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The Daily Poetry Movement

This is a rythm poem I found on the net. I take offense to the verbage of one line in which he identifies, "gay edgar hoover." I don't think it is acurate as, edgar simply like to wear dresses, nylons: transvestite stuff. I don't think he had male lovers. Nor was it an important point to the poem, it was extraneous. I thought the poem was well researched.
Huey P and Bobby Seale founded this new hope/
at a time when equal rights was like a blind man walkin the tight rope/
Panthers ain't the Black version of the Klan/
you need to read up on ya history to understand/
what they stood for and fought for/
instead of following political propaganda like AlGore/
the panthers represented freedom for all/
workin on the theology that united we stand divided we fall/
they encouraged the people to challenge the government/
and taught the minorities about self development/
this gathering of the masses put fear in the Feds/
they organized groups headed by ignorant heads/
Gay Edgar Hoover started the shut down/
takin down Fred Hampton with fury of gun sounds/
concocted fake charges and arrested Bobby Seale/
and wouldn't give the born leader a chance to appeal/
the FBI started their counter intelligence program/
it was just 'white power' disguised like the propaganda of Uncle Sam/
the more they attacked the more the group thrived/
and the people understood that the charges against the panthers was contrived/
but internal struggle weakened the foundation/
and all hopes was gone of salvation/
but in 77 all difference had been settled/
the original founders took hold of the party which was now embattled/
and made it a political force/
which would see civil rights headed in the right course/
the Feds then intensified there attack/
a top-down offensive till they had the party on their back/
the panthers crumbled under this sheer political force/
and with it died civil rights with no chance of re-course/
By Platinum Blak
To contact meese 27.Mar.2004 02:54

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