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imperialism & war selection 2004

Prove Kerry is a lying politician

You know how some politicians, well most, are just phony liars that will say anything to get elected.

That's John Kerry in a nutshell, i believe the term 'Poser' fits him perfectly. All conscious Americans know bush is a fraud, but so far many are still unaware that Kerry is the same.

25 page PDF file with graphs, charts, pics, and quotes to prove to anybody that Kerry is just another lying politician. The last thing we need is another liar in the whitehouse.

They tell us the voters have decided and it's going to be John Kerry vs. George W. Bush this November. What about the voters in the 20 states yet to have a primary... do they care that they have no voice?

Did the voters really hear the full truth about the candidates before going to the polls? Check out this health care comparison.

Kerry: Affordable Health INSURANCE for everyone... he will cut $1000 off of your annual health insurance premiums and put a $50,000 cap on damages... so if you're worried about a catastrophe.... you only have to worry about paying off the first $50,000- yay.

Kucinich: "What we have now is predatory capitalism, which makes the American people a cash crop for the insurance companies."

Kucinich is offering to eliminate the middleman... he says insurance companies make money NOT providing care, so if we take them out of the equation, and spend all that money on care... we can have ALL health care covered for every American, cradle to grave. He will elimate health care for profit, and turn it into health care for people. Americans would pay ZERO premiums, ZERO co-pay, ZERO deductibles... nothing. It's not socialism... it's taking out the $30 million CEO salaries and ending the insurance and pharmaceuticals control over Washington.

Can you imagine never having to worry about a hospital bill ever again?
Imagine keeping all of that money for yourself- No Deductibles ever again!

Tell me, do you really believe that only 1% of Florida would vote for this option to end health insurance as we know it, and 75% would vote for Kerry's continuation of the system? The billion dollar media corporations are the ones that determined Kucinich 'unelectable' and refused to give him fair coverage. People really don't know about these incredible options being laid before them.

Get this- you know that bumper sticker, "It'll be a great day when the schools have the money they need and the Air Force has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber"

This is what Dennis Kucinich is offering, Money for Schools not Bombs. First off, the Pentagon has lost $1 trillion - as well as planes, tanks and missiles... and we keep throwing money at them?

Kucinich says with a 15% cut in the Pentagon budget, we can provide free pre-school THRU college for all Americans. Did you get that, FREE COLLEGE at all public universities. Imagine, pre-school for all kids... i know it's like starting school earlier... but it's really just an option for parents that are busy working- this is the early childhood education we're talking about to ensure their success in school. As well as free daycare for all. How many people are stuck in this cycle of poverty, working low wage jobs and paying half their check for daycare.... money that should go towards their kids. Dennis is offering these scaffolds to help people out of generational poverty. Do you really believe the voters have spoken?

So the media tells us it's all over and Kerry is the nominee. I, for one, do not accept this and here's why. In my opinion, Kerry is more republican than democrat, the 'choice' they're offering us is a joke. Both Kerry and Bush will continue many of the same horrible policies.

Want to repeal the Patriot Act and gov't spying? too bad, Kerry voted for the Patriot Act and he won't repeal it.

Want to end the Occupation and looting of Iraq? too bad, Kerry says he'll do it better- sure. Kucinich will give up control of the oil and reconstruction contracts (unelectable) while kerry will keep our troops there in harms way, just so we can remain in charge... so Halliburton and Bechtel can continue raking in the money. How many times have you heard 'cut and run'... i'll bet 100+. it is propaganda, don't believe it. The Iraqi's want us to leave- every day, US troops committ atrocities in our name- it is not pretty over there. Did you know there have been 29 suicides of US soldiers? as well as dozens of rapes reported by females soldiers, and if there are dozens reported you know there are many more occurring.

The drug war is one of the most obviously failed policies ever, yet Kerry will continue this failed policy. Did you know we have a prisons for profit industry... poor inner city kids who have no future but mcdonalds, risk their lives to make more money in drugs (remember the mafia created by prohibition in the 30s) These kids are then 'harvested' and given the choice to make shoes in prison or to join the army and be cannon fodder in the quest for global dominance.

The US has more non-violent drug offenders in jail than the entire European Union has total prisoners... and the EU has 100 million more citizens. We passed up Russia and are now the world's leading jailer. Some "land of the free" .... The $40 billion we spend on the drug war should be spent on jobs, not jails. It is time to end this absurd war on our own citizens.

