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Subtle Representation of Lars Larson

Many things drew my attention at this last weekends War protest. One thing is for sure the signs stood out the most. In fact, one in particular. To me it represents the questioning of integrity about what we hear daily from one of Oregon's talk radio personalities.
signs, signs everywhere signs
signs, signs everywhere signs
Take a closer look.  What do you see?
Take a closer look. What do you see?
While attending the War/Bush Policy Protest I saw many things that drew my attention. The ones that stood out most happened to be the signs people were carrying. Now if there were a protest of Gulf War II and Bush Policies, wouldn't invoking its most staunch apologist in Oregon be appropriate. Yes, Lars Larson was the topic of such a sign. Maybe the only one of it's kind, but still there was one.

Now I am sure Lars Larson is a good individual in his private life, but when this man gets on the mic, I must say it is hard to ascertain the truth from the fiction. Mr. Larson has become well known as having unfettered support for the Bush Administration and it's policies regardless of the issue. Even ones he is most passionate about, regardless of the administrations position on it, Bush and Co. always have Mr. Larson's undying love and support.

Take for example the issue when President Bush struck a deal with Mexican President Vicente Fox over immigration. Lars never spoke up once against this type of policy he so many times claims to be "Un-American". In fact, I think he avoided the entire issue of immigration for days surrounding Bush's visit to Mexico. Now there are several other instances, but there is only so much an average reader can stand before becoming nauseated. The thing to remember is, we all have agendas of some sort that make us do what we do. I'm sure Lars has his. Remember, Lars was invited twice to Washington D.C. to interview Bush Administration officials. I sincerely doubt that he would have been, if he had spoke from his heart on the immigration issue.

To cut to the point, although I may not agree with the idea that Lars Larson's parents were related, I do think Lars may have been dropped as a baby one too many times. To be clear, when I see a sign invoking Lars Larson, I understand what it stands for. It is not the product of a hate-ridden jab by a student, nor an Ad Hominem attack at Lars Larson and his family. But more so a cry for a theme that so many wish would be played out in the American politics of today: Integrity When a person like Lars Larson, who possesses the power of the mic, can't even be objective on issues he holds dear, one has to wonder why. One has to question why Lars, the quote "most highly rated radio talk show host in the Northwest" can't be truthful with us and say what he feels. One thing I guess is for sure, we all know now by experience and observation, when Lars speaks it is not always from his heart.

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