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Doing what the terrorists want is called appeasement
When terrorists struck Madrid on M-11, both the Spanish government and the Bush admin. were quick to blame an obscure separatist movement in the Basque region of northern Spain and southern France. In spite of evidence to the contrary, and common sense, both governments held on to this theory. Within two days, people in Madrid took to the streets demanding the government release information about the attacks, and once again protesting the decision of the government to ally itself with Bush. Meanwhile, the ETA and other Basque separatist movements went to great lengths to defend themselves against false accusations. Had this gone on much longer, the people of Spain would have become more enraged and distrustful of the government, and the Spanish military might have moved troops and equipment up north to "root out" the supposed terrorists. It would have prolonged the tragedy indefinitely and rubbed salt in the fresh wounds.

And that's just what the terrorists want.

After M-11, the Bush admin. didn't apologize to the Spanish people for what appeared to be collateral damage from the invasion of Iraq. The Spanish government didn't chastise itself for supporting the invasion. Rather, both governments attempted to mislead the Spanish people, and the world, about what happened and why. The Spanish people suffered twice--first at the hands of terrorists, second at the hands of two governments willing to use their tragedy for political purposes.

And that's just what the terrorists want.

Now there is a deepening chasm between Europe and the US, just at the time when this country is hoping for help in the chaos of Iraq. There is also a widening level of distrust among people about the motives of their governments, notably in the US. The Bush admin. is more than willing to use the M-11 attacks to justify a war that was, is, not just a mistake but a disaster. It is also more than willing to criticize the Spanish people for the crime of reaction, in this case the proper reaction to the attacks. The Bush admin. continues to defy and shock the world by pointing to the smoking corpses of civilians and calling it a victory for democracy.

And that's just what the terrorists want.

To justify the invasion of Iraq in the first place, the Bush admin. relied heavily on the terror attacks of 9/11. People were whipped up into a frenzy by fear-mongering politicians, and before we knew it tanks were rolling into Baghdad. As revenge for 9/11, Saddam paid, the people of the US paid, soldiers from the US, Britain and other countries paid, and civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq and Spain paid, and they're still paying the price. We're all terrified, not so much of being hit by an airplane, but by the policies of one government.

And that's just what the terrorists want.

The Bush admin. et al have appeased the terrorists with their actions. They have given the terrorists exactly what they wanted--a world of fear and terror. By appeasing the terrorists, by giving them what they want, they have in fact helped them in their goals. It's almost as if they've struck a separate deal with the terrorists, a kind of "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" type of thing.

Obviously, that's just what the terrorists want.
yes, exactly. 21.Mar.2004 15:08

this thing here

>It's almost as if they've struck a separate deal with the terrorists, a kind of "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" type of thing.<

in the relationship between terrorism and the u.s. government, for example, which is the parasite and which is the host? because they gorge on each other to a symbiotic level i consider to be suspicious.

every new terrorist act provides one more excuse to weaken civil liberties, or engage in vain military action. which is exactly what the right wing wants. every new military action provides one more excuse to either recruit more terrorists or carry out more terrorism. which is exactly what the terrorists want.

i hope americans will see what this relationship is doing to them. because it is the PEOPLE who come out with less. because it is the AVERAGE CITIZEN who becomes the pawn. they are killed, or they send their children to fight and kill other children, or their so-called inalienable rights are "adjusted".

this relationship isn't working...

That's about right 21.Mar.2004 15:13


Appeasement is used as a propagada word. Call someone an appeaser or a coward and Joe Sixpack will say, "Hell no, I ain't yellow! Send some more of our boys over there!"

If Iraq was a just war, what Bush is saying would make sense and he would be right. And it is true that what happened in Spain will encourage the terrorists. But that does not justify continuing a war of agression.

Why are the terrorists fighting us? Because we are invading their countries, covertly and overtly, and stealing their oil. We cannot justify this because we don't want to appease them.

Say you break into someone's house. They resist you so you kill them. The judge asks you why you did not turn around and leave. You say you didn't want to APPEASE the victim. It makes about as much sense.

Well, let's look it that way 22.Mar.2004 01:15

another annoying french

After 911, your president and his friends said that the terrorists were attacking USA because they "hate our freedom".
Isn't Patriot Act appeasement then ? (less freedom, so they won't hate us that much).

And by the way, americans better stop this "war on terror" thing, you don't fight terrorism when you bomb a country back to stone age, you just increase terrorism this way. Terrorism should be fought against in an undercover way.

yes 22.Mar.2004 10:13


The PATRIOT Act is part of the way that we're all terrified by the policies of one government. Homeland Security is terrifying, both because we don't know what it will evolve into, and because the $40 billion annual budget is basically economic terrorism. Our grandchildren are going to be picking up the pricetag for this thing, and they'll be recruited to be the world's policemen at the same time.