To some of us, it appears that 'they' wish Iraq to be a long term occupation... lotsa bullets = lotsa money, ya dig? Three years from now we could still be hearing about soldiers being killed on a daily basis... just like vietnam. It could go on and on until it's just background noise... oh yeah that occupation of Iraq is still continuing.

So John Kerry says we can't leave now... and in fact he'd like to add another 40,000 troops to the army in his first 100 days. Kucinich asked him point blank, "where are we going to get another 40,000 troops John?"

Kerry did not answer the question. This causes me concern. Sure my kids are not draftable yet, but for some weird reason, I care about other young kids that I don't even know. (Seems like most of America is stuck in me me me mode, doesn't anybody care about these poor kids being sent of to die in needless wars?) whatever happened to compassion and caring for others?

Some background info is need here. Dubya and his gang have installed "stop-loss" orders, which prevent military personnel from retiring. There are young kids in Iraq, that signed up to get college money, they've fulfilled their time commitment, and they are not allowed to return home.

40,000+ troops are being forced to serve against their will, this is mandatory service, in other words, a draft. And Kerry wants to add 40,000 more? Nobody is signing up for the army or the national guard anymore, how will he get the troops? Answer the question Kerry. How can anybody vote for him when he refuses to say where he'll get the troops. He says he won't start the draft... but he could be lying. Dubya got away with it.

In congress now, is a bill for "mandatory service for all men and women 18-26". So the army is stretched thin, there's a bill in congress to reinstate the draft, and we're supposed to accept a phony choice between two guys that will continue the perpetual war.

Remember how dubya made all sorts of promises before being 'elected' in 2000? I believe John Kerry is doing the same thing, he's a phony politician willing to say anything to get elected. He's talking about turning our country around, but if you look at his policies, his record.. he is a fake.

October 2002: "[I will vote for the war] because I believe Saddam Hussein is a Threat... [Bush must go thru the UN], If he fails to do so, I will be the first to speak out."

March 20, 2003 (after Bush failed to get a new UN Resolution): "this is our common mission and the world's cause. We're in this together."

October 2003: "This president has done it wrong every step of the way. He promised that he would have a real coalition. He has a fraudulent coalition. He promised he would go through the United Nations and honor the inspections process. He did not. He broke every promise. He's done it wrong."


1971 Congressional Testimony: "How do you ask a man to be the last man to die in Vietnam? How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?"

February 27, 2004: "I will add 40,000 active-duty Army troops, a temporary increase likely to last the remainder of the decade."


ok ok, too long- must stop (-;

but i must throw in this hypocrisy too... Kerry claims he'll kick the special interests out the door, right?

John Kerry Leads in Lobby Money - Washington Post
Kerry, a 19-year veteran of the Senate who fought and won four expensive political campaigns, has received nearly $640,000 from lobbyists, many representing telecommunications and financial companies with business before his committee.

Did all of the voters down south know that Kerry's net worth is listed as up to $839,000,000? that his annual income is $77,000,000? He is not kicking out the special interests, he is the ultimate fat cat himself.

But he's a war hero that can beat bush, right?
Kerry's Vietnam: 4 months, bronze star, silver star and three purple hearts. No hospital time, but he still got sent home early. Could it be that his 4 month 'tour of duty' was just for show.... something for his resume?

And for heaven's sake, Bush lied to start a war, killing thousands, creating hatred of America and wasting billions that we needed desperately here at home. Anybody can beat that guy... he shouldn't even be in the race.

So what can we do, they say Kerry's got it all wrapped up.

We can tell everyone that we the people will not stand for this phony 'choice' between two corporate stooges. Kerry and Bush are so similar they should be on the same ticket, not as the only two alternatives. They've gone too far this time, we won't accept this.

OK- I wasn't too brief... but perhaps you can sense the urgency in my voice. I believe the world literally hangs in the balance, we cannot accept Kerry as the only 'alternative' to Bush this November.

Maybe you could pick out a piece of this letter or write your own, and pass the info on to every person you know. Do you know people in other towns, email them too as they can spread the word in their town. We have enough time to be our own media and spread the msg the via word of mouth and email.

We the People see thru the mass media Lies and We DO NOT accept Kerry as the true choice of the people.

