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government selection 2004

Nader Knotter

While Nader can offer help in State elections, key elections needed to get the Senate out of Republican hands he is not 'the' Presidental candidate this year.
The day after, not just in Lawrence, KS so what would it be like? So let's say its November the fourth two days after the election. November 3rd will under any condition be a national day for throwing up. So it's Thursday and the world is faced with an America that did not vote Bush out of office, which on the face of it seems only fair since America didn't vote him in either. In a perfect world countries would recall their ambassadors, close ports to American products, not allow over flights of their airspace and other actions to say 'Start removing your 750 military bases from all over the world, America' America is at fault in a sense, not Bush, for to leave him in office is not his fault, it is the fault of the adults in the population that did not remove him the first time when he was appointed and now.

Let's dream further and say the Diebold machines were programmed for Ralph to win. I am sure he could define and maybe assemble a fine cabinet. How would he get anything passed in Congress? Like, voting out the USA Patriot Act or stopping Act II. The Republicans won't work for him and it is fair to say the Democrats may have an attitude toward him which is not the most constructive. To use the FDR fire hose analogy from the days of Lend-Lease, if you turn to your neighbor for help to put out a fire destroying your home would you use a hose with a inch line delivering 6 gpm at 25 psi from your best friend and somehow connect that to the hydrant? Or would you turn to someone with a 2" line delivering 500 gpm at 200psi. all ready mated to the hydrant from someone you don't like as much, someone you have issues with, but someone who wants to put out the fire.

Perhaps there are those who might respond 'Let the house burn down it is a symbol of consumerism', for these individuals voting for Bush is a way of continuing that. Certainly Kerry is their enemy. Some may not be able to live with themselves to vote for Bush directly, Ralph can help here, Ralph Nader is an icon of many things that need changing in America but he is not a means to these ends. Kerry is a way of removing Bush from office and - maybe - providing enough time, to remove the assaults on the Constitution and Civil Liberties. With freedom restored many things are possible. There is legislation which is now before Congress, the doublespeak which passes for government these days, designed to mandate all law based on Christian Fundamental principles. Hateful laws found in no other western country, law based on an oxymoron.

There are in the end two outcomes to this election, if we have one. On one hand Ralph does not manage to produce a forty share at the polls and Kerry wins on the other hand, Ralph does not manage to produce a forty share at the polls and Bush wins. Some say or try to say with a straight face there is no difference in these two outcomes. Addressing the few of these folks who are not Republican provocateurs, who seem to reverberate themes of 'Revolution' or 'Rebellion' if you think starting a new government is the answer why haven't the forty percent at the economic bottom risen up? That's over 120 million people. Nader's ego driven campaign is so self indulgent as to question his mental faculties. Kerry at least has some experience in office. Ralph is a great critic, but when the fans are screaming you don't need a cheerleader, when the fans are screaming you can't even hear the cheerleaders. The fans of freedom are having their last cry here.

This behavior of Ralph serves, other than his on interests, to help shore up a notion in the country that only the 'two' parties are real parties. Nader tells us everything we already know, not how he will accomplish anything. If you are more important than the country Ralph keep running. If you help destroy the best shot at removing Bush, keep running faster for how can we tell you form him. I supported Ralph in 1996 and 2000 when Ashcroft wasn't AG, Cheney VP, and Rumsfeld at DOD.

By what logic does someone leave George in office and then claim caring for people, the environment, the reduction of the military not induction into the military and Unions. Not only voting for, but now working for the candidate who has the best chance to end Bush is the only issue. This is real politics and it stinks, not the best candidate, by the one with the best chance to win on the most important issue Fail on this and the other issues won't matter for there will be no forum for opposition. Leaving Bush in office is the best way to kill more people on earth than anything under Kerry.
What's It All About, Ralphy?? 21.Mar.2004 10:06


I guess Hairy Kerry will have to reconsider his positions if he wants the vote of the left. At this time, he plans to keep the US Soldiers and COrporations in Iraq, which is not acceptible to many of us. If we hand HK the candidacy, he'll roll over for the corporate military industrian complex. Keep up the pressure, Ralphy.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo!! 21.Mar.2004 10:10


nasty one, that.
You're missing the point. A vote for Kerry IS a vote for Bush.
We've let a monolithic media keep us from organizing even in principle.
We must abandon and discredit the media. But don't worry too much.
They're doing most of the job for us...

jlii 21.Mar.2004 18:04

George Bender

Somehow you've managed to miss the point. I'm sure it wasn't easy. We don't have the time or energy to endlessly repeat the same arguments in response to stuck-record, brain-dead Democrats. Go back and read what we've already said.

