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actions & protests | imperialism & war march 20, 2004

March 20 Portland Rally Pictures, Part 2

Pictures from the March 20 rally in Portland
Batch 2 of 3
Buddha Peace Pin 22.Mar.2004 13:01

Enji portlandbpf@yahoo.com

nice photos!

anyone who wants a Buddha Peace pin as seen on the young lady "lick bush", email me. $2.00. before anyone gives me any crap about corporate consumerism, this is a fundraiser for the Portland BPF. i make nothing nada zilch off of these, and donate the paper and ink to make them. 6 styles are available: blue, green, and orange, each with either a black peace sign or same color darker shade peace sign.

ha ha 22.Mar.2004 17:01

ha ha ha ha


that's fucking hilarious! think his whole analysis rests on that? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

ITS ME 27.Mar.2005 12:18

loser punk kid

i remember that... we were blaring Political punk and crust in that guys ears... hahahaha.