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Hamas Leader assassinated

I would say a MAJOR escalation, if not all out war, is just about inevitable now.
Sheik Ahmed Yassin was assassinated by missiles fired by Israeli attack helicopters today.


I wrote a rant about the Bush administration's failure to effectivley engage the Israeli/Palestinian problem, but i'll just let you read the article.
Hamas History Tied to Israel 21.Mar.2004 22:47


According to former State Department counter-terrorism official Larry Johnson, "the Israelis are their own worst enemies when it comes to fighting terrorism. They're like a guy who sets fire to his hair and then tries to put it out by hitting it with a hammer. Israel does more to incite and sustain terrorism than curb it," he said.

Down to Conclusions 21.Mar.2004 23:15

So It Seems

If all out war is an inevitability (as Agent Smith would say), then the Palestinian civilians only have two alternatives: get the hell out of Palestine anyway they can, or prepare to die fighting for their country. And die they will, facing the US supplied and funded Israeli military. Its doubtful the Israelis will take prisoners.

Liberation? 21.Mar.2004 23:25


I am not at all a supporter of the Israeli occupation/apartheid that causes ordinary Palestinians to sometimes support the military actions of Hamas. But let's be clear about the fact that despite the rhetoric of liberation, Hamas is a theocratic, nationalist, rightwing, sexist organization whose tactics include the frequent massacres of innocent civilians. There is nothing liberating about executing women, men, and children, infants, no matter what the cause. I think it better to put Yassin on trial, right beside Sharon and Arafat, in the International Court of Justice; nonetheless I have little sympathy for Yassin or those close to him.
Although I shouldn't feel the need to say it in this comment, this comment is not an apology for Israel. I tend to take an anti-Zionist stance, and I have serious issues with the concept of Israel. All I mean to clarify here is that those issues extend just as much to groups that claim to be liberatory but might as well have been trained at the SOA in terms of their tactics.
I am in solidarity with the Palestinian people, whether they are oppressed by Israel, other Arab states, the U.S., or Palestinian groups that claim to be acting in their peoples' best interests.

Bushco, Blair, 22.Mar.2004 07:11


What can I read on policy links between

if "so it seems" is right, then 22.Mar.2004 08:41

the Palestinian's

should take NO prisoners either. Play the Isreali Zoinists on a level-playing field...do it in
Biblical fashion>>>an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and life for a life. Then, finally
this unending situation will be settled once and for all time!

ah, indeed.., 22.Mar.2004 09:10

anne frank

annihilation of both Israelis and Palestinians is the Bush pirate's wet dream!

hamas may have been seeking a peaceful accord 22.Mar.2004 14:13


'It is important to note that Hamas was making conciliatory noises about a possible cease-fire with israel if it withdrew to the 1967 borders. Further, this month has been deadly for the Palestinians, with no less than 60 dead after israel made incursions into Palestinian territory. From this it can bee seen more clearly than ever that israel is interested in basically nothing less than either a complete expulsion of the Palestinians from their land, or thier annihilation.

This killing of the legitimate leadership of the Palestinians can be seen to be the equivalent of the apartheid government in South Africa killing Nelson Mandela during the apartheid years. Yes, even Mandela supported Mkhonto we Sizwe, an armed resistance group that was involved in "terrorist" (read resistance) activities. What do you think the Palestinians are going to do now. Go tsk tsk and be quiet? There is a risk that this whole area is going to be engulfed in violence, which gives israel the further excuse to implement their policies of colonizing Palestinian land completely. The blood of the innocents that has been spilt and will be spilled is unfortunately on the hands of the western and arab governments that initially created israel, and have basically become its leash dog.

A further point is that you have repeatedly asserted is that Hamas is a front of israel, based on possible support israel gave to them initially to take away support from the PLO. Hence, any resistance activity (suicide bombings) was seen to be giving sharon the excuse to further implement his racist policies. This is a fundamentally flawed view. This may have happened, but the bottom line is that Hamas was a legitimate resistance group that tried to get the israelis to understand in the only language that is understood by them: the language of violence. If it was not for the pressure of groups like Hamas, arafat would have signed away the fate of the Palestinians and accepted Bantustans for them after Camp David.

The plight of the Palestinians has been ignored, and indeed made worse by the west and the arab nations for over 50 years. After so many years of being treated like trash, the Palestinians took up arms since they saw no one was willing to help them. This involved suicide bombings. This is seen as terrorist activity by the west. Amazing! It is the racist sickness of western governments that will see as Palestinians as terrorists and israel as the only democracy in the Middle East.

Until this sickness is not cured from the western mindset, the world is going to be plunged into more chaos and destruction. Do you think the Muslim people will be gushing with love of america after its antics in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine ( http://www.news24.com/News24/World/News/0,,2-10-1462_1501673,00.html)? '

think about it for a second or two 22.Mar.2004 23:52


Palestinians have been using violent tactics along with nonviolent tactics for over fifty years. These include terroristic tactics, the targeting of noncombatants. The PLO was founded in 1964, four decades ago, and yet the situation appears hardly better.

So does it make sense to say "force, the only language Israelis understand"? History suggests not.

The same obviously applies to the usual Israeli line of "force, the only language Arabs understand."