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Home Depot in the Inner Eastside??

From Tuesday's Tribune...The Portland Development Commission is making plans for a 125,000-square-foot Home Depot at the corner of Burnside and MLK. ... Asked for a comment, PDC spokeswoman Martha Richmond allowed as to how the commission is developing something called a "Lower Burnside Plan," to include a mix of retail and housing. "That's all I can say at this point."
It is one thing for Home Depot to buy a piece of property and develop it in the inner city, but it's entirely another when PDC assists them and uses public funds to create a space for them. Where is the help for the small business owner that has created the "home improvement district" in central eastside? Let's let the little guys get something really cool going on over in the eastside and then let's help a cut-throat discount mega-corporation buy in for a discounted price and then ultimately hurt the little guys by taking their business away. What a terrific city we live in!

We need a huge public outcry to stop this from happening.

Imagine biking over the Burnside Bridge only to be greeted by Home Depot!
Yeah! about time! 26.Mar.2004 15:30


Gosh i hate driving all the way out to Clackamas or the airport to get a good selection of construction materials! I'm amazed that some enterprizing capitalist hasn't done something like this sooner, the inner east side is bereft of a full line construction materials supply house.

I hope it gets up and running soon!

And no, i'm not joking.


Hey, Me. That's not the point 26.Mar.2004 15:41


Maybe it's true, maybe not. The city (us, the taxpayers) should not be subsidizing a for-profit business. There is a problem buying building materials in the inner neighborhoods. If there is a market, they will profit. If not, they won't. It is their risk to take. It seems like a no-brainer to me. Should be a great location for a store like that.

I can't wait to buy a new chainsaw to trim my rhodie, and a ride on Toro for my 6 x 20 lawn! And a gallon of herbicide to clear my parking strip of noxious weeds. I think I feel a new 10 HP powerwasher in the works, too.

Agree Me 26.Mar.2004 15:55

Red Vole lover

>Gosh i hate driving all the way out to Clackamas or the airport to get a good selection of construction materials! <

I'm with ya there Me! Just think of all the wasted gas, time and pollution driving out there for a board or whatever! Hell, Freddies doesnt even sell lumber anymore. Theyve wimped out of the home repair biz. I'm for anything that'll help me get me ass in gear for remodeling or repair projects.

As for being an eyesore I doubt if they are going to put it between MLK and Grand. Probably between MLK and the river. But it couldnt be any worse than that car sales lot full of gas-guzzling giant SUVs and pickups on MLK and Burnside.

corpo-box alternatives 27.Mar.2004 08:08


I'm not thrilled with a home despot going in at King/Burnside. I avoid home despot whenever possible because they give enormous amounts of money to bushco/repugnantcan party. I shop at Hankins and Division hardware regularly. Nice people who know me and care for the community. If if costs a buck a trip more than home despot, I save it in time at the checkout alone, not to mention driving.
Yes, it sucks that you can't buy a 2x4 in inner southeast since Plymart closed. There are two lumber merchants near 82nd on Stark. Finding a politically/environmentally acceptable lumber dealer is like finding a politically/environmentally acceptable oil company, but personally, I'll go a little bit out of my way to patronize the locals.

Not so fast (slow) 27.Mar.2004 13:34

home despot shopper

"If if costs a buck a trip more than home despot, I save it in time at the checkout alone, not to mention driving."

The big box has installed self-checkout lines. Very, very vast. Walk up, scan your stuff, deposit your bills, and leave. Very convenient. Two thumbs up.

home depot funds bush 27.Mar.2004 20:10


Home depot as reported on this site, is a large contributor to Bush's Reelection campaign, I don't want him back in office, and if it means not going to Home Depot and only going to a local owned hardware store, Then I will do it.
I Hope others will too

Want local companies out of business? 29.Mar.2004 10:00


So all you Home Depot shoppers beware that some folks will be out of a job if HD moves into the inner eastside. I guess you don't care that some small businesses have been at it for years in the area - Winks, Rodda Paint, Miller Paint, Platt Electric. I guess you don't care that the City does nothing to encourage the small businesses to stay in the inner city and serve you, but the city is glad to encourage a development whose profits go to Georgia. I guess you don't care that people who work for these companies will now either be out of a job or be working for the Man at HD.

You really can be pathetic.