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U.S. Poised to Attack Venezuela

Recent developments around the world are causing some people to think the U.S. Department Of Defense has Venezuela and its Leader Hugo Chavez in their cross hairs.
Today millions of people around the world stood together in solidarity to protest the evil U.S. empire's wars around the globe.
We know the wars will not stop so easy. A top U.S. intelligence insider has leaked information he has about war plans to attack Venezuela. I imagine an Islamic terrorist group will pop up there as an excuse to send in the Marines.
America is out of control and the people around the world know it. Today the people of the world showed strong courage and control to hold back their wrath. But let it be known to all when the time to unite and fight is upon us their will be no mercy for the Corporate Military Industrial Holy bastards that have no conscience.

Yeah, We Know What You're Trying To Say 21.Mar.2004 00:55


where's your *evidence*?

citations of recent Pentagon/CIA communiques/messages?

troop movements?

but, where's yur evidence to the contrary 21.Mar.2004 02:17

are you a

TROLL? Sounds like one being so quick and easy to defend the US Government?

Fuck you, clown. 21.Mar.2004 02:30


I'm not defending the U.S. government.

I just want some EVIDENCE for the headline:

"U.S. Poised to Attack Venezuela"

ok, we know about the recent CIA-sponsored coup attempts and the current 'petition' uprising,

but you're talking about "Poised to Attack" = military invasion/occupation.

troop/ship movements?

recent Pentagon/State Dept. communiques?

otherwise, the claim made by the original article poster is a baseless assertion.

Requests for evidence a new ploy of the evil bastards 21.Mar.2004 05:26


this is truly a backasswards country and reality has only coincidental importance. if evidence is required to stop illegal immoral or plain stupid acts thenthe fascists require tons of it to demonstrate that they have infact been caught with their pants down but when you have tons of evidence about the fact that the president is the longawaited for antichrist and is taking the entire fucking country to hell, then no one pays attention to it...

re: Requests for evidence a new ploy of the evil bastards 21.Mar.2004 08:58


Hey I'd call myself an anarchist and I hate the US gov't as much as the next person (who reads indymedia), but even I don't believe your bit about the US gov't attacking Venezuela.

See, watch this:

Portland indymedia is being run by aliens from Pluto!!!

And if you ask for evidence, you are an "evil bastard" troll.

Yes, I know attacking Venezuela is quite more likely than the aliens from Pluto thing, but any normal person would still demand evidence for such an amazing claim. If you actually have the evidence (and aren't just lying which does no one any good) why not produce it?

Hnds Off Venezuela 21.Mar.2004 09:05

Socialist Appeal handsoffvenezuela.co.uk

Corriente Marxista Revolucionaria-  http://venezuela.elmilitante.org -International-  http://www.marxist.com - Inthe USA-Workers International League-  http://www.socialistappeal.org

Anyone who wishes to add their signature to this appeal can do so by writing to Jorge Martin at:  handsoffvenezuela@yahoo.co.uk

Signatures to "Hands off Venezuela!"


Dr.Abdullah Qureshy, a member of Youth For International Socialism, Multan Bureau
Nazar: Regional Secretary Class Struggle, Balochistan
Hameed Khan: Regional Organiser Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign Balochistan
Mardan: Member Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign Balochistan
Aabid: Member Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign Balochistan
Ali: Member Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign Balochistan
Nisar: City Organiser Youth for international Socialism, Quetta City.
Shakeela: Member Class Struggle Quetta City
Naveed: Member Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign Balochistan
Afaaq: Organiser Youth for international Socialism Balochistan Region
Zafar Ullah, member YFIS Islamabad
Aslam Ansaari
Javed Iqbal
Mujahid Pasha
Iqbal Shad
Tariq Chaudhary
Nadeem Hyder
Ishfaaq Raajput
Ishaq, Pakistan Trade Union Defense Campaign,Multan
Ilyas Khan, advocate
Safdar Abas Khakhi
Aasif Kareem, advocate
Rana Khalid Hasan, advocate, Pakistan People's Party, Multan
Dr Arslan
Dr Shakaib
Dr Irfan
Dr Qadoos
Farooq Bhatti
Nadeem Pasha
Adnan,Youth for International Socialism, Multan
Mushtaq Ahmed Khan, Youth for International Socialism, Lahore, member Jamu Kashmir National Student Fedration

