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actions & protests | bikes/transportation | imperialism & war march 20, 2004

march 20th bike move

before going down to the march i and 14 others helped someone move by bike!
we meet at 9-10am and loaded all the boxes, furniture, lamps, etc. on a many different types of trailers and cargo bikes
what a wonderfull time we had!
we rode and peoples chins droped as we rode by asking, "what are you doing", and "where are you going"
cars honked and people waved
we moved by bike, and it was fun, (moving=fun)
i was so happy that on this one this day i could do more than just march (marching is a very important thing)
15 people on bikes and 14 trailers
a beutiful day
thank you to every one on the bike move (a perfect way to say no to oil wars)
thank you to every one who made it out to downtown (also a very good thing)
and a thank you to every one who take the courage to start living free!

see ya on the next bike move!