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Genius of Juche- based Army-centered Socialism:KIM JONG IL Songun Quotes!!!

Quotes of Dear Leader KIM JONG IL on the Army-based Socialist Postulates, with an introduction by John Paul Cupp Chairman, Songun Politics Study Group (USA).
This is part of the "Red Suns of Militant Juche-style Socialism Study Room" project.

Three Generals of Mt. Baekdu!!!
Three Generals of Mt. Baekdu!!!
Genius of Juche- based Army-centered Socialism:
Leader KIM JONG IL's Songun Politics Quotes

Preface by John Paul Cupp, Chairman of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA)

Sun of Songun!!!
Lodestar of the 21st Century!!!


12 years have passed since KIM JONG Il, began his epic role as the Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army. Under his wise guidance the DPRK has undergone the "Arduous March" and yet, retained its dignity, independence, and collective socio-political integrity.

When Socialism came to ruin in Eastern Europe, it showed its Centered-on-the-Masses vitality in beautiful Korea, " Land of the Morning Calm". This is thanks to work Comrade KIM JONG IL performed in the mid-80's synthesizing the Juche Idea of President KIM IL SUNG. Where dogmatic Marxist-Leninism came to ruin, Juche stood tall and mighty. Those countries that lost the ideological struggle are now ruined wishing they had a heaven-sent commander, such as dear Lear KIM JONG IL. The ultra-leftist "anti-revisionists" even showed their limitations, and it is thanks to Marshal KIM JONG IL, born of heavenly Mt. Baekdu, that Socialism under the Banner of Songun remains viable, not only in Korea, but the World.

As The DPRK electrifies the Anti-US struggle, it is no
Accident that only one name that is harmoniously on the world's lips, that of a great Military-Political Theorist, the dear name of a Heaven-sent Brilliant Iron-willed Supreme Commander, Sun of the 21st Century, KIM JONG IL.

---John Paul Cupp, Chairman Songun Politics Study Group (USA)

"The Songun idea is, in a nutshell, an idea that demands giving priority to military affairs in all circumstances; it is a line, strategy and tactic that stress the need to put forward the army as the pillar and the main force of the revolution and rely on it rather than the working class."

"The revolutionary line of Songun, the Songun politics, is the scientific revolutionary line and the mode of politics which reflects the requirements of the times and the revolution most correctly."

"While administering the Songun politics, our Party put forward not the working class but the People's Army as the main force of the revolution. This has started from a new opinion and a new viewpoint on the problem of the main force of the revolution and the problem of the role of the revolutionary army in the revolution and construction."

"Now we say that the rifle stands above the hammer and' sickle. This is a symbolic expression of our Party's original idea of attaching importance to military affairs, its army-centred political line."

"Don't expect any change in me," he said. "We'll win if we keep socialism; we'll perish if we abandon it."

"I have thought much after the death of the great leader about the fork of the road to Mangyongdae. The great leader paid a visit to the workers in Kangson after defeating Japanese imperialism and returning to the homeland in triumph, without stopping at Mangyongdae where his grandparents were waiting for him. Although there were neither a party nor a state, nor a regular army immediately after liberation, the situation now is different. At that time there were only the working class to rely on in building a new Korea, but now the People's Army should be strengthened to the utmost in order to protect the revolutionary gains by thwarting the persistent manoeuvres of the imperialists and reactionaries to isolate and stifle the Republic."

"Our leadership is army-centred leadership, and our politics is army-centred politics."

"I feel relieved to hear that even the new-born babies have been rescued. In foreign lands many people are dying in floods, but our People's Army has saved all the victims without the loss of a single life. This clearly shows to the world that our People's Army serves the people."
( In response to the Heroic efforts to save the masses of Korea after a devastating flood.)

"Juche-oriented way", "our own way"

"We must build a powerful socialist nation on this land, our motherland, as soon as possible, so that no enemy can touch it and so that all the people can live in happiness free from all worries. This is my plan and unshakable decision."

"Reunifying the country in our generation without fail by carrying forward the cause of the country's reunification pioneered and guided by the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, is a firm decision of our Party and the revolutionary will of our people."