Members of the NationalAssembly:

Chaudhary Manzoor Ahmed (NA 139, Kasur II)
Qamar Zaman Kaira (NA- 106, Lalamusa)
Zulfiqar Ali Gondal (NA- 109, Mandi Bahauddin)
Zafar Iqbal Warriach (NA- 196, Rahim Yar Khan)
Syed Nayyer Hassan Bukhari (NA- 49, Islamabad)
Zamurrad Khan (NA- 54, Rawalpindi)
Rauf Mengal (NA- 269, Khuzdar)
Khalid Wahhab (NA- 219, Karachi)
Shakeela Rashid (NA- 294, Lahore)
Rukhsana Bangash (Na- 299, Islamabad)


Sana Ullah Baloach
Mohammed Aslam Buladi


Sonja Wengerter
Romina B Fernandez
Ana Daglio


Christopher Francis O'Kane
Ryan Hoesterei


Mathias Zech, Socialist Youth
Georg Müller, Socialist Youth
Matthias Schnetzer, Socialist Youth
Emanuel Tomaselli, FSG-Zorn (www.fsg-zorn.at)
Ina Ratzenböck, Member of Executive Committee of Socialist Youth
Josef Falkinger, Socialist Youth Upper Austria
Elisabeth Mandl, FSG-Zorn
Gernot Trausmuth, Editorial Committee of "Der Funke"
Thomas Breyer, Linz
Manuel Reichetseder, Socialist Youth
Martin Wieland
Martina Romana Hueller, Socialist Youth
Josef Haas, shopsteward, GdG/FSG-Leopoldstadt/Wien
Herbert Zapletal shopsteward, FSG-Leopoldstadt/Wien
Günther Pramer shopsteward, GdE/FSG-Leopoldstadt/Wien
Wolfgang Steindl shopsteward, FSG-Leopoldstadt/Wien
Lis Mandl, shopsteward, GPA/Wien
Verena Stross, Socialist Youth
Lukas Tomaselli , Socialist Youth
Denise Zech, Vorarlberg Socialist Youth
Christoph Benedikt, Students' Union (GPA)
Andi Grafl, Socialist Youth and Students Vienna
Marion Hackl, Socialist Youth
Manuel Kaufmann, Socialist Youth Universität Wien
Glötzl Till, Socialist Youth
Michael Pils, Socialist Youth
Samuel Stuhlpfarrer, Graz
Gerald Steiner
Willi Waitz, Socialist Youth
Lukas Neißl, FSG- Zorn


Erik De Bruyn, shop steward Socialist Public Services Union, City of Antwerp
Lin Van Rompaey, shop steward Socialist Public Services Union, City of
Antwerp (ACOD)
Fabian Defraine, Independent Socialist Councillor in Tubize
André Gonsalis, chairman of the Public Services Union, Veurne branch and
Shop Steward of the Teachers' Union (ACOD)
Miguel Rubio, former convenor of the Metal Workers Union of Diamant Boart
Brecht Desmet, member of the student council, University of Gent
Noshin Malik, student at the Provincial Academy of Limburg
Mischa Van herck, member of the Socialist Party Antwerp and trainer in the
Socialist Trade Union, the ABVV
Maarten Van Heuverzwijn, editorial board of the Marxist paper Vonk
Roland Vanderbeke, member of the Executive of the Socialist Public Services
Union, Oostende (ACOD)
Wim Benda, editorial board of the Marxist paper Vonk
Erik Demeester, activist socialist trade union ABVV
Roland Vanderbeke Executive Member A.C.O.D./ Ostend Branch
Anke Gulix, student activist
Jan van Riet, member Socialist Party Antwerp and Socialist Trade Union
Fenia Van den Brande, student representative
Michel Jacobs, student activist
Issam Benali, student activist
Tatiana Thomas, member of the Catholic Trade Union
José Miguel Moya Beros
Nick Deschacht
Erna Walraeve, ATTAC branch of Ostend
Bram Putteneers, Student
Claire Miroir, member Socialist Party Oostende
Jacques Denecker, Attac
Dries Goedertier
Jan Buelinckx, Attac
The socialist trade union delegation of Total Refinery Antwerp (TotalFinaElf)
Felix Hendriks, member of the Catholic Trade Union and 'Dam tegen Verrechtsing'
Filip Staes, member editorial board Marxist paper Vonk
Sven Meyntjens, member of BBTK (the socialist trade union of employees in the private sector) and member of the Socialist Party
Michaël Cools, student activist
Stephen Bouquin, founding member Attac Vlaanderen
Thomas Ledent, student activist
Linda Boulanger, Federal Agency for Reception of Asylum Seekers
Jonathan Devuyst
Sofie Billiauw
Arne Baillière, local councillor in Ostend for the Communist Party and the Socialist Party
Frans Vandewalle
Eva Decombel, student activist
Wim Haagdorens, member of the socialist trade union ABVV
Jeroen Soete
Frank Stoffels, chairman of the socialist party branch De Haan
Heike Tress, member of the executive committee of the socialist party branch De Haan
Kris Velter, Humanistisch Verbond
Robin Vandekeybus, Student activist
Ceren Ozer, theatre actress


