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Homeland Security liaison to keep Hollywood in line

Protecting America against terrorist attacks and other disasters requires strong interagency communication and superior intelligence-gathering. Oh, and a little help from Hollywood.

The Homeland Security Department has posted a job for a ''liaison to the entertainment industry.'' The salary could be as high as $136,000, plus benefits.

The department is creating the job to make sure that dramatic portrayals of it are as accurate as possible, spokesman Dennis Murphy said Friday.

It's not a new concept. The Pentagon has been working with TV and film producers for years. Murphy, in a former position at the Customs Service, provided technical advice to the Oscar-winning film ''Traffic.''

The job calls for ''providing strategic counsel'' to Homeland Security officials when they are asked for help with a film and approving assistance for projects that commit the department to cooperate.

''There can be a tremendous impact on the public with the ability to communicate to people what we're doing,'' Murphy said. ''They're going to do their movie. We just don't want it to be silly.''

The FBI has been aided by many dramatic portrayals. Among them: actor Robert Stack as heroic FBI agent Eliot Ness in the television series ''The Untouchables'' and actress Jodie Foster's determined agent-in-training Clarice Starling in the film ''The Silence of the Lambs.''

In September, ABC debuted ''Threat Matrix,'' a one-hour TV show about a highly trained, specialized task force that works out of the Homeland Security Department and ''fights the many faces of terror,'' according to its promotional material. Homeland Security officials declined to comment on the show.

In the last year, the department has been inundated with requests for help on motion pictures and documentaries, spokeswoman Tasia Scolinos said.

Movies and TV shows could be recruiting tools for people considering a career in Homeland Security, she said. The CIA recently began airing recruitment ads starring Jennifer Garner, who plays a CIA agent in the ABC series ''Alias.''

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge is aware of the entertainment industry's effect on the department's image. While on a recent visit to Los Angeles, he met with entertainment executives who asked him how they could help the Homeland Security effort, Scolinos said. Ridge suggested they could promote the department's Ready Campaign to educate citizens on how to prepare for a terrorist attack.

Source: http://www.suntimes.com/output/news/cst-nws-holly21.html
Step one 26.Mar.2004 18:03


Scolinos said. Ridge suggested they could promote the department's Ready Campaign to educate citizens on how to prepare for a terrorist attack.

Step one - have a free election

Step two - have bush lag behind


I vote for Britney Spears to be liaison 27.Mar.2004 08:27

Beautiful white women are the best

Terrorists are ugly foreign men and we need a symbol of purity and virtuousness to convince America that we need to be on guard at all times.

Meanwhile, the power elite will be butt-fucking each other in glee as the diversion succeeds in drawing attention from their nefarious activities ("Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain") until we are all in a super-max prison lifestyle that we willing choose for safety.