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army recruitment has gone too far!

I'm a freshman at milwaukie high school and so far this year i've been getting pretty annoyed by the school pushing army recruitment crap on us. Those assembly's, huge ads in the school paper, phone calls home and that stupid army table at lunch. I'm sick of it!
I'm a freshman at milwaukie high school and so far this year i've been getting pretty annoyed by the school pushing army recruitment crap on us. Those assembly's, huge ads in the school paper, phone calls home and that stupid army table at lunch. I'm sick of it! I just wanna go to school without hearing their crap! I don't believe in this so called "war" (were really invading them is what it seems like to me.) They try to lure us with those army key chains, pencils, computer games, etc. And the people who actually do join, do it to go and get away with killing people, I've heard seniors in some of my classes talking about how fun that will be when they leave to "war". The school is very hypocritical when they say they don't promote violence when here they give out these army computer games where you go and kill people. They say it's a great way to get college paid for. They like the schools with the low income families because they make it sound like we'll have no choice but to do that for a living. I don't have my exact life plan ready yet because I'm only 14 but I know it's not gonna be the army because there are other alternatives, which it seems they don't wanna tell us about them. They try to make the army sound "cool." Once at an assembly they told this story about a guy who was a "rebel" in a band and his mom was liberal and was anti-war so he decided to join the army to "rebel." After that they showed us a picture of him taken 2 days before he died. They said this guy died a "rebel." The school does this thing called living history day and a couple days before they came we had to spend all day in each class decorating the room in red, white and blue. They were all freakin out about it if it wasn't decorated good enough. This one girl in one of my classes painted a poster but she spelled something wrong so the teacher told her not to use it. Who cares about a little spelling mistake! I was just getting really pissed off at the whole thing. We could have been learning during this time since they complain so much about not enough school days. I didn't go to school on the day because I didn't wanna hear depressing war stories and I have better things to do. Then the next day they kept talking about it and even thought it was back in october or something they still talk about it and make us watch videos from it. We had to watch the same one every day all week after it, it was wastes so much time. In my english, history and creative writing class we had to write about Iraq and stuff, but that wasn't so bad because I got to state my opinion on it. I respect the world war veterans and everything but I just was getting tired of the army crap and talk of a "war" i dont believe in. You'd think after all this they wouldn't annoy you anymore about it but juniors and seniors I know are getting calls at home from the army! It's going a little too far! I'm thinking of posting anti- army recruitment papers around the school or something like handing out anti-war stuff by the army table but I didn't know exactly what. And if they get mad at me for it im just gonna tell them it's my right to give my opinion!




the rest is out of this world.

you're right 21.Mar.2004 22:01


Your article really nailed it: they really are trying to feed you crap. Don't let anyone say you don't know what you're talking about because of your age-you've got some clear insight. maybe the people at SAA or the KBOO youth collective can help with support. Keep your head up-you're not alone.

your right on there Amber 21.Mar.2004 22:10


to resist their hardsell tactics. If they get too annoying and you've decided that you've had
enough, one sure way to shut them up in mid-sentence is just ask them to tell some FRAGGING
stories from the Viet Nam War, asking 'em HOW EFFECTIVE it was? Thenceforth, they'll leave you

The education you will get 21.Mar.2004 22:37


How many of your gung-ho buddies are coming home from Iraq alive and whole? Maybe 50%? If they're dead or severely disabled, they won't need the GI bill for college, will they?

Those that do make it back and try to cash-in on a college education will find that the GI bill will not pay for it. Sure, it'll help out a little--maybe even pay for books or an occasional beer. If you think otherwise, read the fine print BEFORE enlisting.

My suggestion: if you want to go to college, figure out how to finance it now. That could mean family loans, student loans, or whatever. If you join the military (and come back) you're going to have to do this anyhow. Why not just save a couple of years and increase your odds of being alive and well?

Empowering each other as youth and students 21.Mar.2004 23:08

SAA kid

We can help to empower each other as youth and students. We cant allow this bullshit to go on without us taking a stand against it.

SAA can help you out by doing the following.
-get you pamphlets, fliers, information, etc.
-get you rules specifically about anti military recruitment and what you can do at your school
-help you start a club specifically against military recruitment in your school

Give us an email if your interested at all.  SAA@riseup.net

living in the past 21.Mar.2004 23:22

defeating the "new hitler" over and over and over again

When I was a kid in the '70s and '80s, the American media used to mention occasionally how the Soviet Union still had big parades and commemorations about World War II as if it just happened last week, and as if it had been the most important event ever, and as if the Soviets were trying to relive their glory days and cram the messiness of the present into the pre-formatted WWII narrative of the past.

