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I don't get it- The Mainstream $$ Media is pumping skull and boners Bush-Kerry 24/7, yet the indymedia network doesn't offer much alternative coverage of the Presidential Election. Why?

There is a Presidential Primary coming up in a few months, and I think this IMC should be pumping Kucinich just as much as the $$ media pumps the boners. Kucinich is the true alternative for peace, Kerry will continue all of the same bogus policies for profit.

Oregon can have a major impact on the Democratic Convention, why not be the alternative media we need. Sure we can post stories, but they just get pushed down so fast, we need front and center presidential primary candidate info by and for pdx imcers. A continuing feature from now til May...

Why isn't PDX imc, or any imc for that matter featuring the incredible similarities of Bush/Kerry. They are both working for the corporations and both will continue to sell out regular Americans while the rich get richer.

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