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Black Cross Health Collective first aid training in Olympia this Saturday

Black Cross Health Collective will be doing a first aid for protests training in Olympia this Saturday, March 27th, 2004.
The training will run from 10 AM to 2 PM. Free. All ages. Training will be in English.
The lovely organizers in Olympia, WA have invited Black Cross collective to repeat our first aid training from previous years.
If you are attending, please dress as though you were going to a demonstration or protest or direct action. That means no sandals, among other things, since we will be moving around a lot.
Please bring your friends, an open mind and a sealed water bottle with a sport (squirt) top. We'll be using these during the chemical weapons treatment part of our training. You'll probably want a snack, since we will run through lunch.
Four hours is not enough time to cover our usual eight hour course, but we will be touching on chemical weapons treatment, herbal remedies, ABCs and how to function as a street medic at protests. Questions are encouraged; we'll try to provide people with further resources for learning.
Everyone leaves our training with some new knowledge and new skills. We also try to have fun.
As stated above, we train all ages (from twelve-year-olds to seventy-five-year olds so far) and are committed to making our trainings as accessible to many groups as possible.

homepage: homepage: http://www.blackcrosscollective.org

Location? 22.Mar.2004 11:17

searching for info

hey, after searching around for where this training is being held, I finally found on the black cross website that this will be held at the Olympia Public Library... I am not sure where that is though, could you all please post some more info and possibly driving directions?

Can I get a medic over here? 22.Mar.2004 12:23

Not a medic


The training is indeed at Olympia Public Library. From 10 AM - 2 PM this Saturday.

While I don't want to discourage people in Portland from visiting lovely Olympia, you might want to organize a training in town rather than drive two hours north. It's as simple as visiting the Black Cross website, reading what is requested of people who want trainings to occur and then contacting  info@blackcrosscollective.org A much more polite person than myself will reply within a day or two.

Generally, if someone finds a decent location and has even a small group, Black Cross will show up to do a training.

I don't have directions to the Olympia Public Library so will shortly type in Mapquest or some other map search program and find out where it is. Sorry, I don't know to post that stuff here.