Of course it doesn't really matter whether or not you get it. We don't need you. The train has already left the station, and you can't stop it.

Kerry as a "progression" 21.Mar.2004 18:50


i really do not understand the logic of Kerry supporters.

how will he withdraw the US from Iraq / repeal the Patriot Act / do anything else "progressive"?

especially since he's a Multimillionaire Skull & Bones Blood Brother of the current illegitimate occupant of the White House.

Have you read the kerry "Health Slam?" 22.Mar.2004 00:01


I read every line of Kerry's 10 page wealthcare platform (on his website) today.


THe plan claims to make health care "affordable to EVERY American.
The next line says, "Provides coverage for 95% of Americans."

Lots of tax rebates for people who make enough money to afford healthcare, but do nothing to help the poor. Lots of concern for workers and employers and not the unemployed. And the old theory of giving huge tax breaks to the medical industrial complex to buy technology to enrich the rich, and speed up the insurance companies access to our records so they can more quickly reject high risk applicants. And what is the point of a "rebate pool??"

Highlights include, "patients.. have a responsibility to help make the system more affordable. John Kerry for President? I think not.

the Great Thing about Kerry 22.Mar.2004 01:05

besides Skull & Bones, of course

is that his Appointment to the head of the Class One-Party System has effectively Divided and Conquered any remaining "left" political opposition in this country.

so the "evolution" of Democrat pResidential candidates from Gore (haw, haw) to Kerry is really a ONE-TWO punch whammy - not only has an even better Simulacrum Faux-'Progressive' warmongering corporate Frankenstein candidate been created, but the "leftists" are even MORE POLITICALLY DIVIDED THAN LAST TIME (2000).

all while still believing that the Democrats - and their prime spearhead pre-ordained Skull & Bones pResidential sElect - are "progressives"!

of course we can support Ralph (as well we should) - but we all know he doesn't have the political machine that the Democrats do (to fight their just-as-evil "nemesis", the Republicans).

that's the truly wonderful thing about pResidential elections in a Corporate One-Party State - you have the "choice" between ever-more-similar Coke or Pepsi.

Nader's Ego 22.Mar.2004 07:38


After Nader's ego trashes another election and Shrub is still in office destroying what's left of the country we will still be hearing the righteous Naderites rant about how they sure showed those Democrats! What can possibly be gained by making it easier for the religious right to establish an even stronger foot hold in our government? To make some egocentric point? Or how about: "Look at me, I HAVE principles!" Wow, you people are scary! If you think Bush is better than Kerry, I guess you better vote for Nader because you will get your wish (Bush)!

Thanks for the Remedies 22.Mar.2004 08:57


Thanks to ALL the above posts. No one attempted to mention how Nader would win an election. So does that mean he would or would not keep Bush in the WH? Speaking of missing a point if there is no difference between Bush and Kerry why do you spend so much time attacking him. If your position is Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft and Rumsfeld should stay why not say that?

We will agree or disagree to agree or disagree, for most of the planet leaving Bush in office is not a good thing.

"Remedies"???!?? 22.Mar.2004 10:43

keep deluding yourself 'jlii'

and the "remedy" is John Kerry, Multimillionaire Skull & Bones Blood Brother of Bu$h?

who voted in favor of:

the illegal Iraq invasion
the illegal Afghanistan invasion
USA Patriot Act
Homeland Security
electronic voting machines

(real progressive, 'jlii' and thanks for supporting Kerry, the "remedy")

at least have the GUTS to admit that the current 'pResidential Selection' is no "remedy" for anything in connection with the Fascist Totalitarian US Empire . . .


Kerry's votes.

Bush's tax cuts
Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001
Kerry - Absent

Bush's tax cuts
Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act of 2002
Kerry - Yea
(This one did extend unemployment and gave tax cuts to businesses, though only temporarily, supposedly)

Patriot Act
Kerry - Yea

Homeland Security Act
Kerry - Yea

Help America Vote Act
Kerry - Yea

Terrorism Risk Protection Act
Kerry - Yea

Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against Iraq
Kerry - Yea

National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2004
Kerry - Yea

Amendment SA 715 - To strike the repeal of the prohibition on research and development of low-yield nuclear weapons.
Kerry - Absent

So what exactly is this progressive record of Kerry's . . .