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Fox news outs news source in violation of promise of anonymity

Fox news violates journalistic ethics by publishing the name of an anonymous source. Worse yet, they did it to make a political point. Is anyone surprised?
The Baltimore Sun is reporting that Fox News outed a confidental informant in an attempt to defend the Bush administration against charges made by Richard Clarke. It seems that, in his role at the White House, Clarke gave "background interviews" to the press. By convention, the sources of such interviews are kept off the record. Fox, in this case, says they choose to reveal Clarke's name because they felt it would be newsworthy. It seems more likely that Fox was just playing pit-bull for the administration.
Pitbulls for the truth 25.Mar.2004 16:39


More like a pitbull for the truth. I think that FOX was correct in airing those details. Aren't these hearings an attempt to get at the truth? I say we strip them all naked and force 'em out of their little holes and get the truth out for once! Fuck these conspiring pigs, each and every one of them!

FOX News staff ARE the conspiring pigs 26.Mar.2004 14:38


More like a pitbull for the truth. I think that FOX was correct in airing those details.

Wow! Someone willing to defend FOX News! Wonders never cease.

What "truth" did they get out of lying to Clarke? They got the truth that he was a team player who did what he was instructed to do. Big revelation.

IMHO, the only important truth to come out of this is that FOX News will happily violate journalistic ethics in their service to the Bush Administration. Anyone who chooses to talk off the record with a FOX reporter should have his/her head examined.