If we want real change, we must stop believing the mass media, stop listening to it even. Yes, NPR is as bad as the tv, if not worse- I can't even listen to their drivel anymore. (NPR CEO is Kevin Klose, before npr, he was CEO of Voice of America, the international propaganda machine- obviously he was hired to bring that focused msg to the homefront.)
The only real news is on the internet, democracynow.org, commondreams.org and news.google.com are good places to start.

If we want real change, we must take the time to be our own media and get the word out ourselves.

For more information on Kucinich, here's a cool look at his platform

Try this for more on the differences between Kucinich and Kerry

Good stuff to email or print, and if you missed the debates, check out the debate mp3s, all the info you need is in those 8 min clips.

Print the PDF file and show all of your friends... there is just no good reason to vote for Kerry, and every reason to vote for Kucinich. And if you can, I HIGHLY recommened burning (sure i'm biased) the debate mp3s, Sound Intelligence (bushco's lies), and DK vs W Who's Electable... have a pre election party somewhere... bring this music and enjoy :-)

thanks for listening
peace, love and pro-action

ps- mp3s at dk resources link above

A vote for Kuchinich is a vote for Bush--WAKE UP! 25.Mar.2004 12:43

Dennis Sagwitz dennis30@royaume.com

Isn't anybody ever happy with the President? Well, maybe not right now. Especially right now. We obviously live in a period of extremist right-wing republican/conservative rule. Many "people" have a right to express their unhappiness. After 8 prosperous years under the Clinton/Gore democratic rule, where most people had jobs and corporate corruption wasn't an issue, some factions of the "people" were still not happy. Enter the Green Party and Ralph Nader. Nader seemed like a viable candidate to offer a viable option to the "viable people". But, alas, in their complacency and our complacency after 8 prosperous years, the splintered "viable people" AND OTHER PEOPLE could not unite.


The opportunity for the republican right/hard core conservatives to undermine the election of 2000 was taken because the "people" COULD NOT UNITE. I beg you of the green party to think with your heads this time. This country is still not ready for a third party candidate. Frankly, if you think the republican hard-line will go down without playing dirty again, you better wake-up or we will have 4 more years, and then some.(REAGAN-BUSH occupied the white house for 12 years, and look who is back: THE BUSH CLAN) YOU will be partly responsible. Did you learn nothing from the fraudulant election of 2000? Do you think all-of-a sudden Uncle Sam will come squeaky clean by allowing the acension of a third-party candidate?

Now is the time to unite against the hard-right, and if you vote for Kuchinich, you take away votes for Kerry. And stop thinking of Kerry as an ogre. Under the microscope, every man's bacteria is visible. But Kerry stands for Democracy, and there will be a whole cabinet underneath him. More Democrats. And perhaps even the Senate or the House will be Democrat. We should be grateful to have a viable, REALISTIC option to Bush. Kuchinich and Nader are not realistic options in this day and age. Kuchinich seems to have the right ideals, but what real experience applicable in leading this country does he really have? Think with your heads, vote with your heads, vote directly against Bush by endorsing the only candidate who can win. THEN, continue with your party ideals in a climate where they might be better received!

Dennis Sagwitz
UMASS Cum Laude Alumni 1992
Veteran, Operation Urgent Fury 83
82nd Airborne Division 83-86
Professional Photographer

Hey Dennis - Did You Learn Nothing From The Fraudulant Election of 2000? 25.Mar.2004 12:56

Alarm Clock

it's not about these candidates - Kerry is indistiguishable from Bush  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/03/284034.shtml

(yeah, GO AHEAD AND READ IN DEPTH every line and comment from the Portland IMC link above before you pontificate here again)

Kerry openly admits he's a Multimillionaire Skull & Bones Blood Brother of Bush  http://www.prisonplanet.com/010104kerryadmits.html

GWB is an Illegitimate President - he was never elected. corrupt SCOTUS decision appointed Bush to the White House (with help from Diebold voting machines, his brother Jeb, Governor of Florida, and racist oppression of voters by Secretary of State Katherine Harris).




he was not legitimately elected by vote of the American people, or by vote of Electoral College.

the Greatest Threat To American Democracy Today is electronic voting fraud:

Realistically looking at the difference 25.Mar.2004 14:13

politics as possible

The American public generally has no desire to intensify or broaden conflict involving the U.S.A. either in the Middle East or in Latin America. The Republicans, the "neocons," have not only a desire, they have plans and have painted themselves into a corner where they have no choice but to keep going, that is, to broaden the conflicts. In particular, they must motivate and militarize the American public toward their radical agenda by bringing the conflict closer to home, that is, to our southern borders. If Bush wins, HAVANA WILL BE BOMBED.