"The confrontation with the enemy is one of military strength as well as ideas. I insist that ideology is the main thing in the building and activities of the army. The power of a military strike is limited, but ideology has no limit and its power is greater than that of the atomic bomb. The basic element in military strength is the ideological consciousness of the soldiers."

"Some days ago the People's Army advanced the slogan, 'Defend the supreme headquarters of the revolution headed by the great Comrade Kim Jong Il at the cost of our lives!' The slogan reflects truthfully the soldiers' noble ideological and spiritual calling to share their destiny with the Party to the last. I was greatly encouraged by the slogan and I have come to cherish a firmer conviction in the sure victory of our revolution."

"No army other than the People's Army that has been trained by Comrade Kim Il Sung and the Party can advance such a laudable slogan as this. From the day when it raised the sound of first gunshots in the forest of Mt. Paektu to this day, the People's Army has shared its destiny with its leader. Whenever our revolution faced difficulties, it staunchly defended the Party and leader holding high its revolutionary and militant slogans. The faithfulness with which the soldiers of the People's Army defended the Party and leader at the cost of their lives is recorded in the annals of our revolution, a revolution that has advanced victoriously, braving the storms of history."

"The soldiers showed through the performance their iron faith and will to defend the supreme headquarters of the revolution at the cost of their very lives and accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche following their Supreme Commander and their military service filled with optimism. Today I inspected the unit with delight. All the soldiers of this unit are fully prepared politically and ideologically, militarily and technologically. The commanders' standards and management of their unit are very high. " (upon viewing choral renditions of the Korean People's Army Such as The Motherland I'm Defending, and We Will Defend the Supreme Headquarters of the Revolution at the Cost of Our Lives.)

"I am satisfied that the unit has developed through working for the title of 0 Jung Hup's 7th Regiment as a combat-ready unit. Each soldier is a match for a hundred foes and unfailingly faithful to the Party and revolution. I highly appreciate your success. " (upon viewing choral renditions of the Korean People's Army Such as The Motherland I'm Defending, and We Will Defend the Supreme Headquarters of the Revolution at the Cost of Our Lives.)

"In the future, the People's Army must undertake education more efficiently among soldiers for supporting and carrying out Comrade Kim Il Sung's intention as expressed in the revolutionary slogan and train them to equal a hundred foes each."

"If we fail to direct efforts to the munitions industry because of immediate difficulties created by the present circumstances, we can't defend socialism. We can live without cake or candy, but we can't live without weapons and bullets."

"That is Sonjoam and in front of it are Height 351 and Mt. Wolbi."
(Proof to his ability to understand the layout of the land due to relentless field-guidance.)

"Art and literature, music in particular, exerts an important influence in arming soldiers with the conviction of sure victory and revolutionary optimism. We have the Korean-style philosophy of music. Music is a powerful weapon of the revolution and construction that instils in the people the joy of life and revolutionary ardour and arouses them to the struggle for great feats. Song goes hand in hand with struggle, and revolution emerges victorious where songs are sung loudly."

"A chorus is not an art that demonstrates its might only with vocal volume; it is an art of ensemble and harmony. If the orchestral accompaniment is not in harmony with the vocal music, and the cantors' vocal music with the chorus or with the orchestra, and if the scene and lighting do not sustain the musical depiction artistically, it would be impossible for the chorus to fully display its might despite the sonority of the voices of its members." ( Message to the Merited Chorus of The Korean People's Army Song and Dance Ensemble.)

"A chorus is not an art that demonstrates its might only with vocal volume; it is an art of ensemble and harmony. If the orchestral accompaniment is not in harmony with the vocal music, and the cantors' vocal music with the chorus or with the orchestra, and if the scene and lighting do not sustain the musical depiction artistically, it would be impossible for the chorus to fully display its might despite the sonority of the voices of its members." ( To a Male Chorus under KIM JONG IL's care.)

"Mt. Kuwol looks more beautiful, when I think that the soldiers who love every tree and every blade of grass of their country have paved walkways on it. I am very proud of such soldiers boundlessly loyal to their Party, their leader, their country and their people. The soldiers of the People's Army are the best in the world."