Which was probably all true.

Of course, now it's the Americans who are doing the same damn thing.

Brilliant 21.Mar.2004 23:31


I wish that I had been so clear on the manipulative and horrifying tactics of the governmental armed forces propaganda unit as you are today. Get them while they're young, right? Though you will meet some resistance, you should feel full supported in your right to think for yourself.

I'm sick of these tools also 22.Mar.2004 00:15


Much like Amber I am sick of military recruitment. I am currently a senior and I have recently recieved my 7th Armed Forces recruitment card in the mail. There is one event that has made me more sick then any other act of recruitment that the Armed Forces have used. This event was when the National Guard thought it would be a good idea to come to our school and shoot off blanks in our courtyard, which was followed by a series of large explosions that could be heard through my town. I was not happy about this recruitment attempt. I can't express how irresponsible it was for them to come to a SCHOOL and promote such violence, especially in a nation that has had large numbers of school shootings.

ouijongbu 22.Mar.2004 01:21

NCSD + Army = LOVE cody@there.ath.cx

north clackamas seems to love the army, i attend NCSD and ATLEAST once a week we have a recruiter for one of the various armed forces trying to make me join. I tell them i am a pacifist and they tell me that there are jobs behind the line jobs...and i tell them no. I also get pamphlets in the mail a lot, and i always throw them away.

anyway, i agree with you amber, and we need to find a way to make NCSD stop having recruitment in school, contact me on email or something, maybe we can start some sort of petition?

Just say no 22.Mar.2004 16:54


When I graduated from high school the recruiters tried every marketing scam in the book. They were worse than a bill collector and wouldn't quit. But the trick that worked was I told them I would never ever join their killing club because the military no longer serves and protects the American people but is a mercenary force for the monetary gain of the elites. Blunt and to the point-they finally realized no lies left to get the prey.

Army of one 22.Mar.2004 19:21


They use the TV commercials Army of One slogan with images of hummers and jets. Right after 911 they started working on my nephew who was a 3.8 gpa student and he just left fot Iraq. His parents were against it but he said he already made up his mind after the recruiters bothered him for months. Now he is very very sorry he joined.

Amber, Get in touch with SAA 22.Mar.2004 19:47

Tom mooney@pdx.edu


Way to go Amber. I know exactly why you are angry. You've taken the first step and noticed that something is not right here. Now you just have to do something about it. I'm a student at Portland State and have worked on counter recruitment issues in the past with students from the Student Activist Alliance. I can say from first hand experience that they kick ass, and they will help you rid your school of these recruiters. Feel free to contact me also, I have a alot of information and experience with this. Also, check out the American Friends Service Committee Youth and Militarism Program at  http://www.afsc.org/youthmil/Default.htm.

Universal Soldier 22.Mar.2004 19:51

Buffy Sainte-Marie

He's five foot two, and he's six foot four,
He fights with missiles and with spears,
He's all of thirty-one and he's only seventeen,
He's been a soldier for a thousand years.

He's a Catholic, a Hindu, and Atheist, a Jain,
A Buddhist, a Baptist, and a Jew.
He knows he shouldn't kill, but he knows he always will,
Kill you for me, my friend, and me for you.

He's fighting for Canada, he's fighting for France,
He's fighting the U.S.A.
He's fighting for the Russians, and he's fighting for Japan,
And he thinks he'll put an end to war this way.

He's fighting for democracy, he's fighting for the Reds,
He says it's peace for all.

He's the one who must decide who's to live and who's to die,
And he never sees the writing on the wall.

Without him how could Hitler have condemned them at Dachau?
Without him Caesar would have stood alone.
He's the one who gives his body as a weapon of the war,
And without him all this killing can't go on.

He's the universal soldier and he really is to blame.
His orders come from far away no more.
They come from him and you and me and brothers can't you see,
This is not the way to put an end to war.

HAHAHAHAHAHA ...did i say... HA? 22.Mar.2004 20:48

Student Powea kidz

Don't get me wrong; a petition is not a bad idea, although the entire Portland district could not keep recruiters out when I graduated 8th grade 3 years ago.

