terrorist attack was in the works and who in the Bush and Clinton administrations was aware of those warnings.

Different theories

But they have stayed far away from questions such as ``What happened to the fifth jetliner and the hijackers on it?'' (The ``fifth jetliner'' theory stems from early news reports on the morning of Sept. 11 that five, not four, planes were unaccounted for.)

The timing of the San Francisco event is no coincidence.

``We want our inquiry to go on before the official inquiry comes to their own conclusions,'' said Carol Brouillet, a Palo Alto mother of three who is organizing this weekend's events. Brouillet, 46, is a longtime local peace activist, and she says that she wants the public to have a chance to hear from a variety of researchers.

Ellen Mariani of New Hampshire, whose husband, Louis Neil Mariani, died when United Airlines Flight 175 was flown into the south tower of the World Trade Center, is a cult hero to many, in part because her participation in the ``truth'' conferences gives the group some legitimacy.

Mariani has filed a lawsuit against Bush and other White House officials that charges them with complicity in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

``My husband was on his way to our daughter's wedding, and he never made it,'' said a tearful Mariani at Friday's news conference at the Herbst Theatre. ``Mr. Bush, I am ashamed of our government. They have lied.''

Growing doubts

The Internet has allowed Sept. 11 theories to spread like wildfire. And growing public concern about the government's rationale for the war in Iraq has fueled further speculation.

``The Iraq war really increased the interest in Sept. 11 conspiracy theories,'' said Kathryn Olmstead, a history professor at the University of California-Davis who is writing a book called ``Governing Conspiracies.''

``It's morphed into one: The government set up Sept. 11 so they could go into Iraq so they can control the oil. There was a small number of activists who were suspicious from the start, and then once the anti-war movement got going a lot of people who were opposed to the war wondered if there was a link. But there are some serious people who are genuinely concerned that their government is hiding information from them.''


For more information about this weekend's conference, go to www.911inquiry.org. Tickets are available through City Box Office at (415) 392-4400.
Contact Dana Hull at  dhull@mercurynews.com or (408) 920-2706.

More news coverage 28.Mar.2004 21:46


Theorists share their views of 9/11
Alternative press and activists discuss conspiracy in the World Trade Center attacks
By Josh Richman, STAFF WRITER

SAN FRANCISCO -- Days after current and former government officials testified before the official panel probing the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, dozens of activists, independent journalists and others from around the world convened Friday for their own inquiry.

These are people who believe the government is lying on a grand scale, and that the Bush administration at least passively let -- and at most, actively helped -- the attacks happen.

They believe that the independent commission now probing the matter is in no way independent, and that neither it nor the corporate-owned, government-beholden mass media can be trusted to ask the right questions to get at the truth.

"The truth is not going to come out unless we demand it," said Bill Douglas of Kansas, the founder of www.911visibility.org

Click Here!

New York City activist Nicholas Levis said this weekend's International Inquiry into 9-11 is all about "making the connections that the mainstream media refuse to make," lest any real consideration expose "the complicity of the United States government" in the attacks.

Said attorney Phil Berg, representing 9-11 widow Ellen Mariani of New Hampshire in her racketeering lawsuit against the federal government: "The American citizens don't want to believe that our government would do something like this."

Continuing today and Sunday at the Herbst Theater on Van Ness Avenue, the conference features films, seminars, discussion forums and plenary sessions for advancing any and all ideas about the attacks.

Some attendees believe the manner in which the World Trade Center towers collapsed can be explained only by explosives within the buildings, although architectural engineers have said burning jet fuel weakened the towers' supporting steel, finally letting the towers' floors "pancake" to the ground.

Some dispute government accounts that military jets were scrambled but didn't intercept the hijacked airplanes in time, instead believing the jets were intentionally kept grounded.

Some draw dire conclusions from the fact that Marvin P. Bush, the president's brother, from 1993 to 2000 was on the board of directors of a company that provided some electronic security for the World Trade Center, Dulles International Airport and United Airlines; the same company was backed by a Kuwaiti investment firm with links to the Bush family.

Some note the government let relatives of Osama bin Laden fly out of the United States on a chartered jet in the hours after the attacks, even while all other commercial jets remained grounded. FBI officials have said they had access to those people before they departed that day, and were satisfied they had no information about the attacks.

Some liken the Sept. 11 attacks to Operation Northwoods, a plan developed by U.S. military leaders in the early 1960s -- and reported in 2001 by major media including the Baltimore Sun and ABC News -- to attack U.S. civilian and military targets and blame it on Cuba as a pretext to invade that Communist nation. Some say it's more like the January 1933 arson of the German Reichstag, which many historians believe was staged by the Nazi Party and blamed upon Communists in order to consolidate Adolf Hitler's power.

Mike Ruppert of Los Angeles, publisher and editor of the newsletter From The Wilderness, said the attacks are "so straightforward in terms of its criminality that even a 6-year-old could understand what happened."

The "systemic shutdown" of air defenses that day; pre-attack insider trading involving airlines, insurers and banks affected by the attacks; a history of business dealings between the Bush and bin Laden families -- all these and other things paint a clear picture of government complicity, he claimed.

This weekend's conference is a sign, Ruppert said, that regardless of what the government, the media, big business and other forces at play in this matter want, "we will not let 9/11 go."

Contact Josh Richman at  jrichman@angnewspapers.com .

Two simple questions for Condoleezza Rice... 29.Mar.2004 10:31

History Buff

How did you know to warn San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown not to fly on 9-11? And why did you not warn the nation?