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Indy reporter Travels to BC To Check on Tre Arrow

VICTORIA, BC -- The Victoria Island Regional Corrections Center does not allow it's prisoners to hug their visitors, a hugr sign in the visiting area reads "ABSOLUTELY TO PHYSICAL CONTACT OF ANY KIND" and a tall plexiglas screen dividing the table where we sit enforces the ludicrous rule. We press our hands against the glass, as if to breach the barrier and clasp, and we talk for two hours.

Tre was so grateful for outpouring of support and love, in both Canada and the US, since his arrest, and hopes to focus the attention on the rampant environmental destruction occurring in both countries, and the persecution of those who voice decent

Tre remains committed to his fast, in protest of this incarceration and solidarity for all those targeted as voices of decent. His good health, nourished by years of eating only organic vegan foods, is carrying him through during this fast. Meanwhile, supporters are mounting a letter witting campaign to lobby the jail to allow Tre vegan food options.

Tre emphasized the importance of refraining from speculation about the case. The fact there are those willing to slander Tre for a reduced sentence (read Jake Sherman) is irrelevant. The corporate media is sure to buy into these lies and print rumors and here say. As his supporters we must remain calm in the eye of this storm, maintain our unified support for Tre, and be cautions of what we say, lest it be twisted and used against him. [ Read more... ]

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