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Left Radio: revolution NOW

Never heard KBOO? It's on 90.7 FM in the Portland metro area; that's between the classical music station and the corporations-are-OK station. Two to the left of the Led Zeppelin station.

KBOO broadcasts in this (Portland) area at an incredible 25,000 watts. The main transmitter can be heard in Salem, in St. Helens, North of Vancouver, East of Sandy--and it is worldwide on the Web, and there are translator towers as well. When I get on the air for a 30-minute program, I feel an obligation to do the best job I can.

I've been broadcasting on several topics; I keep coming back to imperial war--the last program was on the Iraqi Holocaust. However, I've also covered corporate global warming, pointing out that it's hitting harder and faster than we're being told (ever heard of megacryometeors? --thermohaline circulation?)...I predicted months before the fact that the anthrax came from Ft. Detrick...I frequently address the intersection of gender politics and capitalist oppression (who does the dishes where you live?)...and that's just one program on KBOO. [ READ MORE... ]

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