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Black Thorn April 1 Art Auction & deadline for Submissions

Black Thorn is looking for contributions of art, for the art auction on April first, which will benefit the May first release of the fourth issue of Black Thorn.
We are looking for anything art related, from pencil drawings to screen prints to handmade clothing to clay figures. All proceeds go to putting out Black Thorn issue number four, which is still a far cry from being released with our current budget.

The auction is on April first, at Liberty Hall (311 N. Ivy-more info at libertyhall.org). We are also accepting articles, artwork, news, etc. for issue number four. The deadline for submissions is April first. May First will also be the issue release party/Mayday party at Liberty Hall as well. We will keep you updated. Contributions for the auction or for the paper can be dropped off at Liberty Hall, or sent to our mailing address.

address: P.O. Box 11046 Portland, OR 97211

address: address: P.O. Box 11046 Portland, OR 97211