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STARC Alliance National Conference

The annual STARC Alliance National Conference is a convergence of activists and organizers that work to challenge a social and economic system that exploits resources and people while reinforcing privilege and oppression. The STARC Alliance National Conference will be a unique opportunity for youth and student activists and organizers from all over the country to come together to build a youth and student movement!
Hot, hot conference poster!
Hot, hot conference poster!
Student organizers and activists will be meeting at Portland State University April 2nd-4th, 2004. The conference will be an opportunity for you to:

::Meet with rad people doing amazing organizing from all parts of the

::Share resources and strategies for successful grassroots projects and

::Build a movement of liberation and anti-oppression!

::Raise your voice, express your passion, get inspired!

The conference will include 3 focus areas:
Counter-military Recruitment
Community Investment
International and Domestic Solidarity and Coalition Building

as well as the following workshops:

Theater of the Oppressed, Strategic Campaign Design, Grassroots Organizing, Consensus Facilitation,
Fundraising, Media, Anti-racism training, Trans 101 workshop, and much more!

For more information about the conference, on-line and printable registration
forms, and to find out more about STARC check out the website at:

homepage: homepage: http://www.starcalliance.org
phone: phone: 503.725.8777
address: address: Students for Unity PO Box 751 Portland, OR 97201

STARC!!!!!! 29.Mar.2004 18:58

Rzedzian Wladyslaw Tomislaw Lis

I was walking down the hallway at PSU the other day and this beautiful Lily caught my eye. I went in closer and I looked at it and I read just what it was about. I am so fucking amazed by this whole conference. It will be the best place to learn about how to actively do things. I went up to the Students For Unity office and they are all psyched up for the event. I am joining them and going to the STARC conference. All you all need to go
R. W. T. L.