Odon Porto de Almeida, founder of the Sindicato dos Empregados em Estabelecimentos Bancários de Garanhuns
Demostenes Felix da Silva, officer
Francisco Pereira, watchmaker
Fabio William Costa Guedes, teacher and sportsman
Francisco de Assis Claudino, author
Paulo Ferreira, teacher
Otto Cavalcanti de Almeida, lawyer
Alder Júlio Ferreira Calado, ciudadano latinoamericano
Gil Silva
Karin Queiroz Silva
Frieda Thiele
Tatjana Dunker


Jeremy Dear, General Secretary, NUJ
Dave Mitchell, Public & Commercial Services Union (Group Assistant Secretary, Home Office Group)
Amelia Bercusson, student at the University of Cambridge,
Ida Kaisa Lönnqvist, Homerton College, University of Cambridge
Gregory Topalian, Melbourn, Hertfordshire
Matthew McLean union - GMB (personal capacity) Labour Party (personal capacity)
Harriet Robinson, Sixth Form Student, Canterbury, England
Atif Nazar Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign
Neil Wiggins, Manchester, UK
Espe Espigaress, Amicus shop steward, London
Des Heemskerk, Amicus Media and Campaigns officer (personal capacity)
Phil Waker, CWU NEC
Nigel Pearce, NUM NEC
Kris Lawrie, NUJ member
Rob Sewell, Vice-Chair NUJ, Central London Branch,
Bjorn Oystein Ovrevik, Newcastle upon Tyne
Kenny Brown, union-GMB (personal capacity) Labour Party (personal capacity)
Harald Lindner, member of the Young Communist League, Birmingham
Mark Hollinrake,chair Tg 6/1045, Rochdale
Steve Brown, Secretary Wansbeck and Morpeth TUC and Alcan GMB.
Ian Woodland, branch sec/shop steward 2/195 branch TGWU


Alex Grant, Vancouver District Labour Council Youth Committee
Miriam Martin,Co-chair BCYND, Secretary NDYC
Mike Palecek, BCYND Lower Mainland Regional Rep, NDYC Communications Director.
Russ Piffer, NDP Youth
Hannah Classen, Alberta-NDP Youth, Womens' Caucus rep.
Roland Schmidt, NDP Youth
Gabriel Cardenas, NDP Youth
Manuel Flores, Alberta-NDP Youth: Communications Coordinator
Sachia Longo, Alberta-NDP Youth: Secretary/treasurer
Sean Laing, Alberta-NDP Youth: Environmental Caucus rep.
Chris Alton, NDP Youth, NASA
Brent MacVicar, NDP Youth, Shop Steward (in personal capacity), UFCW Locals 175 and 633
Camilo Cahis, NDP Youth
Cora James, NDP Youth
Lorenzo Fiorito, NDP Youth, UNITE-SVTI local 2584
Chris Palecek, BC-NDP Youth: Communications Coordinator
Jim W. Jaszewski
Philippe Le Roux, Montréal (Québec)
Andrew Pendakis
Aaron Doncaster
Marshall Tindall Vegreville, Canada
Sébastien Pouliot, Jeunes NPD, Québec
Michel Essertaize, Charlesbourg Québec


