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imperialism & war march 20, 2004

N. Park Blocks -- No Permits, No Fear

Don't Walk with the Cop!
And so it ends.

The Stumptown public antiwar demonstrations have pretty much run their course with the completion of the M20 events. I don't see many more opportunities for sizeable antiwar demos until probably the invasion's 2nd anniversary in 2005. Thankfully we have the PPRC Friday protests. Otherwise, that's all she wrote for now.

True, the N. Park Blocks rally & march was the least attended antiwar demo there in the recent history of PDX protests. At most we had a dozen or so good folks, vastly outnumbered by at least 50 bicycle cops and maybe a dozen horse-mounted pigs.

The contrast in cop-to-blocks protestors was jaw-dropping outrageous. We brought out and briefly tied-up more uniforms per protestor than probably anything ever seen in Little Beirut.

On that measure alone, the unpermitted North Park Blocks rally was a success.

When about 6 to 10 of us took to the streets, it was right into traffic on Burnside, down to Broadway, and on into downtown. We screamed, we chanted, we blocked cars, we got shit from some jogger. A car ran right up the heels of one brave comrade, almost making him a casualty for the cause right then and there.

After we had turned onto Broadway, the horse-mounted pigs came at us through the sidestreet near Mary's famous dance emporium. We tried to keep ranks, but they forced us to the sidewalk after a couple tough comrades closely shadowed the steeds.

We tried carrying on, marching on the sidewalk - pretty humbling stuff - but our unpermitted rally and march had ended.

With only a few more like-minded comrades, we no doubt could have taken Broadway the entire length to Pioneer Square. It would not have needed many more people. It's amazing what you can do with a few good souls and a lot of passion.

Special Props go out to the folks associated with Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network. Without them, none of the N. Park Blocks M20 action was possible.

I only hope that more people who hate the war and our government's continuing bloody imperialism will have the courage to really stand up and be counted the next time a North Park Blocks demo and march are called.

Don't let fear of cops paralyze you.
Don't let shrill, pathetic anti-N. Park Block IndyMedia posts scare you.
Don't let fear of "Free Speech" cages stop you. None in sight on M20.
Don't forget the proud UNPERMITTED antiwar N. Park Blocks history.

Yes, Portland will need to assemble at and march from Park & Burnside in the future. We won't need a permit, and we will be ready.

Will you?!
Congratu-fucking-lations! 22.Mar.2004 17:53

not cool enough to be a "radical"

Sorry I wasn't at the N. Park Blocks, like all the revolutionaries should have been. I was just a little concerned about the worries of the homeless folks living there. I don't know if you've ever been homeless, Lars, but when you are, the cops are even bigger enemies. So no, I wasn't at the park blocks, bringing however many cops into someone's front yard. But at least it was successful, right?

Thanks Lars! 22.Mar.2004 17:55


That was both inspiring and hilarious!

try communicating next time 22.Mar.2004 18:47


next time, if you, lars, want to communicate with other organizers in the community that might be helpful. your group of stragglers, knowing a couple of them myself, are not representative of the radicals in this community. in particular the outspoken anti-semite pictured above. not only that, but the homeless community has continually asked for people to not organize in the north blocks. if your class privilege is so blinding that you can't respect the onpions of people who have no roof over their heads, you are not very radical and need to think about class some more.

In The Future 22.Mar.2004 19:55

annoyed annoyed@anarchist_central_command_center.com

Please clear your operations with me first.

dont listen to that asshole 22.Mar.2004 20:18

hes a cop

its all fake



the revoluiton is neato.

Whose Park Blocks? 22.Mar.2004 20:40


Using the North Park blocks is abuse of class privilege? How is that? What does class have to do with using a public park? I suppose that one class privilege might be the ability to pay taxes to support such parks, but that's another topic.

The idea of bringing the cops in to disturb the homeless is interesting. It's true that this is a low-enforcement area. Anybody familiar with this area knows that the place is full of drug dealers and prostitutes. The police seem to turn a blind eye towards this, mayve because it keeps these folks out of the rest of the city. However, it it seems kind of a weird scene, especially when you factor in all of the daycare kiddies on the playground. What a weird planet!

Viva North Park Parks! 22.Mar.2004 23:28

Lars the Infidel

Remember folks:

Don't let shrill, pathetic anti-N. Park Block IndyMedia posts scare you.

