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lesbian professor stages a hatecrime hoax

Today, the Claremont Police Department as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are reporting that the so call "hate crime" was actually a "hoax" perpetrated by Professor Kerri Dunn herself. Two independent witnesses came forward declaring that they saw Professor Dunn commit the vandalism on her own car. Now, it appears that Professor Dunn has a significant "rap sheet" for prior crimes
Los Angeles, Alta California - March 18, 2004 - (ACN) The Claremont Colleges, about 30 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, are a prestigious consortium of five private colleges that includes Claremont-McKenna College, Harvey Mudd College, Pitzer College, Pomona College and Scripps College. The adjoining five campuses, spread amid serene residential neighborhoods, have been very peaceful over the years . . . that is until last March 9th when, what was reported as, a "vicious hate crime" and "the worst incident of hate in recent history at the Claremont Colleges" occurred.

The purported "hate crime" made front page news here in the Los Angeles area and in addition was reported by major national news media networks. All five colleges were closed on the following day, March 10, by the respective college administrations in order to stage rallies and meetings against hate and to show support for the purported victim, a lesbian and Claremont-McKenna professor of social psychology Kerri Dunn. Professor Kerri Dunn, a former Catholic, has recently converted to Judaism.

According to Professor Dunn, she was returning to her car after speaking at a free-speech rally around 8 p.m. on March 9 when she noticed that her front window was shattered, the tires slashed, and the body of her vehicle covered with spray-painted racial epithets. The words "kike whore," "nigger lover," " shut up," and "bitch" were painted in large, black letters on both sides of the car, as well as on the roof and hood and what appeared to be an unfinished "swastika" was also visible.

"When I first approached the car I didn't know what was really happening. I didn't recognize the extent of the attack for quite awhile," said Professor Kerri Dunn. "When I started looking at the car and started seeing the words, that's when it kind of sunk in. I guess I kind of just was numb," she added.

The incident brought out extremely strong reactions by Hillel and a host of homosexual and lesbian groups on campus and by gay administrators and faculty. Hillel representative D'ror Chankin-Gould said the attack came as no surprise. He linked the incident to growing anti-Semitism worldwide. "We are here to say that we are scared," said Chankin-Gould. "Swastikas and broken glass trigger potent memories for Jews."

Today, the Claremont Police Department as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are reporting that the so call "hate crime" was actually a "hoax" perpetrated by Professor Kerri Dunn herself. Two independent witnesses came forward declaring that they saw Professor Dunn commit the vandalism on her own car. Now, it appears that Professor Dunn has a significant "rap sheet" for prior crimes. While living in Lincoln, Nebraska, the professor accumulated arrests for shoplifting, possessing stolen property, refusing to comply with a police officer's orders, driving on a suspended license, failing to appear in court and other crimes.

Does this modus operandi by Jews, converted or born into Judaism, sound familiar? "These were terrorists," Professor Dunn said of those responsible. Do we all remember the two Israeli MOSSAD agents that were arrested inside the Mexican Congress with explosives on October 10, 2001?

There is a major lesson here to be learned by the "embarrassed" and "red faced" students at the Claremont Colleges. Not all is what it first appears to be. This is true at your local campuses as well as across the nation and in the world stage. Just look at the way president Bush justified attacking Iraq. Do you still believe that we are in Iraq to "liberate the people"? Ask yourself, why were USA troops not received by Iraqis offering "flowers" as we were made to believe? Instead, our troops are being given "exploding grenades" on a daily basis!

also reported here:  http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/0318obesity18.html
What is the relevance of the following items? 26.Mar.2004 16:58

Mulberry Sellers

1. The sexuality of Prof. Dunn?
2. The religious affiliations of Prof. Dunn?

A: None, unless you're given to the fallacy of hasty generalization in an effort to defame an entire ethnic/religious/sexual group, but since Sr. Cienfuegos is obsessed with defaming his favorite hate objects, Jews and gays, he tries to make Prof. Dunn's associations the centerpiece of his screed.

On the subject of the "two Mossad agents", here is where you can find a follow-up story containing facts which contradict the way hatefreaks like axtlan.net have inflated a banal tale (and from a respected Mexican source):

Go to  http://www.el-universal.com.mx
Click on "ediciones anteriores"
Select 12 Octubre 2001
The article you want is titled "Detenido en San Lazaro tiene licencia para arma".