I don't think a two-man petition will either,

Give SAA a ring...





- 22.Mar.2004 20:54


Recruiters turn kids into killing machines,

Soldiers are just machines that kill kids.

Good for you. 22.Mar.2004 23:00


You know, it's a shame so many people are falling for this, but at least there are still bright people like Amber, who can work things out for themselves and don't just swallow the advertising whole. It might not be easy to change things, but so long as there are Ambers around, it's still at least possible.

Just keep using that brain, Amber, and you'll go far.

We Need Another Youth Movement Desparately 23.Mar.2004 01:49

rick@mediaisland.org rick@mediaisland.org

It's unfortunate that there aren't more youth in intelligent rebellion against our current militarism and war profiteering. They recruit late teens because most haven't yet developed a critical frame of reference. Especially when they are inundated with commercialism, sports and entertainment geared to dumbing down the already dumbed down (an easy task). I hope our peace movement can help empower late teens to organize and lend support when recruiters are coming around. Teachers in schools are often looking to bring advocates of peace into their classrooms to counter the recruiters. Sometimes administrators might fend off peace groups when approached about visiting classes or school assemblies. If teachers, on the other hand, have contacts for local peace group representatives they cannot be challenged for inviting them in for balance when recruiters are active (usually with obscene levels of access to "guidance" counsellors).

AWOL! 23.Mar.2004 02:42


I really liked AWOL! a youth activist, anti-war zine when I was in highschool, also angry about recruiters. They have alot of good info and tactics, and it was made by other teenagers in the same boat.


Always Remember! The military is an evolutionarily backwards occupation!! 23.Mar.2004 06:31


The time for an absolute shift in human concentration on the military passed with Napoleon into the history books. Everything that has happened since is simply involution - the opposite of evolution. There is no justification for allowing these neanderthals such a prominent place in our lives - they have to go the way of the dinosaur and there is no amount of macho posturing or threats or immature arguments that is going to change that. The military has got to go!!! NOW!!!!!!!! FOREVER!!!!!!!!! AND IT CANNOT TAKE OUR MONEY WITH THEM WHEN THEY DISSAPEAR!!!!!!!!!!

No child left behind 23.Mar.2004 08:13


remember, ever since congress passed the no child left behind act, now, even when school administration doesn't want this heavy recruitment, they are force fed it in order to keep federal funding. The defense dep't, desperate to keep from having to call a draft in order to keep enough enlisted (desertion rate up 32% from '99, 3,200 injured or killed in Iraq) is focusing intense recruiting efforts on those they feel are the easiest victims, the young and minorities. (Citizenship with enlistment for hispanics?!?! I guess it's not enough to rape our homelands, now you must kill our children as well.)

Astonished Canadian 23.Mar.2004 09:28


Living in Canada we don't hear much push for army recruitment. I would have never imagined they are tabling in high schools! Fight them strong eh! Stop the american propoganda machine
good luck

Thank you~*~ 23.Mar.2004 09:38

Sherry - Mother of a high school student sherry@corereflections.com

Amber - I wish I had been as aware as you are when I was 14. My hat goes off too you for not being part of the herd.

When I signed my son up at Lincoln high school here in portland - I remember filling out a lot of paper work. I was asked if the military had MY permission to approach MY son. I clearly stated NO.

I would assume that military is breaking laws - by having public recruiting tables in the lunchroom -

Scream as loud as you can - make a huge fuss - and get your parents involved.

What Leave No Child Behind 23.Mar.2004 10:37

Really Meant for Schools

The Feds require any government school receiving Fed funds to grant the Feds access to the human resources "our children". Usually, the parents are not even aware that their children's files are opened to the Feds, for whatever purpose they divine. It is only activist principals or parents that reveal this hidden agenda to the community. You see the criminal government serving the NWO believes our children are "their" resources. In Charlotte Iserbets' book "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America", the former policy insider of the Department of Education and current whistleblower outlines the carefully crafted and methodically executed top-level secret government plans to transform our children into mind-controlled, ignorant, servants for the corporate NWO gang. The Leave No Child Behind was just another nail in the coffin of our once enviable Public Education.
Many schools don't even allow the parents access to the hidden curriculm. The students are exposed to the materials without parental oversight and the materials are not allowed to leave the classroom. As text books disappear and are replaced with worksheets and copied excerpts from materials prepared in central offices parents are becoming far removed from the propaganda being fed our children.
More and more community leaders need to get involved all over our nation and put a stop to this brainwashing and protect our children from the evil intentions of this cabal.

