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Noche de Amor y Revolucíon - Latino Poetry, Art, Theatre, Activism

The Reed College Latino Student Union will be hosting La Noche de Amor y Revolucíon, this Saturday March 27th at 7 PM.
The event features poetry en español and english from several noted NW poets, including Ernesto Claros, Cindy Gutierrez, and Carlos Reyes. PCASC/CBLOC will be performing a political theatre piece about CAFTA, and The Beehive Design Collective will be presenting some amazing art about the FTAA. A group of Reed students will also speak about a recent trip to the Mexico/Arizona border.

Come for Salvadorian food, tango, poetry, theatre, art, and activism. The event is free and welcome to everyone. This Saturday, March 27th, starting at 7PM at Reed College. The event will be held in the Winch Capehart room, which is next to the Student Union. You can find it. If you want better directions or more information, contact  LSU@reed.edu.

The Reed Latino Student Union is a fairly new organization, we are a group of Latino & non-Latino students interested in maintaining political dialogues, organizing cultural events, and educating ourselves and our peers about Latin America-- as well as providing a supportive environment for discussing Latino issues that arise within the Reed community. This is our first major event. Come party with fellow Latino/a activists!

address: address: Reed College - 3203 SE Woodstock, Winch Capehart Room