Frederik Ohsten, member of the Danish Union of Journalists
Jeppe Krommes-Ravnsmed- the Danish "Socialistic Stand"
Teis K. Amundsen, Socialistisk Standpunkt, Copenhagen
Thomas R. Schaffalitzky, Socialist Youth Front, Aarhus
Rune Møller Stahl, Socialist Youth Front, Aarhus
Nina Agerskov, Socialist Youth Front, Aarhus
Aslak Frej Ransby, Socialist Youth Front, Aarhus
Roar Gaardsøe, Socialist Youth Front, Aarhus
Suzy Brown, Socialist Youth Front, Aarhus


David Hadjeb, Sec.Gén. de la CSD CGT Services Publics.
Georges Labica, Professeur émérite des Universités (philosophie)
Stephen Bouquin, membre SNES-SUP, maître de conférences Université Picardie Jules Verne
Claude Demoustier, adjoint au maire de Tourcoing, Conseiller communautaire Lille métropole, PCF
Michèle Thévenin
Claude Roussie Professeur (retraité)
Jacqueline Roussie Professeur (retraitée)
Hensens Hanka, Bureau SNTRS-CGT-IRD
Hubert Prévaud, CGT Airbus, Toulouse.
Denis Molès
Jérôme Métellus, MJC, PCF, Paris 18e
Joseph Virassamy, président d'ATTAC Martinique
Jean Jacques Beguine, Sec. du Syndicat du Personnel de la Production et du Transport d'Electricité Centre (FNME CGT)
Pascal Grébaut, Secrétaire Général SNTRS-CGT-IRD
Boris Plazzi, Syndicaliste dans la Métallurgie PCF Saint Priest (Rhône)
Georges Bossis, LPMC (UMR6622), Université de Nice
Pascal Brula, Ingénieur, militant associatif et anti-capitaliste, Lyon.
Cyril Vézien, Toulouse
Eric Valade, Secrétaire syndical UFICT - CGT
Greg Oxley, PCF Paris 10e
Jacques Chardon, UL CGT Hôpital Saint Louis
Fabrice Inglès, militant du PCF et MJCF, Paris.
Michel Labbé, militant syndical C.G.T. Travailleur de l'état préretraité à Toulouse
Genevieve Beignon, militante syndicale CGT, secrétaire, privée d'emploi
Bernard Perret, Secrétaire régional du syndicat Solidaires-Douanes, Marseille
Xavier Malbreil
Fabrice Bourgeois, Comptable du Trésor public à Bagnac sur Célé (46), bureau du collectif "Cadres A" du SNT-CGT
Jean louis Blaquier, Toulouse enseignant
Annie Lacroix-Riz, professeur d'histoire contemporaine, université Paris 7.
Maurice Hugonin, ATTAC Marmande, Lot-et-Garonne.
Aude Capron, MJCF Paris, étudiante, résidant actuellement à Caracas, Venezuela.
Maxime Vivas, écrivain, référent littéraire d'Attac France
Jean-Claude Soyer, attaché Chef de service, Ville de Reims, Sécrétaire de l'UFICT-CGT Reims.
Richez Albert, Inspecteur d'Académie honoraire, membre du CA national d'ATTAC
Richez Colette, Professeur retraitée, membre d'ATTAC
Delio Menen, Syndicaliste CGT AIR FRANCE Toulouse
Sylvie Guduk, Pôle de la Renaissance Communiste en France, SNUIPP.
M. Bataillon Dominique, Professeur de philosophie, Epernay
Luc Brossard, Directeur de Recherche au CNRS
Jean Maité, Alternative Libertaire
Pierre Thivend, conseiller en formation continue, membre du Conseil de Développement du Grand Lyon
Christian Blicq, Militant syndicaliste, politique et mutualiste
Pascal Cauchard, Technicien, Toulouse.
Mélanie Félix, Assistante Maternelle, Toulouse.
Jean-Claude PERON, Enseignant (SNUipp-FSU)
Georges Audras, ingénieur, membre Attac 68 Laurent Lanyou, Figeac, France
Piere Broué, France, historian
Jean-MarcDomart, CGT-Taxis
Christian Meloni, délégué du personnel CGT, Airbus-France, Toulouse
Cambefort Christophe, JC toulouse, CGT métallurgie.
Laurent Rebière FERC-CGT
Annie Arroyo, Association France-Cuba, Comité de Bordeaux.
Chérif Boudelal, Président du Collectif « Paix Comme Palestine »
Khalil Horri
Philippe Michel, association "une toile contre un mur"
Ginette Hess Skandrani, journaliste indépendante, Paris
Alberto Zambrano, DS Montpellier
Yannick Zambrano, enseignante IUP Montpellier
Guillaume ZAmbrano, Etudiant en droit, Montpellier
Kenize Mourad, journaliste et écrivain
André Larnaud, Instituteur, Ardèche, SNUIPP-FSU
Andre Meyer, membre du secretariat de l'Association ""Forum pour un autre monde"
Ouardia Yahiaoui, poete
Laurence Raudin, Tarbes
Julie Driancourt
Daniele Bosveuil, Lyon
Marie-France Fovet, pour le Comité France-Cuba Pas-de-Calais
Jean-Pierre Garnier, Sociologue CNRS Institut Parisen de recherche sur l'Aménagement, l'urbanisme et la Société
Claude Roussie, Professeur (retraité) militant PCF, Monein
Pierre Pillot, CGT Chômeurs
Charles Grellois, lycéen
Jean-Baptiste Vincensini, étudiant, PCF
Pierre Montangerand - CFDT Toulouse
René Ballaguy, Val d'Oise
Gilles Régnier
C. Douat, membre d'ATTAC
Serge Jaeggy, secrétaire des cheminots CGT de Colmar
Sylvette Rougier , infirmière, syndicaliste CGT, militante associative
Laurence Ferrier, 30290 Laudun, France
Amandine Corbière, étudiante à la faculté de pharmacie de Montpellier
Rafika Kaddour, responsable associatif, France
Olivier Mollaz, militant LCR, Clermont-Ferrand
Serge Vonck
Mourad Zirari, responsable CMC, Ingénieur, Paris