Go Amber!!!! 23.Mar.2004 13:02

an ally

Keep up the awesome work Amber! We need more brilliant and determined people like you in this world...and especially within the high school crew!

Fellow.. well.. ex-milwaukian 23.Mar.2004 13:41


I went to milwaukie for the first 3 years of my high school time.. and i know EXACTLY what you mean. It's hell. The jocks get up there and do their pushups for a fucking poster, all the while slowly getting brainwashed into signing up. It makes me sick. The only thing that makes it better is giving them a good 'ol "fuck you" by putting anti-war posters over their recruitment ads, going up and telling them EXACTLY how you feel about them, and, of course, last year's 'books not bombs' walkout. Anyway, I feel for you, but, I'm glad i skipped my senior year and went to college(though i did have to finish 4 HS classes last term.) Best decision I ever made.


Actual letter from nephew 23.Mar.2004 14:19


To give some perspective, this is an actual letter from my nephew who recently arrived in Iraq. Name is changed of course.

3/19. He sent it on 3/7.
Dear Familia,
Sabah el Khayr a Iraq (Good Morning from Iraq.) I am safe and well at
Al Asad air base in Iraq. We got here yesterday. We were in a camp for 2
weeks in Kuwait. It was nice. Had a lot of time to read and relax. I
was chosen to be security on a convoy here along with about half the
company. The rest of the guys flew. It was an interesting trip. I got to
see most of the country and I will tell you what....this place is a
----hole! I mean I know it is a third world country, but this is nasty!
Trash, poverty, and disease everywhere. Most of the country is not how I
thought it would be. The people, for the most part, are very friendly
and want us to be here; blowing kisses, waving, and a lot of "Good
America, good, good!" We drove up Hwy 1 through Safwan, Scania, Diwanayah,
Al Nasiriah, Baghdad, Fallujah, Ramadi, Hit and Baghdadi, as well as
most of Kuwait. The only places that were scarey were Hit and Fallujah;
destruction and angry faces. Baghdad was friendly, but not as much as
the south. It was pretty messed up from the bombing. As for me, I am
doing well. It is heating up, about 90-100 degrees , which means I am
losing my appetite. I force feed myself to keep my muscle mass up. As
for excitement....none. I have not been shot at yet or anything of that
sort. Saw an army supply hauler run head first into a Kuwaiti semi. The
Doc and I ran off and stabilized the 2 army soldiers. They both had
broken backs but surprisingly no lacerations. The Kuwaiti driver flew out
of the front window over his semi and landed 50 ft from the crash. No
seatbelt. (M drew a sadface here.)He was not so lucky; massive head
injury. From the bridge of his nose to the back of his neck....GONE. Brains
everywhere. An image which I will never forget. Can you believe that a
captain asked my doc to go check if he was still alive? My doc said,
"But sir, his head is gone!" Pretty gross huh? Well the only thing I
have to ask from you are a few items. Some Tracer f/x razors, magazines:
March issue of Transworld surf, Entertainment etc, and some books:
Emperor by Conn Iggulden; The death of Kings, Gates of Fire, and Tides of
war, by Steven Pressfield. Other that that, sunblock and Ibuprofen. Well
I love you all, take care and God bless. See you in September. Love
Always, Ryan

how often are recruiters crawling around? 23.Mar.2004 16:15


On the days the war pimps pay a visit have a good old fashioned protest. make signs demanding the "war pimps" leave the school. If they like the army so much why are they not off in Iraq fighting "terrorists" anyway. Fuck those bastards. Spit on them. curse them. make a stink. If you get expelled ask why what you've done is worse than killing civilians.

___ 23.Mar.2004 16:28

Amber amberella1989@netscape.net

hey, thanks for all the comments, I like to hear other people's opinions.

___ 23.Mar.2004 17:08


Oh yah i've talked with a guy in the SAA and ill be going to their meeting next week, we need to get rid of this army propaganda!

Military Should Be Treated Like Any Other Business 23.Mar.2004 21:12

North Portlander

Military recruitment should only be presented as one of a number of options for students. And if military recruiters are allowed on school grounds, then an proportional number of other future employers and trade associations ought to be allowed to set up a table -- ideally on a special "jobs and trades opportunities day" -- which would not interfere with classes and the school routine.

