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9.11 investigation

Open your pink umbrellas and protest with Code Pink today

Thursday Code Pink Protest 911 Cover Up
We (the people) have a great opportunity to illuminate the truth that our government seeks to withhold facts about 911, and their role in contributing to that tragedy. Join Us Thursday!
How do you create change - go to the source. The people, you get in the street, (or on the sidewalk), and you go direct to your neighbors and your community. Which you can do this Thursday, at 5:30pm in Hillsdale across from the Hillsdale Nature's (now Wild Oats)on Capitol Highway.

Bring your sign that asks for Condi, Bush or Cheney to TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT 911. It's a great time to reinforce the doubt and flickers of awareness in the mainstream media to your neighbors and neighboring communities. Every intent, thought and word is manefest in action.

Come outside and play with Code Pink.