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Poem by a girl, who has a relative going to war

This poem was written by a friend of mine, who has a relative going off to fight in Iraq.
Untitled poem written by Stacey Tompkins

Two weeks ago, she was told he was going to war.
She was told he would never have to go.
Now her brother, her best friend, was being sent away for a year or more.
"What about baby Morgan?" She had wanted to know.
"Anna will do her best to raise her without me." Was his solemn reply.
His eyes are filled with sadness and despair.
He wonders if he'll ever see his daughters face again.
He doesn't want to go there.
As he packs his back tight,
Together they spend, one last night.
She wants to tell her brother,
"Please come home Alive." but,
She says "Say goodbye to Mother."
She knows her fears have come true,
But there's nothing she can do.
Together, they spent years.
Tonight, she sheds her tears.