Funding for schools should NOT be contingent upon whether they allow military recruiters on school grounds or hand over contact information for students. Since anyone eligible for military service must register, the government presumably has already got the information and can write to these people without going to schools. In addition, they have enlistment offices.

I suspect that -- with its new preemptive strike policy and the trend toward neverending conflict -- the Bush administration will once again institute the draft in about a year (after elections, of course). The wheels are already turning in Congress on this one. There will be no college deferrals and special arrangements are already being made with the Canadian government to snag draft dodgers headed north. The proposed draft guidelines include both men and women.

When I think of how much human life, jobs, and money this President has already squandered, I cannot imagine why anyone would dream of reelecting him. Unless you have tens of thousands to toss into his election machine, you are less than the brush he appears to be eternally clearing on his ranch in Crawford.

Count your blessings 23.Mar.2004 21:14

c sullivan

I admire your free thinking. At the least you are using your own mind, something all to uncommon. Your generation is lucky(so far). Yes I am a old fart, and in my high school days there was no choice, we were all draft bait. I think as the young people of this country wise up to the militarys enlistment scams you will see the draft resurface. Only the stupid and brainless are joining the army and reserves now, the military war machine will need to find some way to have fresh meat available to them, and whether it is bush or the bush clone kerry it will happen. The only way to get the facts to people is to have veterans, such as myself who were forced into the hell of nam or vets from the recent war for oil, speak up. There are few of us old nam farts around anymore so maybe hope is with the recent vets. Good Luck

Make a sign! 23.Mar.2004 21:23

Bird dog

That says no blood for oil!
And protest by the recrutement table during your lunch period!
Make a statement in everything you do.
Most of all do not feel afraid to speak what you belive!
You will do well!

How to REALLY fuck over recruiters 25.Mar.2004 19:13

Luke from DC

During Vietnam,one group of college students responded to a Marine recruiting table by setting up a "Vietcong Recruiting Table" rigth across from it! In 15 minutes tehy had 15 "recruits" and started discussing a little problem: They had no plane to get to Vietnam! Therefore, tehy discussed hitting targets closer to home, and one suggested the Marine recruiter, who promptly packed up and left.

Imagine doing this today with an Iraqi Resistance recruiting table!

HUMAN SHIELD table with diagrams and all ! haha 25.Mar.2004 22:03

or to make it more topical and relevant


Positively Correct Opinion... In my opinion... 26.Mar.2004 15:50


Even though I usually don't understand what's going on with this "war", I know that it isn't the right solution. BUT, I do understand what Amber is talking about the school pushing students into the wrong direction, and I couldn't agree with her more. GO AMBER!


put them down 12.Apr.2004 13:45


If you want this to stop you cant just petetion or sit it you need suport you need lots of people, put up your own anti-propaganda and start gaining suport. direct action is the only solution. start a revolution.

universities should recruit at high shcools 15.Apr.2004 15:55


i understand what your going through, at my high school the army comes in at least once a month to advertise. They are not excatly recruiting soldiers, they are just trying to give students the possibilities they should have. The army is a post-high education, just like a university. I would recommend instead of showing your dissaproval for the army, talk to your school about having other universities come in to recruit as well. State universities and private universities should have the same opportunity to recruit students as does the military, so whenever the military comes in, so does a university. This way students can see that there are other posibilities than fighting a war.

Just remember.... 24.Apr.2004 20:38

Jennifer Howard

No one is forcing you to join the military, it's your own choice. Any one can tell you that the military isn't all green pastures. And hey if you're dumb enough to believe that, maybe you shouldn't be in the military.

Plus -- you cannot just sign up right there and then. You have to meet with a recruiter for a few hours and sign papers. Then you go to a MEPS center that decides if you're cut out for the military.

And no our soldiers aren't baby killers. I can say some stuff about women and abortion. But I don't. People in die in war. Hey it's sad but it's a fact of life. People die outside of war. But does that make it alright to blame a soldier? No it doesn't.

help defeat the terrorist 28.Apr.2004 06:48


If you don't want to sigh up don't. You have a choice. No one is forcing you to defend this country. You can stand behind your mother in her new burka
and ask what happen to this country. Or you can help defend this land against
radical islam.

