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imperialism & war march 20, 2004

Statement from Bush

Bu$h makes statement on March 20th
Dubya attended a campaign rally in Florida on March 20th. One of his statements was "I'm all for united action, and so are our 34 coalition partners in Iraq right now".

I did some extensive news searching last night. I didn't get a chance to finish it. What I did learn however was this...

I'm also for united action and want to thank the 43 countries (and probably more cause I'm not done researching) that participated in the GLOBAL VOICE actions on March 20th against Bush, his coalition partners and military presence in Iraq. Seems the GLOBAL VOICE coalition is larger than Dubyas.
Check the numbers... 21.Mar.2004 12:33

Tony Blair's dog

Bush said: "...and so are our 34 coalition partners in Iraq right now"

What "34 coalition partners" does he mean?
The big corporations and "terrorist agencies" involved in selling out Iraq?

When "W" is unclear on the matter in question it's a good thing,
since it either means that he has been told a plain lie or been
told to spin facts.