The Republicans have come into dominance --- after years as the underdogs --- by attacking the old "middle-of-the-road" as "liberals" and complaining that the Democrats have too much power as a result of the "liberal" media and "liberal" Congress, and so forth. Thus, the Republican Party is currently striving for dominance and even hegemony. They are very close to total power --- they already control most of the corporate media, the Congress, the presidency, the Supreme Court, and, of course, the Republican Party Central Committee is practically integrated into the secret government apparatus that we know (thanks to Daniel Inouye, U.S. Senator from Hawaii) exists and has existed for a long time. The Bush Administration has painted itself into a corner where it must continue to consolidate its power until we arrive at a one-party (fascist) system. That is the objective for 2004. Along with that, the Republican objectives for further corporate globalization, total destruction of the social safety-net and militarization of society require the subversion of what remains of our minimal guarantees of due-process and civil liberties. They have come too far toward total power to stop now.

WHERE KERRY FITS INTO THIS TWO-PARTY MESS: Polls show that most Americans are NOT divided along ideological lines. That impression is the result of right-wing talk-show thinking that has come to be accepted as "conventional wisdom", even or especially by self-styled radicals such as those posting here at pdx.indymedia. The polls show, however, that the vast majority of Americans, if asked to identify as "liberal" or "conservative" or "moderate," will self-identify as "moderate." Here at pdx.indymedia many would like to think that if "radical" were offered as a fourth choice, that would be the popular selection of typical Americans --- but that is hardly the reality. What most Americans want now is to return to some safe middle-ground. Many Republicans and "apparatchiks" within even the secret government also want to return to something more like "normalcy." Bush is seen as too de-stabilizing. So Kerry is seen, and has been selected, as the man to do the job of returning to the "status quo ante." The Republicans --- having eliminated the middle-ground by their long-term strategy of destoying the center --- MUST PICTURE KERRY AS A LEFTIST RADICAL. True radicals, such as those posting here at pdx.indymedia, react to the media portrayal of Kerry as a radical with disgust and outrage because, of course, Kerry is a moderate --- despite his progressive biography, anti-Vietnam-war activism and his visit to Nicaragua to pow-wow with Daniel Ortega back in the Sandinista period. That pow-wow cost Kerry politically when Ortega followed up two weeks later with a visit to Moscow --- the Republicans in Massachusetts attacked on the basis of Ortega's visit to Moscow and are still running Kerry down over it. So Kerry remembers that. After all, with three purple hearts, he is a survivor. He lives and he learns. Thus, Kerry must counter the Republican strategy of portraying Kerry as a radical by denying any of the charges of radical activism and spouting the standard bull about, for example, Chavez and Castro. In that way, he denies the Republicans their main strategy in 2004 --- to make the election a referendum on Kerry. Almost automatically, any election for a second term for a president is always a referendum on the sitting president. If the election goes that way --- a referendum on Bush --- the Republicans will be defeated. The Republican strategy --- making the election into a referendum on Kerry --- is out of desperation. The Bush neo-cons and the secret government probably have even more desperate options under consideration --- such as voting machine fraud, the possible "October surprise," or who-knows-what. But the election and what Kerry says cannot be adequately assessed without understanding the Republican campaign strategy in 2004. Does that mean that whatever Kerry says should be taken with a pound of salt as just campaign rhetoric? Yes, of course. You should no more accept Kerry at his word than you would suppose that Bush is capable of ever making an honest and straight-forward statement.

