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Tillamook Rainforest and Balance 50/50 PAC Update

Update on Tillamook Balance 50/50 campaign
Tillamook Insider - March 2004
Tillamook Insider - March 2004
The Tillamook Insider
March 2004

A Monthly Update on Activities of the
Tillamook Rainforest Coalition and Balance PAC

Because the Tillamook is OUR State Forest.

Oregonians will have an opportunity to decide whether they want a balance in management of their State Forests: BALLOT TITLE CERTIFIED BY SUPREME COURT - COURT REJECTS TIMBER INDUSTRY ARGUMENTS

The Supreme Court recently returned a victory for "Oregonians for a Balanced Tillamook" and certified our ballot title so that we could begin collecting signatures from registered Oregon voters.

As of March 1, we are on the streets collecting signatures for initiative petition #120 in support of the Tillamook 50/50 plan. We have until July 2 to turn in over 75,000 valid signatures to the Secretary of State so that we can qualify for the November 2004 election. Our goal is to turn in 100,000 signatures. We need your help!
Please email  jeremy.rogers@tillamook5050.org to request a signature packet and learn more about signatures gathering opportunities. Also stay tuned for the "Tillamook Road Tour" coming soon to a town near you!
You may also call our office at 503-248-0178 or stop by at 816 Hoyt St. in Portland and pick up a packet. On the street, people are eager to sign because they are tired of the controversy and believe in a balanced approach to management of our State forests.
In the last Tillamook Insider, we reported that the Oregon Dept. of Forestry (ODF) upped the cut in the Tillamook and Clatsop State Forests from 179 million board feet to 252 million board feet as a result of a legislative budget note. POLITICAL PRESSURE WON OVER SCIENCE AND PUBLIC DEBATE!
Now, the State is asking the legislature for permission to up the cut again by 50 million board feet to help pay for the last increase in harvest levels. Is there no end in sight? The original Forest Management Plan adopted in 2001 was scheduled to cut on average 179 million board feet from the Tillamook. Now in 2004 the State is upping the cut to 305 million board feet. This is almost double from what ODF considered reasonable almost 2 years ago. Increased logging at the expense of clean water, healthy fish and recreation use is being driven by politics and the need for fast cash. At this increase rate in harvest, the State Forests will be logged over in the next 20 years. Polling shows Oregonians don't want their State Forests managed as a tree farm and are opposed to clear cutting. The Tillamook 50/50 Plan offers voters another option.

Call for a petition today!

Visit our web at www.tillamook5050.org to see how! With your donation we will send you a "matted personalized certificate" naming you as a sponsor of an acre of the State Forest. Be one of the first 100 donors and you will also receive a video/DVD story of the Tillamook. Or, Contact Don Satchell at 503-544-6386. Money from the legacy maps will be used to help pass the Tillamook 50/50 Plan ballot measure in November.


Fundraiser -May 14th - $50 a person - Dinner and Auction in Portland. Bid on fishing trips, art work and more. For more information contact Don Satchell at 503- 544-6386 or email at:  donsatchell@tillamookrainforest.org

Host a House Party to benefit the Tillamook!
In order to raise awareness and money, Balance PAC is organizing fundraising events in our neighbors and friends homes. These events can be a small gathering or larger party. A staff or board member of Balance PAC will make a power point presentation followed by a fundraising pitch. We are asking friends of Balance PAC to host a house party. For further information about hosting a house party or to get involved with other events, please e-mail Lee Rahr, Event Coordinator, Balance PAC at  lee.rahr@tillamook5050.org or call 503-318-8607.

homepage: homepage: http://www.tillamookrainforest.org
phone: phone: 503-248-0178
address: address: 555 NW Park Avenue, Unit 109, Portland, OR 97209

pic for feature 25.Mar.2004 17:03

pdx indy graphics drone #6082

pic for feature

You are giving up far too much! 26.Mar.2004 09:58


While I understand the position of the Tillamook rainforest coalition and I respect and admire their efforts to try new strategies in protecting our forests, I can not in good conscience support a plan that gives up 50% of our forest from the get-go.

If we give up 50%, it will only be a matter of time before they come for the 2nd half!
All it takes (as we have seen with the Bush/Wyden/Rey Healthy forests inititive) environmental rollbacks and changes to the survey and management criteria to take what was once protected.

I thank the Tillamook rainforest coalition for their tireless efforts to protect a segment of our forests that does not enjoy the "numbers" of forest defenders that the Mt. Hood and some southern Oregon forests enjoy.
But I think our time would be better spent getting large numbers of people out into the Tillamook performing direct action refusing to let these bastards take any of it.

Thanks for the comments! 31.Mar.2004 16:13

Jeremy Rogers jeremy.rogers@tillamookrainforest.org

I appreciate Steve's concern for the Tillamook Rainforest and his desire to save the entire forest.

Unforunately, OUR state forests are viewed by many policy makers and others as simply a source of timber revenue with no other inherent values. Arguing for a "no cut" policy on state forests isn't quite the same as on national forests which have an organized protection regime that dates back some time. We are not starting from scratch and saying "hey, you can have 50%." The current plan, which is already developed, will log almost the entire forest!

The 50/50 plan is a very progressive approach to change the mentality of how our state forests are viewed and managed. The 50/50 plan says, "Hey, look. We understand that the Tillamook and Clatsop can generate timber revenue and be an asset for local schools and counties. However, they need to be managed for ALL of the values they provide. Timber harvests are one of those values, but so are clean water, fish and wildlife habitat, and recreation. We just want to see the forest managemed for all of those values.

Thanks for your interest in our cause!


Voters pamphlet count 09.Oct.2004 21:39

robert the redundant

I thought I'd count at $500 a pop who paid the most to support or oppose ballot measures, I got a tie AT $21500 FOR 37 , (taxpayers pay deveopers) $20500 against; Then against changing business as usual , 34, also $21500.,For balanced pre stumpage uses, $8500.

I see 01.Jan.2005 22:56


As far as I`m concerned if you allow 1% of your beautiful rain forests to be "cut" that`s 1% too much! Don`t give up the fight! Send the corporate pigs home with nothing but their suitcases!