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Peaceful Protest at Snake River Correctional Institution

The following report was mailed to me by the prisoners in Complex 2 at Snake River Correctional Facility, SRCI. On March 12th, 13th and 14th, approximately 700 inmates held a peaceful protest by refusing to eat in the
prison's chow hall.
The prisoners who sent this report asked to remain anonymous. I did receive
several independent reports about this event, so feel this is a fairly
accurate account.

The weekend of March 12 - 14, prisoners at SRCI refused to eat in the
prison's chow hall. This cost the state several thousand dollars in wasted
food, but inmates felt it was important to bring attention to the increasing
mistreatment of the prison population on the following issues. The quality of
medical care, the food, institutional operations and the overall conduct of
the prison's staff in regards to the day to day treatment of the inmates.
These are by no means trivial issues. Staff conduct alone has resulted on
one of the hioghest rates of staff assaults in recent Oregon history. There
is the issue of inmate funds being diverted to pay for prison projects that
don't get done. For example, ODOC diverted funds to cover inmate TV
programming and the wiring for in-cell TV's nearly a year ago. It is still not
done even though we were told it would take 60 to 90 days. So where did
the money go? Recreation is also an issue that needs to be addressed. SRCI
officials should return to normal operations with morning dayrooms and yard
time restored. The medical treatment we get at SRCI is borderline criminal.
The number of prisoners with serious medical condtions and the death rate
here are simply insane. The quality of the food program at the prison
continues to degrade on a daily basis. Steps must be taken to ensure proper
preparation, food quality and portion size. ODOC officials can avoid further
actions like the once at SRCI by seriously exploring a line of communication
with the prisoners.

The prisoners who wrote said their protest went off pretty much as planned
and did stay peaceful. The prison administration told prisoners they had
received work that there were going to be staff assaults on March 12th so
at about 7am, complex 2 was placed on lock-down. Also, the inmates in
complex 3 decided not to participate in the protest. However, there were a
couple of meetings between staff and inmate leaders. The issues were
discussed and it looks like some changes will be forthcoming. Organizers
also felt the prisoners of complex 2 had taken a big step. They stood
together and achieved their set goal, not through violence, but by peaceful
means. Unity was shown on a large scale and for a common good. They
reminded the rest of the prisoners that things can change if we apply
ourselves. They commended the actions of those who took part over the
weekend and urged them not to rest because one victory has been gained,
but to stay vigilant and continue to push for positive change.

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the staff at 27.Mar.2004 14:55

Snake River

is mainly Brotherhood of the Strong assholes. So, unfortunately, what do you expect?

inmate rights 04.Apr.2004 14:49

Mary marylett@msn.com

Just because these men are inmates of the DOC doesn't mean that they should be treated like animals. They have made mistakes in their lives just like all of us have and they are paying for their mistakes. They deserve fair and honest treatment. They are incarcerated to learn a lesson for something that they did wrong but they are treated as if they are not human beings. There are a lot of intelligent men that are at SRCI but just need an incentive to achieve their goals. They desreve the proper medical and dental treatment. They deserve to have decent food and they deserve to be treated fairly. Stop looking down your noses at people who you don't even know and stop assuming that just because they are incarcerated in a facility, that they are worthless and bad people.

crock of shit 04.Apr.2004 15:27


I think that how the inmates are treated is all a bunch of bullshit. They have to pay for their eyeglasses. They have to make appointments and hope to be seen. They even have to sign up to use a payphone to call someone collect. I understand the amount of inmates that there are in SRCI or in any correctional instition but why do you have to treat the inmates as if they are children? What happens if an inmate needs medical attention but does not have the money to pay? What then? Are you going to let them die? what happens to the families that can not afford to go long distances to see the inmates? Are there any family support groups to help rectify that situation so that a family is not torn apart? they have done the crime,now they are doing the time they recived. so what is the purpose of trying to burry someone by giveing them 20-30 years if the crime doesn't fit the time?

it aint right 01.May.2004 14:04

kendra goltz

hi im kendra and i would just like to say that my dad is serving 25 years and i think that that time is enoughf punisment they dont need to be treated like crap by the staff and gaurds on top of being away from there family! also my dad tels me that a lot of the guards are on a hudge power kick so thats sux!!



I agree,
I am wife of a MAN in prison and can't say enough how
their sentence is their punishment and ALOT of staff act as though it
is there personal duty to add to the sentence.
Not taking into concideration the HUMAN factors.
I could write about all for hours and days on and on....
The bottom line is the odoc is warehousing "men/women"
aka inmates and it is a very criminal act not even close to borderline.