Andrea Noll, Reutlingen
Hans-Gerd Öfinger, editor of Der Funke, deputy chair, ver.di (German service sector and publc sector union) in the Wiesbaden district
Christoph Mürdter, editor of Der Funke, union activist (ver.di) and PDS member
Torsten Tullius, Thomas Gamstätter, Andreas Eichinger, Martina Regenstein, supporters of Der Funke in Mainz (Germany)
Sonja Schellenbach, nurse and student activist, Wiesbaden
Corinna Dammann, Der Funke editorial board, Wiesbaden
Maria Clara Roque-Öfinger, shop steward, German Railways
Roland Schmitt, shop steward and postman, Wiesbaden
Joachim John, executive member of ver.di (German service sector and publc sector union) in the Wiesbaden district
Joachim and Dorothea Doehring, SPD members, Wiesbaden
Jürgen Hinzer, Frankfurt (fulltime union organiser)
Timothi Maywood, Köln
Tony Kofort, teachers´ union activist, Weener (Lower Saxony)
Werner Eggers, DFG/VK Leer, Anti-Kriegs-Aktion Ostfriesland (anti war activist)
Matthias Spekker, Anti-Kriegs-Aktion Ostfriesland (anti war activist)
Ursula Stevens-Kimpel, Anti-Kriegs-Aktion Ostfriesland (anti war activist)
Jens David, Biberach
Sahra Wagenknecht (PDS Executive member) on behalf of Venezuela Avanza, German solidarity campaign, www.venezuela-avanza.de
Axel Matzky-Eilers, Darmstadt, SPD member and member of the Teachers' Union (GEW)
Gewerkschaft verdi, Ortsverein Sulzbach-Rosenberg
Angelo Valleriani, researcher, Berlin
Johannes Breitner , Nürnberg , chairman of SPD branch Nürnberg-Kornburg
Mehmet Sarialtin, Mainz
Antonio Palermo, Student, Mainz
Uli Franke, Darmstadt, Germany, verdi delegate in Frankfurt district
Fabian Lindner, Student, Mainz, Germany
Marius Zimmerschitt, Gau-Odernheim, Germany
Sven Dyroff, Sozialforum Wiesbaden
José Duran, Taxista, Wiesbaden
Magdalena Liska, Leonding
Christopher Shum, Student, Mainz
Hans-Otto Saatkamp, GEW, Weener
Kurt Buck, German-Dutch-Workgroup 8th May, Papenburg