Right to your opinion 28.Apr.2004 08:48

A former student with civic responsibilities.... dazedredwolf@yahoo.com

I really like the fact that you have no idea about the current state of the world and the dangers that America faces on a daily basis. There are people out there in the world who would love to kill you just because you are an American, you are free, you have the right to free speech, you have to right to date anyone you want, and that you have the right to believe (or not believe in) in whatever you want. We, as Americans are faced with a serious problem. We all saw what happened on 9/11/2001, or have we forgotten already? These people make no distinction between military and civilians, women and children, or Christians and Muslims. They are out to kill people. We as Americans have a duty to uphold our freedom and our way of life. We expect to be free from the threat of death by these extremists. We have sat around too long, keeping our distance. We did not go out looking for a fight. They brought the fight to us, remember? It is up to us to defend America. You have the right to you opinion and I respect it, however, bear in mind that the only way of pursuing these terrorists is by using this country's Armed Forces, which means recruitment. If you do not like it, please step aside and let other young people step up to defend our freedom. If you do not wish to be a part of the war onterrorism, please feel free to go to a third world muslim nation where women are oppressed, everyone MUST be a muslim, and any dissenters are swiftly killed. Just something to keep in mind....

If not you, who? 28.Apr.2004 19:22


I went to Basic training 6 days after graduation and stayed in during the worst 8 yrs of military history...the Clinton years. I saw our military cut in half during that time. We had to fill out a request just to get a quart of fucking oil! I however, do not regret my time in. I believe everyone should spend at least 2 years in the military. Someone has to do it. I have been in third world countries in Europe and Latin America. Folks, we have it good here! As you sit at your $400 Dude I'm getting a Dell computer, there are young men (and woman mind you) defending our country and trying to bring democracy and basic HUMAN RIGHTS to other countries. Don't think for one minute things would be better somewhere else. Other countries and there governments or people would not think twice about putting a bullet in your head. If you are not willing to defend your country then who? Someone has to step up to the plate, or you might as well get out the prayer rug, bow to Mecca, and trust the UN has your best interests in mind, just like they did the Iraqi people while they ran the Oil for Food program. Hmmm, maybe they should have called it the Oil for Saddam, his cronies, and corrupt United Nations program. Just doesn't have a nice ring to it does it. Besides, you may get sent to a country and meet the woman of your dreams, get married, and have two children like I did:)

Let me see 29.Apr.2004 07:44

Paul, in Saudi tinsamn99@yahoo.com

So as I understand it, the OP is proposing to shut people up because she doesn't like what they have to say.

Suppose that means she is opposed to people expressing their opinions. How sad.

Perhaps she will grow out of it.

I think... 29.Apr.2004 08:59

former Marine Sgt

John Stewart Mill said it best;

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things: the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks nothing worth a war, is worse. A man who has nothing which he is willing to fight for, nothing which he cares more about than he does about his personal safety, is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.

To all those bashing the miliraty, REALLY read the above and think about what it means then go look at yourself in the mirror and see who's looking back. Is it the "miserable creature" or the "better man". I know who I see looking back.

Semper Fi,

I am a United States soldier and Milwaukie High School Alumni 22.Jul.2004 20:59

PFC Kessley Ann Johnson kessley.ann.johnson@us.army.mil

I understand why you might be angry about always hearing talk of war. I sometimes feel that way. Your comment about how people just join so we can "kill people" is incredibly wrong. I didn't join for that reason. The purpose of Living History Day is to further educate the students about history from the people who actually lived it. I was a Veterans Representative when I attended Milwaukie High School. I worked with Ken Buckles and have met many different types of veterans from probably every single conflict since WW1 and they all deserve to be respected! Don't think that all military members these days are "pro war" I am definately not! I don't believe in this war at all and I am mad that I have fellow military friends serving in Iraq right now for nothing. They are dying for absolutely no reason. However, we are soldiers and the majority of the military joined mainly because we love our country. You are entitled to your opinion but do not disrespect my veterans!!! Do not disrespect me or my friends!!!! It is not us making the decision to fight in Iraq. You need to watch the news and keep up on current events. It is our leadership damaging us now, not the military members. I hope you have a great remaining time at Milwaukie High School. When Living History Day comes around again embrace it. Meet some veterans and learn some things from them. That is what they are there for. Not all stories are depressing. Show some gratitude for the rights they gave you to even state your opinion in the first place!

PFC Johnson
United States Army