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Federal Marriage Amendment To 'Dick-Walker-Off' Our Civil Liberties

GLBT civil rights. Intro. to Logic example to exercise. Petition to Sign being sent to President George Walker Bush against the federal marriage amendment.
Federal Marriage Amendment To 'Dick-Walker-Off' Our Civil Liberties
by Pigweenia and all radicalweenias
(No verified email address) 21 Mar 2004
GLBT civil rights. Intro. to Logic example to exercise. Petition to Sign being sent to President George Walker Bush against the federal marriage amendment.

Don't let your/our rights 'DICK-WALKER-OFF' the democracy's teleological geography.

The actions of the Wisconsin Legislature are as abhorrent toward the GLBT community as Strom Thurmond was toward Africian American's Civil Rights during that struggle and Wisconsin will be seen similarly by the future as anti-civil rights toward the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender persons who are 28 million voters at 10% and 2.8 million voters conservatively.

Go sign the petition Against the Federal Marriage Amendment before Wisconsin sets a rather anti-Wisconsin-like precedence for the whole nation. 50,000 signatures is the goal to Pres. GWB, with 44,000 plus reached so far.

Marring the bill of rights with hate law is the start of more 'defense of hate' amendments toward 'other-than GLBT persons'.

The Bill of Rights is specifically for individuals as individual rights, not groups or even heterosexual married couples per say; only each as an individual carries the weight of inalienable rights of individuals.

A marriage feels nothing: only the individuals that make-up a marriage can be the onus of individual and inalienable rights consideration.

This defense of marriage act and/or bill of rights amendment weakens philosophy of law within the bill of rights in basic principles of inalienability and onus of rights within a portion of a civil rights document aimed specifically at protecting 'individuals'.

DOM is illogical, bad case law, unconstitutional, anti-human rights, unfair, and probably will be considered an abomination by the future for civil rights abridgement similar to anti-abolition congresses and presidential administrations of the past.

The greater issue is if marriage, opposite or same sex, itself is more a mutual domination that should be amended or abolished for its own history of human rights abuse as a social institution with a well documented bad history and court docket jungle.

Heteronormatives are always in court dealing with domestic violence, abuse, divorce, greed, murder, wrongful death, and cheating in its many forms. Its so expensive and a drain on the economy. The behavior of heterosexuals really does support credibility to stereotypes of the 'heterosexual' as in it for the abuse, money, domination, and breeding; but then that would be bigoted to admit, except at this time of heteronormativity as a worse hate action than gay bashing.

Watching out for 'homo-normativity' is not what DOM is about; it is hate law seated within the most important civil rights document of the USA and it treatens everybody.

Thank you for signing "Oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment".
NOW - help us generate enough signatures so that the public outcry
will be impossible to ignore.

To do this, it's imperative that you let others know about this effort.
Right now, just take 45 seconds to write your friends and tell them
why this issue is important - you can include the link to the petition in
your email:


All 280 million USA voters are threaten by dilution of individual rights to bias select group rights precedence-making in this amendment. This amendment was a promise of GWB's to the GOP in the 1950's at least in grooming him for presidential office-holding and holds that era's falsehoods of fairness. Let us have a 2000's intervention and save GWB from the chains of the pre-civil rights era's extortions.

Pigweenia, pigweenia
uncurl your tail
there is a human rights way
to save us from travail.
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