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actions & protests | imperialism & war march 20, 2004

The Fabulous Radical Cheerleaders

Some photos of the Radical Cheerleaders at the March 20 2004 March
Here's some pics of the cheerleaders.

They were great 21.Mar.2004 16:30


They were so good that they almost seemed like they were professionals. Or maybe they were.

I Loved Them! 21.Mar.2004 20:37

Robert Ted Hinds

I loved them so much that I made it a point to fall behind in the march and catch their act twice. Amazing. If you have a video, you should send it to Letterman, Leno, and Conan. It was the total anthithesis of the Spice Girls. Fantastic.

yeah they were 21.Mar.2004 20:43

amber amberella1989@netscape.net

it looked fun to me!

margaret 21.Mar.2004 23:36


I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. Margaret is a PDX Radical Cheerleader. What's the world coming to?

Radical Cheerleaders Rock 22.Mar.2004 11:00


I had a wonderful time cheering on the fabulous peacemakers that marched on Saturday. I am proud to be a member of Portland Radical Cheerleaders Local No.2!

ROCK ON 22.Mar.2004 11:45


I wasn't there for the rally, but by the looks of these pics, it looks like it was a blast! ROCK ON LILA!!!!

i want to cheer! 23.Mar.2004 12:40


hey radical ladies, do you need any more cheerleaders? do you have a website or group contact info?

we're sexy, we're cute & radical to boot! 24.Mar.2004 18:28


just look for the Radical Cheerleaders Local Portland No.2 if you want to get involved! I had such a great time cheering last saturday! It was my first time and all the rad cheerleaders made me feel so great, so thank you to all of them and all the great peacemakers who were out there in the streets!

CHEERLEADER MEXICO 12.May.2004 19:16


hi im from mexico and i need contacts from europe cheerleaders please help me....
my mail its  cheerleadermx@hotmail.com

work hard and cheer loud!!!!!!!!!!!
thats the point!!!!

nyc rads looking for other cheerleaders 01.Jul.2004 07:51



I'm Cherie, a member of the New York City Radical Cheerleaders. We are planning for the invasion of the Republicans this August 29-Sept 3 of the Republican National Convention. There will be protests and many actions we will be cheering at, as well as a cheerleader's picnic, and other cheerleader events such as sleepovers, parties, and whatever else we feel like.

We are starting to make plans for the RNC. Please let us know if you are interested in trying to get Bush out of office, and cheering your way into the hearts of New Yorkers. We need to know what squads are planning on coming, as well as approximately how many cheerleaders from each squad.

Check out our webpage www.nycradicalcheerleaders.org especially our RNC page with information and cheers! We hope to see you....

nyc radical cheerleaders