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Additional information for anyone wanting to visit Tre Arrow

Some important things people should know if they plan on making the trip up to Canada to visit Tre.
In speaking with Tre, he informed me that two people attempted to visit him but were denied because their names were not on "the list." He felt very bad about this and wanted everyone to know that in order for people to visit, he has to put your name on a list that will give you visiting rights.

If you want to get your name on the list to visit Tre, you need to first call Martha at 503.233.3573 (Portland contact). I will in turn get in touch with a contact up in Victoria who has daily contact with Tre. They will let him know you want to visit so he can put your name on the visitor's list. Keep in mind that Tre can only have one visitor each day and no visitors on Thursdays and Fridays.

In order to make a visit you also need to call the jail at 250.953.4433 at least 24 hours in advance. This is VERY IMPORTANT and you will not be allowed a visit without first making this call.

You will also be required to show two pieces of identification.

Tre very much appreciates your support and would love to have visitors, but he doesn't want you to take the time, energy and resources to come for a visit only to be denied, so please keep these requirements in mind if you would like to visit him.

If I come across any additional requirements made by the jail, I will keep you all updated.
Thank You 23.Mar.2004 17:02


Thank You Martha!!!!!!! I luv you!!!!!!!!!

fyi no list 26.Mar.2004 11:33

info mouse

just spoke with someone in canada who is visiting with tre and says there is no "list", just the same ol' deal of making an appointment 24 hours in advance. there is a ferry between seattle and bc that leaves in the early morning and returns in the evening. the #21 bus leaves downtown bc and stops on wilkinson about a block away from the jail. you will need two pieces of government issue (e.g. divers licence, birth certificate, social security card, etc.) id to get in and they ask ya a lot o' questions.
thats all i got @ the moment.

Tre visitors- there is most definetly a list... 26.Mar.2004 19:55


I am in B.C. Canada and have been to visit with Tre. I can tell you- there is most definetly a list - and it is strictly adhered to.