"I'm more anxious to see my soldiers today, maybe because it is V-day. I feel happiest when I'm with them."

"Woman soldiers are making positive contributions to the strengthening and development of the revolutionary armed forces.

"Having such woman revolutionaries is a great pride of our Party and people.

"We should do our best to provide the woman soldiers with good living conditions, and help them flower their blooming youth in good health at the post of national defense.

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/songunpoliticsstudygroup/RevolutionaryLessons.html

celebrate kim jong-il! 25.Mar.2004 09:20


by getting severely beaten while standing in line for potatoes and toilet paper...

North Korea needs Human Rights not Quotes 25.Mar.2004 09:26


Dear SPSG Comrades,

is it genius to let helpless people starve and let innocent people be tortured in horrible prison camps?
Hundred thousands North Korean people live in inhuman conditions and experience torture, starvation, humiliation and death, while Kim Jong Il enjoys a luxury life.

Humanity and freedom to dissent is real greatness. Korea will be free, when the prison gates in Haengyong and Yodok camps are open. Enough people have suffered and died there.

Read this illustrated first-hand testimony by Lee Sun Ok (as just one example):

Overview on North Korean prison camps:

Google for North Korea and Human Rights to learn more.

Do you think all this is fabricated?

If there would be no such prison camps at the described areas in North Korea, why does the DPRK leadership not invite Amnesty International or the UN Human Rights Commission to check this and prove these reports false?

Do you not feel ashamed for copying this ridiculous propaganda, knowing about the horrible reality in the prison camps?

He Writes Really Bad Poetry Too... 25.Mar.2004 18:49

Happily Licking The Boots Of Dear Leader!

I Write This Poem for the People of the Juche

I write this poem for The Working People of Korea,
and their hopes to be reunited again,
because I want to write a poem for the suffering of my
own People.
I write this poem because decades before I was born so
many millions of Koreans were murdered ruthlessly by
my government, and I was not alive to do anything
about it.
I write this poem because our own leader is neither
dear nor great.
He leads my People into death and destruction. Never
was diplomacy considered.
I write this poem to tell him that we will make him
get his hands off of those who are trying to build a
better tomorrow so that no longer will their be rumors
of war.
I write this poem so the dead may rest and the living
take comfort,so those who struggle are not
forgetter,though nameless.
I write this poem because thru out the press of my
country both from the right and the "left",never once
was it mentioned that it was Washington D.C., not
Pyongyang that lied and falsified, that broke a treaty
of Peace,and of Friendship.
I write this poem for a land were the factories are
in the hands of those who work them, were those that
till the land own the land,together as one.
I write this poem for a land of Universal Health Care,
were Homelessness was long ago forgotten.
I write this poem in opposition to Racism, and to
Sexism, and for Freedom and Liberation.
I write this poem for those whose vision is humble
Great People of the Juche, I write this poem for you.

by jp cupp

At Least He's Consistent... 25.Mar.2004 18:51

Za Stalina!

Nick: JP Cupp
Message: J.V. Stalin was a truely great man, and the litmust test between a true and revisionist marxist-leninist!!! I thank the moderator, and request they keep me posted on any potential update, etc. please feel free to contact me!!!
Long Live Stalin!!!
Long Live the People's Stalin!!!
[29th May, 2003,07:15:49]
URL: http://
E-mail:  commie_jp@yahoo.com

Real Poetry... And Real Politics 25.Mar.2004 19:04

Za Stalina!

We live, deaf to the land beneath us,
Ten steps away no one hears our speeches,

All we hear is the Kremlin mountaineer,
The murderer and peasant-slayer.

His fingers are fat as grubs
And the words, final as lead weights, fall from his lips,

His cockroach whiskers leer
And his boot tops gleam.

Around him a rabble of thin-necked leaders -
fawning half-men for him to play with.

They whinny, purr or whine
As he prates and points a finger,

One by one forging his laws, to be flung
Like horseshoes at the head, to the eye or the groin.

And every killing is a treat
For the broad-chested Ossete.

Osip Mandelstam
Died in the Gulag, 1938

As are thousands of North Koreans now... yet we do nothing.