These statements from "annoyed" above are truly outrageous and perfect examples of the above. This person states "knowing a couple of (the people in the photo)myself, (they) are not representative of the radicals in this community." If that's so, the "radicals" in Portland are in trouble and have a lot to live up to. These people I marched with have more courage and resolve and determination than 95% of the people in this or any other town. Period. If the radicals in Portland are anything like "annoyed," than god help us all.

Also, it's despicable and obscene for "annoyed" to call one of my fellow N. Park Blocks marchers an "outspoken anti-Semite." This is nothing but 21st-century red-baiting. The term you're reaaly looking for, I believe, is anti-Zionist. There's a world of difference. Hey, you can damn sure call me an anti-Zionist, too.

As for your charge about disrupting the homeless, get off your high horse. The main rally and march disrupted far more homeless for a far longer time than anything we did Saturday in North Park Blocks. Did you rail repeatedly against the folks organizing the Pioneer Square rally? Did you?

Come on "annoyed." If that weak double post of yours is all you got, go home and quit wasting everyone's time. Please get some class instead of trying to talk about it.

See ya in the Streets!

We stopped the war. 23.Mar.2004 00:08

JP Cupp

Don't you know that I'm the most radically-radical of all? I'm so much more revolutionary than everyone else! ACCEPT ME PLEASE!!!

Annoyed 23.Mar.2004 00:14


Would you suggest that all of the freeway traffic stop because it disturbs the homeless sleeping underneath? Now, I'm all for getting rid of traffic and fixing the root causes of homelessness, but I think that you're off base.

Echoing Dan, if you hang out in the park blocks, you'll see way more blatant drug deals than homeless individuals. Why don't the cops get their lazy asses out there during the weekdays when there are real crimes going on? It would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

What is your evidence for calling one of the marchers an anti-semite? Do you know what a semite is? (Hint: Arabs are semites.)

Whatever 23.Mar.2004 02:21


First off, I have a problem with disturbin people living in the N. park blocks when they specifically asked that actions not be started there. I am not the one who asked this in the first place, IT WAS THE FOLKS LIVING THERE. I feel it is necessary to respect their demands. And frankly, I really doubt that the route we took disturbed too many street folk. Not too many people lounge around on the cement. That's why the parks were a specific concern.

And secondly, to Dan, in regards to your comment, "Anybody familiar with this area knows that the place is full of drug dealers and prostitutes." I really hope you're not buying into the whole 'war on drugs' thing or dissing on prostitutes. I have many friends who are sex workers and drug dealers. You can't judge a person by their occupation, and I really don't feel that victimless 'crimes' like drug dealing or prostitution should EVER constitute jail time.


and back to the real world 23.Mar.2004 02:55

what the fuck?

Hmm what are we going to do when Bush steals the election any way? I know it's a little off topic but it seems to me that all this infighting could really put a downer on stoping the coming corporate dictatorship.

thats a search on wired news so far they have 68 aticles on the wonders of e-voting.

Heres a neat little flash presentation on how Shrub and company stole the last election

and here is both the text and video of Mr Palest's report on the 2000 election

So why dont we get back to the issues like the fact that next year at this time we might be living in "pax Americana" if we dont work together now.

Thanks, n. park folks! 23.Mar.2004 09:08


Call me anti-Zionist please, but don't call me a radical. It is not a radical concept to think outside of the so-called pro(re)gressive's box. It is not even that difficult. Standing up against the imperialistic occupation of another's land while others call you names(even if they don't know the meaning of the words) is the radical act.

waste of time 23.Mar.2004 20:15


Just get the U.S. to pull the cash rug out from israels feet...beyond that, all this hubris over who is good, and who is bad over there is just ridiculous...a plague on all their houses...palestinians are no better than israelis, they just have less money for fancy toys with which to blow things up and bully people around...hysterical radicals do their job, but bottom line is that they are largely hysterical...maybe with good reason, but rational minds have to be in line ready to do their work when people's attention has been attained.

I'm a hysterical radical... 24.Mar.2004 00:50


Well, how fun is that?

Regarding the 'anti-semite' Pictured Above! 24.Mar.2004 14:22

John Paul Cupp anti_imperialist_solidarity@yahoo.com

Thanks Lars,
You Principled stances are commendable. It was touching to see your comments regarding the martrydom of Sheik Ahmed Yassin ( before Indymedia of course composted it.)
In anycase, lets do coffee!!!

Fascism by Any other Name is still Fascism!!!
Fascism by Any other Name is still Fascism!!!