Alexandra Gruzudi, Student, Kos
Pavlos Papadopoulos, Student, Salonika


Rohan Prabhu

Meistra Budiasa, Moestopo University


M. Razi, Iranian Revolutionary Socialist League
Sara Ghazi, Iranian Revolutionary Socialist League
Amin Kazemi, Iranian Revolutionary Socialist League


Claudio Bellotti, national executive committee, Partito della Rifondazione Comunista
Alessandro Giardiello, national political committee, Partito della Rifondazione Comunista
Jacopo Renda,
Elisabetta Rossi,
Dario Salvetti, national coordinating committee, Giovani Comunisti -Partito della Rifondazione Comunista
Paolo Brini, central committee Fiom Cgil
Orlando Maviglia, regional committee Fiom Cgil, Emilia Romagna
Davide Bacchelli, provincial committee Fiom Cgil, Bologna
Giampiero Montanari, metal shopsteward Fiom Cgil
Ivan Serra, metal shopsteward Fiom Cgil, Bologna
Domenico Minadeo, chemical shopsteward, Filcea Cgil Imola
Nunzio Vurchio, metal shopsteward Fiom Cgil Milano
Massimo Cavallotti, services shopsteward Filmcams Cgil Milano
Samira Giulitti, insurance shopsteward Fisac Cigil Milano
Sara Cimarelli, insurance shopsteward Fisac Cigil Milano
Laura Parozzi, transport shopsteward Filt Cgil Milano
Antonio Forlano, transport shopsteward Filt Cgil Milano
Pino Marazzi, transport shopsteward Filt Cgil Milano
Laura Bassanetti, transport shopsteward Filt Cgil Milano
Silvia Ruggieri call center shopsteward Nidil Cgil Roma
Stefano Pol, national committee, Nidil Cgil
Paolo Grassi, provincial committee, Nidil Cgil, Milano
Andrea Davolo, provincial committee, Partito della Rifondazione Comunista, Parma
Giorgio Apostolou, Parma
Laura Bergamini, Parma
Giovanni Apostolou, Parma
Federico Toscani, Committe in Defence of Public School, Parma (Italy)
Ilaria Lolini, Parma
Kagerer Johannes, custumer service alfa romeo, Milan
Giovanni Savino, provincial coordinating committee Giovani Comunisti Caserta
Comitato in difesa della Scuola Pubblica di Aversa/Committee in Defence of Public Education, Aversa
Michele Cirinesi, PRC, (Monzuno-Bologna),
Mauro vanetti, coordinatore provinciale Giovani Comunisti, Pavia
Fulvio Grimaldi, Rome Committee of the Partito della Rifondazione Comunista


Tania Walisch Attac Luxembourg
Marie-Claire Tonelotto-Hubert, membre ATTAC-Luxembourg


Rosalba Ramos, Asamblea Nacional de Trabajadoras y Trabajadores, ANTT.
Luis Enrique Barrios, Comité de Trabajadores en Defensa de los Sindicatos, Cotdesi.
Angel Chong, Comité por las Juventudes Socialistas del PRD, CJJSSPRD.
Ubaldo Oropeza, Comité de Estudiantes en Defensa de la Educación Pública, Cedep.
Norma Edith Ramírez, Sindicato Independiente de Trabajadores del Colegio de Bachilleres.
Adán Mejia, Sindicato Mexicano de Electricistas, SME.
Angel Ilich Cardosa, Comité de Redacción del Periódico Obrero El Militante.
Raúl Larios, Frente Nacional de Resistencia Contra la Privatización de la Industria Eléctrica, FNRCPIE.
Amauri Solis, Consejero Estatal del PRD, Chiapas.
Carlo del Angel, Congreso Juvenil PRD, Delegado por Hidalgo.
Victor Hugo Remirez, Congreso Juvenil PRD Delegado por el Estado de México.
Jonathan López, Movimiento de Bases Insurgentes del PRD, MOBI PRD.
Juan Manuel, Red de Solidaridad y Colaboración Laboral.
Rubén Ribera, Comité de Lucha de la Escuela Superior de Ingeniería Mecánica y Eléctrica, CLESIME-IPN.
Sergio Rojas, Comité de Estudiantes en Defensa de la Educación Pública, Cedep. Escuela Nacional de Estudios Profesionales, Actlan


