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In Defense of Animals - News 3-25-2004

IDA has produced a new public service announcement (PSA) about the horrors of primate research with the generous help of independent producer Sandra Mohr. It is challenging to convey a complex message about animal research in 30 seconds, but Sandra made it look easy.



Vol. 3, Issue10 March 24,2004

Table of Contents:
1. Announcing a New PSA! Jane Goodall Advocates for Primates in
2. Peaceable Kingdom Is a Hit
3. Update on Korean Dog Campaign
4. Rescued Ark ?Sanctuary? Animals Finally Find Happy Ending
5. Support Legislation to Ban Force-Feeding of Birds for Foie Gras
6. IDA Exposes "Intellectual Fraud" of NIH-Funded Researcher

Welcome to In Defense of Animals' e-newsletter! Please visit our website to learn more about IDA's work and what you can do to help animals. www.idausa.org.

1. Announcing a New PSA! Jane Goodall Advocates for Primates in


IDA has produced a new public service announcement (PSA) about the horrors of primate research with the generous help of independent producer Sandra Mohr. It is challenging to convey a complex message about animal research in 30 seconds, but Sandra made it look easy. The piece features world-renowned primatologist, conservationist and animal ambassador Dr. Jane Goodall. In a calm yet urgent voice, Jane makes a powerful case for compassion while viewers see shocking footage of abused monkeys from the Oregon National Primate Research Center that was shot secretly by IDA's Matt Rossell. "To allow such barbaric conditions to continue," Goodall concludes, "is a very black mark against humanity." You can view this new PSA on IDA?s web site at www.idausa.org/psas/psa.html.


IDA is currently soliciting stations to carry this PSA. Please contact IDA to find out how you can help get Jane Goodall's PSA aired on a station near you! Contact Connie at 503.249.9996 or connie@idausa.org.

2. Peaceable Kingdom Is a Hit


On February 28, IDA representatives had the pleasure of attending the world premiere of the new Tribe of Heart documentary "Peaceable Kingdom" at NYC's Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center. The event completely SOLD OUT the 1100-seat theater ten days prior to the screening, which was attended by Grant Aleksander, Hallie Kate Eisenberg, Edie Falco, Peter Max, Moby, Rue McClanahan, three U.S. Congressmembers, many state and local politicians, and journalists from The New York Times, Good Morning America, and Reuters, among others.

At a time when public concern has never been greater about the impact of factory farming on our health, our children, and the environment, Peaceable Kingdom breaks generations of silence in the farm community, revealing long-hidden dimensions of this unfolding national drama. Why would a factory farmer leave his profession to become a farm animal advocate? In Peaceable Kingdom, fourth-generation rancher Howard Lyman explains how he turned his family's small organic farm into a massive feedlot operation, and learned too late that his success was destroying everything he loved.

Why would anyone choose to devote their lives to rescuing hundreds of abused pigs, chickens, and cows? In Peaceable Kingdom, Gene and Lorri Bauston share the remarkable sequence of events that transformed them from concerned citizens to founders of the nation's largest farm animal sanctuary, Farm Sanctuary. Do farm animals have individual personalities? Do they feel joy, sadness, fear, and love? In Peaceable Kingdom, fifth-generation family farmer Harold Brown tells how Snickers, a very special sanctuary cow, knew just what to do to help him heal deep-seated childhood wounds. Weaving together themes of respect, forgiveness, commitment, and healing, Peaceable Kingdom offers a vision of a more peaceful world that is well within our reach.

If you missed the NYC screening, don't despair. An upcoming screening will be heldon April 4th at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL. For those living elsewhere, the film is available in VHS and DVD formats for purchase at the Tribe of Heart website. Don't miss out! Visit www.tribeofheart.org and check back regularly for the latest updates.

3. Korean Dog Campaign


You are likely aware of IDA?s campaign to end the dog- and cat-meat trade in South Korea. Despite a law prohibiting the human consumption of dogs and cats, millions are electrocuted, strangled, or bludgeoned to death each year for food. Stray dogs are captured on the streets and companions are stolen from families who love them. They are crammed in cages and kept in filthy conditions to await their deaths.

As a result of concerns expressed by the Korea Animal Protection Society/International Aid for Korean Animals in regards to IDA's work on this campaign, we contacted Merritt Clifton of Animal People, who visited Korea in 2001 to investigate the live markets. Aware of the conflicting concerns regarding the proposed legislation that animal welfare organizations in Korea are working on with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Mr. Clifton suggests writing to the Korean Government while they are in the negotiating phase to request the following:

  • A strong, enforceable humane law that would specifically prohibit allforms of abuse and neglect, and would cover all animals in all uses,without exemptions for any category of use. For example, laws thatprotect companion dogs or cats should also protect those dogs andcats referred to as "livestock" or "laboratory animals."
  • A regulatory definition of "animal" that clearly states that animals
    cannot be exempted from coverage based on their projected use.
  • An official translation of the proposed new South Korean Humane Lawand Regulatory Code, including examples of how those violators whoraise and sell dogs and cats for meat will be dealt with.


