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Event in Eugene

...looking for an open, honest, and respectful discussion about resisting the American Empire...
Learn from the Past, RESIST for the Future

Friday, April 2 7pm UofO PLC Room 180 Showing of the film "The Weather Underground" followed by discussion with former weatherfolk

Saturday, April 3 Two Discussions in McKenzie Hall Rm. 240 C (UofO):
10 am - Resistance Then
1:30 pm - Resistance NOW
sounds great! 26.Mar.2004 13:35

indy editor

please post this to the calendar so it can go up in the "Todays Events" area (top right center column) the day it is happening - events that are listed on the calendar end up there the day they happen.

To post to the calendar, just click on the calendar button (upper left) & fill in the fields. Whatever contact email you put in there will be sent a message that says "event added" in the subject line - that email is how you can edit the calendar post in case you make a mistake or the event changes, (or you can just email the editorial collective and let us know there is a change you need to make to your calendar post)