Am I saying that we only have two choices: taking a chance on what Kerry will do after he is elected or preparing for total war if Bush is elected? Yes, that's what I am saying. Neither Bush nor Kerry will have the power to end the class-oriented "low-intensity" warfare manifested in such phenomena as the attempted CIA-coup against Chavez and the so-called "drug war" in Columbia. Perhaps, however, Kerry could nix some of the worst of it at the presidential level. The question isn't whether we should end the class conflict that is an expression of the objective contradictions of the global hegemony of capital --- no one has the power to do that. The question is how we would like to mold the conditions and perimeters of the conflict. For example, in the Middle East, who has the power to solve the Israel/Palistine conflict? It has been suggested that a new force, "global public opinion," may come to bear. What we know about Bush and the neocons is that they have no respect whatsoever for global public opinion. Probably, Kerry has some such respect. That won't make Kerry powerful enough to bring peace, but it may make that new force, "global public opinion," more powerful. What was it Hamlet said? Something to the effect of should we just do it and get it over with --- perchance to die, "perchance to dream," or do we keep on suffering "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune"?

Voting for Kucinich is not voting against Kerry 25.Mar.2004 14:25


Kerry has more than enough delegates to win the Democratic nomination. So voting for Kucinich will not change that.

Bad mouthing Kerry or Kucinich will split the Democratic party and thus could assure Bush's reelection.

I want to see Kucinich's ideas inserted into the Democratic Party's platform, and that is why I am voting for Kucinich. If the mainstream Democrats totally ignore Kucinich's
message altogether, then the Democratic Party will not have broadbased support. The difference between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party will become so blurred that many voters will vote for Nader to show their utter disgust with the Republicrat Party.


I do wonder if the bad-mouthers are secret Bush supporters who want to start a bloody feud in the Democratic Party.

I would love to have Kuchinich as president 25.Mar.2004 14:48


If you are a democrat, by all means vote for Kuchinich in the primary. But when the election rolls around, Kerry will be on the ticket and Kerry is the only candidate that can beat Bush.

The people who frequent this site often overlook the fact that most of the population is heavily indoctinated and will not likely wake up any time soon.

If you have any doubt about just how insane our enemy is, tune into the hate radio and listen to what the slimedoggies are saying.

No, Kerry is not what I want by a long shot. But if we vote our hopes rather than our fears we will get Bush. That's a sad motherfucking fact, but it's a fact we have to accept.

Maybe the election will be stolen again, but to think that we can elect Kuchinich or Nader is to ignore reality.

Will I choose the better of two evils? You damn right I will.

Great Comments, I have learned some things 25.Mar.2004 16:22

Dennis dennis30@royaume.com

It is true that we should have friendly talks, and not be bad-mouthers, although these comments one reads on this page are fair, intelligent, and not even one of the 5 bad words banned by the FAA. Anyway, the last comment is along the lines of my thinking, That obviously the last person who deserves our vote is Bush. What I am saying is that there is a possiblity of a third party candidate, maybe Nader, who won Oregon last time. That very slim line of electorals in Gore's favor made the state of Florida a crucial battleground. Had it not come to that...had the people who wanted nothing to do with Bush not voted for Nader, they made not have been the Florida battleground. We need to avoid another battleground--the hard right has too many GOP supporters who will do anything not to lose power. By getting the electoral votes to the only candidate who can beat BUSH, we insure another shaky, close election. We are lucky to have Kerry as an option, believe me.
You have a former prosecutor who understands law as a candidate. So did Clinton.

vote Kucinich in the primary (aka Dennis Sagwitz please "wake up") 25.Mar.2004 16:29

purple punk

Well, you've told me to wake up, and now I (respectfully) do the same to you.

As pointed out above, Kerry has the Democratic nod to run for President. Kucinich won't make it, and he won't run for President. There is no splintering of the vote here. When the primaries come around to Oregon, I'm voting for the best person--Kucinich. Hopefully, Kucinich will do well in the remainder of the primaries, and help show Kerry what it is that people want and will vote for. Hopefully Kerry will pull his head out of his ass and oppose things like the PATRIOT Act, and corporate welfare, and the middle men in the health care equation. Even changing his stance on just one of these items would be big (since we already know with a fair degree of confidence that he won't change too much on the war or Pentagon budget).

If you believe in what Kucinich purports to believe in, and plan to vote in the primaries, then where's the conflict in voting for him? You say we should unite against Bush? Well, I'll be voting for the lesser of two evils come November, and I think most people will. It's a really big stretch to say that casting your vote for Kucinich in the primaries is splintering the party. On the contrary, it's a vote for the Democrats to stop behaving like Republicans.

doh 25.Mar.2004 17:10


"if you vote for Kuchinich, you take away votes for Kerry"
That is what happens in a primary. You Vote for one candidate or the other.
This, of course, doesn't take votes from Kerry in the Nov general election.