The GPLC System as Differentiated from the SSEC System 30.May.2004 03:06

Universe Citizenship

Until we recognize the unit condition as a system, to write and talk about it differently than we have been taught, and to understand that while we cannot get out of Universe, in a conceptuality, we can get out of system.

Inmates and all those who are processing information for the GPLC system, (Guilt, Punishment, Law, Crime) as prisoners or jailers, (which must include everyone these days, inside or outside the walls of a correctional institution) have not begun to realize the most consciously considerate alternate option. This option cannot be of the GPLC system. The GPLC system offers no Rule of Equity. Instead, we follow the Rule of Law. Therefore, the GPLC does not have to deal with all concerned equally and fairly.

So, above all else, we have to honor our inherent innocence, which is taken from us from the moment we are born into the GPLC. To me this means that if we are educated by the GPLC, we are misinformed from the outset and more prisons are guaranteed, more inmates are to be expected, more of all that the GPLC system requires to survive.

The GPLC system is of the PRSE system. The PRSE system is Politics, Religion, Society, and Education. In a systematic framework, it is very easy to identify what we are working with from the source of its authority in our lives.

I found the replacement system. It is conceptual. It is the SSEC System. This stands for Self (consciousness of one's own identity); Sovereignty (Self determination, Self governance); Equity (Dealing fairly and equally with all concerned); and Conceptual responsibility (Conceptual = imaginable).

The questions are: If you and I know and honor the SSEC system, then how can we interfere with any one's SSEC system? And isn't it deeply unfortunate, and the saddest thought to think that such a comprehensive alternate option (which is a discovery emanating from "the purely innocent state of mind") has not been offered to us from our family, our church, our schools, our governments, the books we read, the radio station broadcasts, television shows, movies and all forms of education and available information?

Even the GPLC authorities have yet to acknowledge the SSEC system. Yet, this is what we need to look at so that we can calmly, devotedly, directly internalize our inherent right to thoroughly explore and ultimately realize that we were not born solely to be imprisoned by the GPLC and all of its inequities. We have essential need to be free to think in other terms, to imagine something quite differently.

The SSEC is of Universe. So, too, is our most comprehensively considerate citizenship. To find peace within during these constraining times, we have to understand this as a state of mind. No one can take away our Universe citizenship because it does not belong to the GPLC or the PRSE. It belongs to every individual. We can look forward to fewer prison facilities, fewer prisoners, less of every thing that works against our inherent freedom and love of equity, dealing equally and fairly with all concerned. As individuals we hold a personal responsibility for the sovereignty of our state of mind without needs ever to interfere with any other human being.

SRCI injustice 28.May.2005 01:14

Mary Rose/Pierce comptonmn@yahoo.com

My fiance is an inmate at SRCI. he may of lost alot of his rights he still has rights. It's hard enough for inmates in prison as it is. There is so much they go through just being in those cold cement walls away from everything they love. Suddenly your life flashes before your eyes and you get lost. But there is nobody there to help you. Then you got those punk ass gaurds and staff that just go and make things worse. Treatings inmates the way they are now, do you really wonder why there are so many repeat offenders? But you probably dont think about the aftermath, do you? So after you've turned in your time card, went home and kicking back thinking about how you've done a good job at doing your job...think again!

405 s 2nd st. apt.2 St. Helens, OR 97051

The loss of a loved one 10.Feb.2007 16:12


Ilost my brother at snake river this is to all the guards do you think locking them up in imu really helps? i think that some guards had something to do with his death and if its true burn in hell!

SRCI Needs to be Investigated for their poor txt. of inmates and visitors. 15.Mar.2008 19:45

Anonymous so my brother doesn't pay for my comments.

My Brother is an inmate at Snake River. He did the crime and is doing the time. However, I did not do the crime and do not deserve to be treated worse than we allow people to treat their pets, when I go to see him. I have had to stand out side giving up an hour and a half of visiting time, in 110 degree temperatures, with no use of bathroom facilities, and not allowed to have water to drink-- all while waiting to get in to visit. There was no communication with us visitors to let us know why the visiting was delayed, or if there was going to be in. All the while, guards sat inside looking out at us laughing at us, from their air conditioned building. On another time to visit, I was invited to a dinner there, somehow there was a mix up on the time I was to be there and I showed up an hour early. Sorry, my mistake, I was trying to leave to come back at the right time. My cell phone rang and I answered it while sitting in my vehicle. I was surrounded by guards with guns pulled, and made to lay down on the ground. My brother has been in prison for over 20 years. Most of his time has been severed at other facilities. I used to visit him alot. I've been treated quite well most of the places he has been, never having guns pulled on me before. I now refuse to visit him at Snake River. I drive 5 hours to get there, to not even get a visit when I get there. Please, somebody make an investigation into this facility, and get some changes made.