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Tre Arrow's Fast Enters 3rd Week

Tre has been fasting since his arrest, Saturday March 13th, he is fasting
for two reasons: as a token of solidarity to all those suffering around the world as a result of corporate greed, pollution, and
unequal food distribution. and to protest the lack of democracy within the
US government and lack of justice within the judicial system.
Tre will have a court appearance Monday, March 29th in BC. Portland supporters will gather at Mt Tabor Park at noon on the 29th to show support and solidarity.

Benefits for Tre's defense fund include a plant sale at People's co-op on Sunday, April 4th and a Rummage & Bake Sale Friday, April 23rd at the Cascadia Rising Info Shop.

homepage: homepage: http://www.griffinsforge.com/truth2power

If anything happens to Tre 26.Mar.2004 12:00


There'll be utter hell to pay in the woods, at corporate offices, and anywhere else the earth destroying monsters have a vested financial interest.

Canada: Think twice about deportation 26.Mar.2004 12:19

Earth Warrior

The Canadian government should consider the possibility of being held responsible if the US does anything to Tre. They presumably could refuse to extradite on such grounds as human rights abuses in the USA such as the notorious camps on a certain island South of the Keys.. They could also refuse on national security grounds, such as worrying about retaliation. After all, whether Tre is or is not involved in anything like he is accused of, it is a sure bet that others inside Canada are, and some of them may base choices about risky but highly effective actions on how the Canadian government handles this case.

That fact, in turn, allows Canada to follow the Spanish model and say they are unwilling to pay any further price for supporting the US. This is true even though there is no risk whatsoever of a strike by enviro activists against human life, that going against all guidelines followed by all known groups. Given that all governments are controlled by corporate interests who have a lot to lose in property, I'm sure US politicians would have no choice but to understand this line of reasoning.

Whether or not Tre ever did anything like what he is charged with, I suspect some of the people doing those kind of actions would be just as angry or even more so about someone who is not involved being extradited as they would be about one of their own being taken. After all, the fact that Mumia is innocent has increased anger about his case!

Until Bush and all his neoconservative buddies are removed from power, no nation should extradite to the USA for any reason.