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Critical Mass?

What's up with Portland Critical Mass these days?
Haven't heard much about Critical Mass in Portland recently. It's not on the Indymedia calendar, and the web site for Portland CM hasn't been updated since last year. Is it still going on? Or did folks give up on it because the cops were getting too aggressive?

I'm planning on hanging around the North Park Blocks this evening unless I hear it's leaving from some other location. I presume it's not leaving from under the Burnside Bridge anymore because of the construction there.
gave up 26.Mar.2004 12:14

you know.

folks basically gave up on it. tactically it was not smart to continue with cm as it was. there were too few bikes and too many police to do anythhing effective. people do still show up at the north park blocks around 530. they usually wait until around 630 for more people to show up, and then when all their friends have finally gotten there, the twelve of them leave.

half of them get tickets and the other half keep riding, solidarity, you know?

check it:  http://melbourne.indymedia.org/news/2004/03/65347.php

In other places the tactic works. I encourage you to go, but not to stay or ride.

don't listen 26.Mar.2004 13:48


the october ride was huge. it's been smaller since then because it is cold and wet out. this summer it will be huge again. go and have fun.

Critical Mass in Portland is a Critical Joke. 26.Mar.2004 21:30


Downtown Portland, North Park Blocks at 9th and Burnside, Friday evening at 5:30. Same time, same place, every week. Amass and wait to be herded by several dozen Portland Police until enough riders have gotten tickets so that the rest go home.

They refuse to ride anywhere else or at any other time.

To each his own but I don't see this crap as taking back the streets or motorist education or anything else. It's just a pleasant way for some cops to get a little overtime while providing the city with an easy way to make some spare change.

not every week 27.Mar.2004 15:27


its the last friday of every month

and sometimes there are other places and times

last ride i went on there were no cops and i had a lot of fun

bike on !