You can send letters to the following:

Ambassador Han, Sung-Joo
Embassy of the Republic of Korea
2450 Massachusetts Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC 20008
Tel. 202.939.5600
Fax: 202.387.0402

You can also help by doing one or more of the following:

  • Contacting your local Korean embassy or consulate to request a
    meeting. Ask the Korean representative for the specifics mentionedabove and demand that South Korea enforces existing laws, whichprevent dog and cat consumption. Click here for a list of Koreanembassies and consulates:
  • Organizing a protest at the Korean embassy or consulate. We also
    encourage you to hold demonstrations at Korean car dealerships
    Hyundai or Kia, urging these powerful companies to use their influenceto persuade the Korean government to abide by existing lawsprotecting dogs and cats. IDA will provide free posters and leaflets toany activist interested in organizing a protest.
  • Distributing leaflets. We will send you a supply of IDA's new Koreandogleaflets to leave in busy areas, such as doctors' offices, on thesubway, or that you can simply enclose with each piece of outgoingmail. E-mail your name and address to koreandogs@idausa.org torequest materials.

4. Rescued Ark ?Sanctuary? Animals Finally Find Happy Ending


Sanctuary? owner Eddie White is behind bars, and the Ark Animals have finally been set free for permanent adoption! Finally, more than a year and a half after IDA helped rescue 400 animals from horrible conditions at the so-called Ark Animal Sanctuary, we finally have a verdict in the case against Eddie White, the Ark's president. He recently settled out of court pleading guilty to 10 of the 25 counts of animal neglect and will do six months of jail time at the Department of Corrections, Oregon's state penitentiary in Salem. In addition to this, Mr. White will be serving additional years in prison after convictions of multiple counts of raping of a minor, charges filed while the Ark Case was pending.

With Mr. White put away, Kayla Korish, the Deputy District Attorney prosecuting this case, filed a motion asking the court to release the animals, making current foster families the legal "owners". Judge David Hantke signed the motion on February 18, and on March 2, Ms. Korish sent a letter to each of the foster guardians of Ark Animals including the Motion and Order releasing the animals to current custodians. "What this means," the DA writes, "is that these animals now belong to you." So many dedicated guardians have been waiting for 20 months to hear this news and IDA couldn't be more thrilled to share it. Ms. Korish's letter said it best; "This has been a long and arduous process. The removal of animals from Mr. White?s custody could not have occurred without volunteers such as yourself."

For Georgie, Sissy, Jackie, Precious, Aunt Doe, Granny, Rusty, Cody, DJ, Paddles, Merlin, Chanteclaire, Paisley and all the rest, this is truly the final chapter where these special animals will all live, happily ever after.

5. Support Legislation to Ban Force-Feeding of Birds


Currently, the New York and California state legislatures are considering bills which would prohibit the force-feeding of birds. SB 5153 (N.Y.) and SB 1520 (Calif.) would put a stop to this cruel practice.


If you live in New York or California, please write to the agricultural committees of your legislature and ask them to move forward on this crucial legislation.


SB 1520, the bill to ban the production of foie gras in California, was recently sent to the business and professions committee. With a hearing set for April 26th, the deadline for comments is April 15th. If you can only write one letter, please write to committee head Liz Figueroa, below. For additional contact information, visit http://www.banfoiegras.com/leg_ca.html.

Senator Elizabeth Figueroa
State Capitol, Rm. 4061
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916.445.6671
Email: senator.figueroa@sen.ca.gov


SB1520 has been languishing in the agricultural committee, which receives a tremendous amount of lobbying from agricultural interests. Please urge the chair of the Senate agricultural committee to support this legislation and pass it out of committee.

Senator Nancy Hoffman
Chairperson of the New York State Senate Agriculture Committee
Legislative Ofc. Bldg., Rm. 811
Albany, NY 12247
Phone: 518.455.2665
Email: hoffmann@senate.state.ny.us

For contact information of additional legislators to write to, visit http://www.banfoiegras.com/leg_ny.html.

6. IDA Exposes "Intellectual Fraud" of NIH-Funded Researcher


In multiple complaints, available at http://www.idausa.org/txu , IDA documents that NIH-funded researcher Dr. Fatih Uckun withheld the fact that three of eight chimpanzees he was using in experiments died in two separate tests of the drug TXU-PAP sponsored by his company at the now-defunct Coulston Foundation primate testing lab. Uckun withheld the deaths of the chimpanzees Terrance, Muffin and Holly in a published medical journal article, and the death of Holly in a U.S. patent application.

The evidence contained in IDA's complaints formed the basis of an expose published by the Minneapolis Star Tribune on March 14, in which ethics professor Rabbi J. David Bleich stated unequivocally that Dr. Uckun's actions "certainly would be considered intellectual fraud." The Star Tribune article is at http://www.startribune.com/stories/1557/4662476.html or http://www.idausa.org/txu/startribune.pdf

In March 2000, IDA testified before Congress about Uckun's failure to mention the three deaths, and in 1999 had repeatedly warned the FDA about these concerns. The information regarding the deaths of the chimpanzees was withheld despite human patients, including children with cancer, being enrolled in clinical trials of TXU-PAP. Uckun invented TXU-PAP and has touted it as a "magic bullet" treatment for AIDS and cancer.

IDA believes the clearly documented misrepresentations of data by this NIH-funded researcher should prompt action by Congress, federal agencies and medical journals, and raises fundamental questions about the adequacy of government oversight as well as a system that relies heavily on the integrity of researchers.

Visit the web address below to tell your friends about In Defense of Animals. www.idausa.org.


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