Even Nader has nothing to do with the democratic primary. You can vote Kucinich in the primary, then vote for Nader in the general election.

Voting for Kucinich in the democratic primary is the right thing to do. It is not wrong for us to point out our problems with Kerry. He did afterall, VOTE FOR THE WAR, and he has stated that he is not sorry about it. He's going to up it even...finish it! It makes no sense for anyone who is anti-war, including Howard Dean, to jump on the bandwagon for Kerry. MAKES NO SENSE. What has happened to everyone's common sense?

Man those chem trails are powerful!

relax 26.Mar.2004 09:21

the republicans have it under control

with any luck, there will be a breakthrough in voting machine security, forcing the republicans to have to cause someone unfortunate to happen to kerry's plane. and then it will be kucinich vs. bush unless they let howard dean back in after he's already bowed out. and then much to his surprise, bush will get his ass handed to him.

and if that doesn't happen, a vote for anyone is a vote for diebold. i don't care if kerry is a liar, lying is like political steriods, what makes me think most policians are honest by nature, and what makes me think the remainder enjoy the luxury of being absolutely honest when in competition? it's actions that i'm concerned with. if kerry wants to promise this that and the other and then spend his presidency in quiet seclusion licking ketchup off his conuptial contractee instead of making more trouble all over the globe, more power to him.

but i'm more worried about whether he could get elected at all, than what he will do if he is. how quickly we forget all we know about rigged elections and slip into talking like they aren't.

all the same, i'd rather vote for someone that i think isn't a total liar, and that would kucinich &/or nader, not kerry. my vote may not even get counted, but i have to live with myself. if that were something bush had to do, we might not be up to our necks in it right now. when your conscience knocks, answer it.

again, please wake-up and realize this is not a democracy 26.Mar.2004 11:23

Dennis Sagwitz

I am over saturated with News about how screwed up the current admin is and how some people are grumbling about Kerry already. WELL, so far Kerry is the front runner for the Democrats, and I support him because of that. If it were Dean, I would support him. If it becomes Kuchinich, I will support him. Democrats, or rather, anti-current admin, anti-right, anti - republicans have a very important lesson to implement: we need to stick together to get rid of Bush, at all cost. Regardless of the minor imperfections of any freakin Democratic nominee, the Dems are the only party with a chance to defeat Bush. Do you agree? If you don't, and unfortunately there are many, you may be living too much in an ideolological world. And if you don't vote for the Democratic nominee , you are going to learn a hard ass lesson all over again. Bush number 1 taught us not to trust those kind in our govt.

Our suspicions were confirmed when Bush 2 stole the next election. Now look how screwed our govt is. Do you really think that those SOBs are gonna roll over and give up even if they are outvoted? They must be crushed at the polls. Crushed! Crushed! This cannot be accomplished without a unified opposing front:
Dems and liberals and moderate republicans and anarchists need to top freaking bickering about this and that :
REALIZE YOU HAVE THIS ONE OPPORTUNITY TO REMOVE BUSH. JUST THIS ONE, MAYBE! UNITE UNITE UNITE or it will be the undoing of us all. These right wing guys are serious fucking guys! Right wingers killed JFK, or has everyone forgotton? What the fuck is wrong with everyone's memory?

I have played hardball with the illegal tenant market (artists lofts) in Boston, up against multimillion dollar corporations and their fucking anti-people lawyers in favor of artists live-n loft rights.
2 separate times I have played hardball with them for a total of 14 months. Most people were chicken-shit to stand up for their rights. Some helped, but boy did I have to do spend a lot of time convincing! Let me tell you, this is not a democracy and you are hard-pressed to call on your constitutional rights. Sitting at home whining and emailing, fantasizing about a communist America with Kuchinich as president will get you another 4 years of the fucking opposite. (sorry K supporters, he has excellent ideals but do you think the hard right will even let him on the white house lawn?) People need to get off their asses...I have met with former Senator Lynch (now in the US house of Reps) and have met Ted Kennedy, Eunice Shriver... I have been through 4 different lawyers, been part of 2 organizations for artists against illegal tenant rights abuses in Boston. THE REALITY IS THAT NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT THE SMALL CITIZEN. Maybe casting a vote is the only impowerment you will ever have in your entire life. Casting a vote may be the only thing the majority of citizens will do to try and have some say in who governs them. And casting a vote may not even be enough this time around with the Diebold machines. But if we don't stand united, against the Bush machine, WE ARE TO BLAME FOR ALL WE GET! PERIOD! MARK THESE WORDS!

