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Emergence of Newspeak

I am starting to notice a disturbing trend on the internet....

If you have read 1984, you will know what I mean. It's not only the little abbrevited things like lol, brb, imho, pls, r, u, 2, 4, and the like. People are acutally starting to use words like "ungood" in place of a descriptive adjective such as bad, horrible, terrible, crappy, etc.

If this catches on, I am going to go crazy.
not seen it 25.Mar.2004 10:35


the only people i've heard saying things like "ungood" (words right out of the novel) are those that have read it, and usually are not happy about the way things are heading in this country.

and if everyone knows what "lol" means ("laughing out loud"), and it conveys the exact same information only quicker, how is it similar to newspeak?

what ive noticed 25.Mar.2004 14:22


ive noticed that bush and co. use some newspeak
freedom = slavery
peace = war
democracy = capitalism

there is more im sure

Umm, that's actually Oldspeak 25.Mar.2004 20:27

Mulberry Sellers

Slogans like "freedom is slavery" can only be expressed in Oldspeak, as the word "free" in Newspeak was divested of all its political connotations. In fact, the only Newspeak vocabulary that could be applied to the idea of political freedom would be either "oldthink" or "crimethink", most likely the latter.

Check out the appendix on Newspeak at the end of "Nineteen Eighty-Four".

Slang has been around for a long time. 25.Mar.2004 21:51

Austin Gross

People are always looking for ways to say things quicker and with less effort. So what if some of them sound like newspeak? Why does that mean anything to anyone? Indymedia is a cool resource with great potential, but you dumbasses keep clogging it up and giving it a bad name.