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Refusing For Israel

"The bloodshed will not end unless we refuse." Arik Diamant, Director
"Dear Friends and Supporters,

This morning at 5:30 am Sheik Ahmed Yassin was killed by the Israeli Air Force. The best trained pilots in the world, the ones who are supposed to be protecting Israel from its enemies, are engaged in missions of revenge that have nothing to do with Israel's defense and that leave no hope for a peaceful future in the Middle East.

Yassin was a dangerous man, but his assassination put us all in a greater danger. The use of the IDF for this reckless, illegal mission is unbearable. This is a danger to Israel's democracy.

Thousands of Palestinians jammed the streets of Gaza City for the funeral procession of Hamas founder and spiritual leader. Dozens of spontaneous riots and attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians have been recorded so far. Regional experts are warning that a bloody future awaits us. Israelis are canceling their Passover vacations, preparing for the worse.

We must not let our leaders continue this vicious cycle of vengeance! We must not allow the IDF to be exploited for political acts of revenge. We must act now to stop the bloodshed. The voice of our Refusal must be heard before it's too late!"


Arik Diamant



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