Perhaps Sr. Cienfuegos is ignorant of this because he cannot read Spanish. And perhaps the Pope has lost the church in a poker game.

report don't theorize 26.Mar.2004 17:36

Hg 2003

It is an interesting case, but the final two paragraphs terribly subtract from the rest of the article, makign this not even journalism, despite its initial objective tone. How in the world could one jump to blame someone's religion for being the reason someone hoaxed a crime against herself? Must we make Indy Media look so bad by inserting obvious bias into the text of an otherwise reasonable article? We indymedia readers can decide for ourselves what to make of a situation, and don't need bigoted commentary from the "reporter." We all know that the number of hoax hate crimes pales in comparison to the number of actual hate crimes, so much so that this anomaly is of much less relevance than the author seems to think. But regardless, Dunn's religion and sexuality have no bearing on her likelihood to have hoaxed the crime, and Indy Media would be much better off for it if aspiring journalists left out their biases when writing.

For the kijillionth time.... 26.Mar.2004 17:57

here we go again

Pdx indymedia has what's called an "open publishing" format. Anyone who wants to can publish articles, whether it's original writing or reposting something that appeared elsewhere. There is a group of folks who work with indymedia on certain administrative things, such as pulling items from the newswire and making them into the features that go in the middle of the page.

I agree with the other posted comments concering the apparently bigoted tone shown at the end of this article. The author seems to be trying to use this one rare case of a "hate crime hoax" to discount the cases where things like that really happen. It's a wacked out leap to use the rare case of such a hoax as a basis for hatefully portraying a whole group of people.

It's kind of funny 26.Mar.2004 18:37


In a way the writer does the same thing the professor did. They each create something false to further their own political/personal agenda.

She created "hate" supposedly perpetrated by "them" when there was none, so she could present herself as a victim, talk about such victimization, become a local celebrity and maybe practice some guilt power.

He presented her act as something perpetrated by the hated "them" so he could point out how bad "they" are, when it was just an act perpetrated by one sick individual.

Kind of makes you wonder about the hiring practices of such "prestigious" learning institutions though, doesn't it? If you still have room to wonder.

It is a common political tactic... 26.Mar.2004 22:28


...to win sympathy by portraying oneself or ones people as the innocent victim(s). The reason that people even bring up the fact that the Professor is Jewish is because this is a standard tactic of Israel's, one of the most brutally oppressive states in the world. Israel's representatives trot out the ghost of "the" (as if there has been only one) holocaust at every opportunity, in order to portray the "Jewish state" as the representative of an eternally-victimized people. This specious victimhood helps distract attention from the realities of institutionalized racist Israeli brutality. The fact that Jews claim that "anti-semitism is on the rise" is directly related to the hate crimes committed in the name of Israel seems to be ignored, as if one somehow has absolutely nothing to do with the other. (nevermind that anti-Arab sentiment dwarfs anti-Jewish sentiment by far) These days the spectre of anti-semitism looms large in the socialization of many Jewish (of the Zionist variety) children, and their perspective on reality almost depends upon this anti-semitism whether it exists or not. Read Norman Finkelstein's thoughts on the subject:
in the words of Norman Finkelstein...
in the words of Norman Finkelstein...

Further Thoughts 28.Mar.2004 08:49

Gringo Stars

The fact of the matter is that if ever a "race" DESERVED to be exterminated, thrown into ovens, gas chambers etc. it's the jews! (Assuming one even believes that the "holohoax" occured; frankly I wish it had and that the results had been more utterly "final"). As we see from their behavior in Palestine, the hook-nosed vermin are a profoundly evil, grasping "people" who have been rightly despised in every nation they have ever infiltrated for their power-hungry tendencies, abuse of the financial system, control of the "jewsmedia" etc. Any truly egalitarian and progressive society will need to root them out branch by branch BY ALL MEANS NECCESSARY!

have no argument? then personally attack me! 28.Mar.2004 09:08


Have nothing intelligent to say? Do you have no real argument? Then bring up the holocaust again and claim that any criticism of Israel is pure genocidal anti-semitism. As can be seen by the previous comment (obviously not me), when argument fails, ad hominem will do! By all means, claim that anyyone who criticizes Israel is a holocaust denier (I am not one obviously) and an anti-semite who wishes for the extermination of all Jews - that's the best way to end any intelligent conversation on the subject.

THE HOLOCAUST INDUSTRY by Norman Finkelstein;