Dennis Sagwitz
Veteran, Operation Urgent Fury
82nd Airborne Division, 83-86
U MASS Cum Alumni, 1992
German Immigrant 1974

add your comments

taking a leap here 26.Mar.2004 12:01

purple punk

I'm going to take a leap of faith and speak for the typical Indymedia reader. We know that democracy was subverted by the Supreme Court. We "know" that Bush sucks and must be kicked out at all costs, though some nihilist anarchists would like to see him stay in to bring about the collapse of society faster. And most of us "know" that Kerry sucks, though not as badly as Bush.

But you said that a vote for Kucinich is a vote for Bush. Well, that's not the case in the primaries where the purpose is to CHOOSE one candidate (and ideally not based on who the media endorses but on who would make the best president). And since the Democrats only put forth ONE candidate, and we stand united to defeat Bush, many of us will vote for whoever the Democrats put forth. If they put forth Kucinich instead of Kerry (who knows why that would happen), then a vote for Kucinich is not a vote for Bush. And if they put forth Kerry, then there's not spot on the ballot for Kucinich so who's gonna' vote for him?

My point is that now IS the time to vote for Kucinich, and it's not a vote for Bush at all. When the primaries are done with and election time comes around, that's when it's time to hold back the vomit and vote for Kerry. So don't think that I'm not united with you come November. Please do think that I want the Democratic platform to give a little more thought to the people at the bottom of the ladder, and that I think a vote for Kucinich is the primaries accomplishes that much more than a vote for Kerry.

As you said, "unite unite unite". Now, if you'd like to talk about a vote for Nader being a vote for Bush, that's possibly another story. Nader is being an asshole, imho. He is a very real threat to Kerry's election chances and COULD use that as leverage for real change but instead the guy could give us four more years. I'd be glad to chat with you about that, but we already know Nader would keep on down that misguided path...

if this is not a democracy 26.Mar.2004 13:38

ex-democrat voter

Then it doesn't matter who you vote for.

If the election is rigged then the only thing worth fighting is the rigging; all the rest of this bullshit is just a distraction. It just serves to make people feel good about themselves if they "proselytize" for their savior candidate who will save us all from the evil Bush anti-christ.

If you believe in democracy don't tell people who can run and how people should vote. If you don't believe in democracy and just want your party-branded war-monger at the head of the US empire then at least have the courage and decency to admit that, and recognize that many people cannot unite with people who hold those views because they are completely opposed to our own.

Nader 26.Mar.2004 22:15

George Bender

The next task is to get Nader on the Oregon ballot. To do that we need to get 1,000 registered voters together in one place at the same time. Join us on April 5, 6 p.m., Roseland Theater, 8 NW 6th Ave. It's free. If you're not already registered to vote you can register there.


ex-dem 27.Mar.2004 14:14

purple punk

I think you're being a little bit hard on Dennis. I don't see any indication that he "wants" Kerry. All I see is that he doesn't want Bush.

As far as Oregon goes, we already have the paper vote. So how can we fight the rigging? If we can't fight the rigging in Oregon, then of course we can fight the rigging on a national level, which means electronically, which means I'll be having time to engage in other battles because I sure won't be spending hours a day trying to convince somebody online.

So "if you believe in democracy", then please don't tell me what I should fight. It's no better than telling me who I should or shouldn't vote for. ;) Just joking with you, and being a bit serious as well. You have every right to put forward your opinions and so do Dennis and I and the rest of the indymedia readers.

response to 'a vote for Kucinich is a vote for Bush' 11.Apr.2004 07:54

kayserasera kayserasera2004@yahoo.com

In the letter, 'a vote for Kucinich is a vote for Bush', the authors asks,
"what real experience applicable in leading this country does he (Dennis Kucinich) really have?"

Uh, he led 126 congressmen to vote against the war.
He's the co-chair of the largest caucus in Congress.

He is the most articulate, most informed, most honest and righteously motivated of the candidates...
I don't know, some traits I'd like to see in the leader of our country.

Kay Taylor