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The RIGHT of Spring

As we discuss the pros and cons of our demonstration of our right to dissent, let us not forget that we are all here for a purpose.
In the recent string regarding the M20 demonstration, much animosity is being expressed between factions that have (hopefully) at their root, the same goal; to remove the dynasty that has plunged the world into darkness. That many of our number enjoyed the exuberance of the moment, the comraderie and catharsis of knowing that they were sharing truths with like minded folks is not a bad thing. To the contrary, it was a wonderful moment in time, a Spring Rite, and all can be proud that it came off splendidly, that the agents of fascism did not win this time. Our purpose was, as it should be, to demonstrate to our neighbors and to the world, that we are not going along blindly with the moron who would be king. To think that we could somehow overthrow by violence or other illegal means, such a well armed, and far reaching cabal, is somehow fanatic. Nonetheless, there is a place and a time to make the corporate world aware that it is not inexpensive to continue in the direction that it has chosen. Those who are willing and ready to pay the consequences for "radical" action should not be scorned, but praised. They have been the true leaders all along. It was those "wacky" radicals who first saw that Bush was lying. It was those wacky radicals that ultimately ended the Viet Nam war, which they know was about the same thing as today's war; imperial domination of the world.
Those who came to party, and to enjoy speeches, yeah, even to picnic (hopefully not to buy cokakiller, or Scarbux) should also be welcome. There is room in the city for all. It is wonderful, that such a lovely spring day could be shared in such a way.
BUT, please always remember that the police, the government, the ESTABLISHED RULE OF ORDER did not ALLOW you to demonstrate. That right is inherent in the constitution, and was there even before Pat Henry and others pointed it out. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT, AND THE DUTY TO DEMONSTRATE, AND EVEN TO SIEZE THE REINS OF GOVERNMENT, whenever it becomes necessary to exert the superiority of the individual to the govenrment of her creation. STAND UP, Be counted, and never appologize for your point of view. Glory in it. ALLOW your government to do YOUR will, not the other way around.
not blindly, but quietly and obediently 22.Mar.2004 18:11


I think all saturday proved is that their is no reason for this administration or any other to listen to peace activists. As long as you let them march in the streets they will police themselves and the wars can continue. Remember no war has been stopped and no social justice movement has been successful without direct action. Gandhi knew it; Nelson Mandela knew it; Martin Luther King Jr. knew it. There is no reason for any of us to not know it.

What was the goal of the m20 march? If it was so that people could gather and feel good about being in a crowd of like-minded people than it was a success. If it was to motivate and mobilize people to stop the war in Iraq than it was a failure. What is going to be our measure of success, the spin on the corporate news, or our effectiveness in stopping the war?

So, citizen 22.Mar.2004 21:58


What's stopping you and your comrades from tearing up the streets next Saturday, or tomorrow?

When there will be no new-age bougeoisie to interfer.

For that matter, why don't you study how Gandhiji did "direct action"?
Gandhiji used a Hindi word, "satyagraha", which doesn't actually mean baiting pigs.

It means going to the sea to get your own salt instead of buying it from the imperial monopoly. It means weaving your own cloth instead of buying it from the imperial monopoly. It means growing your own food instead of buying it from the imperial monopoly. It means making your own music instead of buying it from the imperial monopoly. I'm sure you get the idea. And it means sometimes doing without to avoid supporting the imperial monopoly.

Right on,DIO! 23.Mar.2004 08:13

Sam A.

For those of us who only want to demonstrate to the world and to our peers that we do not condone or accept the actions of our government, but do not, necessarily wish to be gassed, pummelled, or shot while doing so, I thank you. We all protest in many other ways not so visible, as you suggest, by consuming less, by TRYING to be green and conscious of what we consume, which may not be noticed by citizen or others who wish to be more active, I can assure you and cit that our actions are being felt and noticed, albeit not by the constabulary who enjoy nothing more than marinating a few martyrs in pepper spray. It is what they do, and they are clothed for it, and they REALLY enjoy it. I do not care to contribute to their perverse pleasure, so I say, to each her own, and bless all who would topple this corporate greed, by whatever means. I would also ask that cit and friends try to avoid getting the elderly, the mothers with babes, etc, doused with spray when they take their direct, but equally effective action.