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A word about Vera

I am a protester and activist through and through, and I do not want Vera in office, but I have to say I am appalled by the comments I hear about her!!
Time and time again, I see stuff her being old, etc. Folks, this is just plain disrespectful and mean. You can object to her ideas and behavior all you want, but please don't put her down because of her age. Her age is something she cannot help, as all of us are subject to as well. When we are that age, do we want people who may be too young to know any better insulting us because of our age??? NO!! It's demeaning!! Insulting her that way is just plain MEAN and it sucks.
I am so shocked about this. This is exactly the same thing as calling a black person a nigger. I would expect that peace activists know better than to do anything like that. But if you can insult someone because of her age, then it shows that you don'know the difference between contempt and fairness. Plus, characture assasination is what desperate and unclassy people do when they lose an argument. Like the police. We DON'T want to lower ourselves to their level!!!
Who cares if Vera's old? 21.Mar.2004 17:26

Someone else for mayor!

It's got nothing to do with Vera being old, it's got to do with her being an ass. I was here in Portland when she was first elected mayor. She ran on a law and order platform. She brought Mark Kroeker to town to be Police Chief; Vera and Vera alone is in charge of the Police Bureau. She unleashed her little piggies on past peaceful protests and other peaceful events (Critical Mass comes to mind). It will be good to see her go!!!

Vera doesn't deserve all this 21.Mar.2004 19:44


TEAR-JERKING! Look at the woman's "actions" and forget all this touchy-feely stuff! What is
obvious to me is that she isn't capable of being "mayor" and "commissioner of police" at the
same time. If her being "too old" to handle the rigors of the combined demands of both jobs,
is the issue, then so be it. Better to openly acknowledge it and then deal with it, rather than be "nice" and ignore it and then have another killer cop unlease his madness on some innocent citizen!

There is a time and place for being "nice" and a time and place for being TRUTHFUL. With the
degraded situation in Portland with the PoPi's, it's time to be TRUTHFUL and "nice" be damned!

Yes, but 22.Mar.2004 02:09

you're missing the point.

I am the author of this article, and I want Vera out of office YESTERDAY. As far as I am concerned, she is the NUMBER ONE ENEMY of this town, and she in no way has the legal right to be on the taxpayer dole. Period. She just has no authority to do most of the actions she does.
The point is, we can talk about her bad policies all we want, and we should, but putting her down for her age is low, and makes US look like ignorant jerks. Plus, being old is not a sin, so how can you use that as an insult?!
Like I said, it's just like calling a black person a nigger. Foxworth is in charge of a corrupt police force, and are we now calling him a nigger? Because we're not, does that mean we are pampering him?
You just can't put a person down for something that they cannot help, that is fundamentally wrong. DON'T STOOP TO THEIR LEVEL!!