Mohamed Nacerddine, Morocco
Alami Wahid, militants marxistes au Maroc


Appie Kootstra, Secretary Green-Left Party, Winschoten
Z. Tiemann, party whip NCPN, Reiderland
Wemke Ketting-Jager, German-Dutch Workgroup 8th May,
Delzijl Trijnie Kootstra-Buiter, German-Dutch Workgroup 8th May, Winschoten


Waldo Callo Villa, CUSCO


Komunistièna Partija Slovenija (Communist Party of Slovenia)
Luka Pregelj, Naprej! - Slovenian Marxist Circle
Janez Steble, Naprej! - Slovenian Marxist Circle
Nejc Marcen, Naprej! - Slovenian Marxist Circle
Iztok Mikulan, Naprej! - Slovenian Marxist Circle
Andrej Kern, Naprej! - Slovenian Marxist Circle


Antonio San Román Vidal Coordinador Local de IULV-CA de Castilleja de la Cuesta (Sevilla)
Maria Hortensia Perez Romero, miembro de la "Asociación de mujeres libertarias de Sevilla"
José Antonio Rivera Vera, miembro de la ejecutiva del "Sindicato Andaluz de docentes interinos"
Miriam Municio, Secretaria General, En nombre de la Ejecutiva del Sindicato de Estudiantes,
José Martín, Portavoz y coordinador de Izquierda Socialista-PSOE de Málaga.
José García, miembro de la coordinadora regional de Izquierda Socialista-PSOE de Andalucía.
Antonio Hijano, Secretario General de la Federación de trabajadores de la Tierra (FTT)-UGT de la comarca de la Axarquía.
María Fernández Molero, Presidenta de la cooperativa textil "El Lugar" y de la Asociación de Mujeres "Un día después" de El Borge (Málaga)
Jose Maria Gil, metalurgico,presidente del comité de empresa de PROGALSA y miembro de la ejecutiva de la Union Provincial de CC.OO. de Guadalajara.
Andres de las Heras, médico, miembro de la Ejecutiva Provincial del Sindicato de Sanidad de CC.OO.en Guadalajara.
Carlos Pineda: metalurgico, Secretario del Comité de Empresa de ECO refrigeracion, miembro de la Ejecutiva Provincial del Metal de CC.OO. de Guadalajara.
Jaime Sinde, médico, miembro del Consejo Regional de Sanidad de CC.OO. de Castilla la Mancha.
Carlos Rodriguez, parado, miembro del Consejo Político Provincial de Izquierda Unida de Guadalajara.
Jaime Vázquez, Presidente de la Cooperativa Redisma, Secretario general de la sección sindical de UGT y delegado del sector de distribución de prensa de Madrid
Agustin Plaza, Secretario General del Sindicato Comarcal de Vitoria de la Federación de Químicas, Minería e Industrias Afines de la Unión General de Trabajadores (FIA-UGT) y miembro del Comité Nacional de Euskadi del mismo sindicato.
Gregorio Barrantes, Miembro del Comité de Empresa y responsable de la Sección Sindical de UGT de Esmaltaciones San Ignacio (Alava).
Javier Plaza, Delegado de Personal por UGT de la empresa ALSATEC (Alava).
Liborio Pro, Delegado de Personal por UGT de la empresa ENVIROIL (Alava)
Rafael Gabikagogeaskoa, Delegado de Personal por UGT de DEYDESA (Alava)
Emilio Villarreal, Responsable de la Seccion Sindical de UGT de DEYDESA (Alava)
Maria Jesus Rodriguez, Miembro del Comité de Empresa por UGT de ÉCLAIR PRYNT (Alava)
Domingo Lorenzo Casas, trabajador sindical de la UGT de Euskadi
Jesus Diaz de Durana, trabajador sindical de la UGT de Euskadi
Gines Férez Abellán, Delegado de Personal por UGT de la Empresa LATIERRO.S.A (Alava)
Francisco Redondo, Miembro del Comité de Empresa por UGT de ARREGUI, S.A. (Alava)
Emiliano Domínguez, Gregorio Latorre, Comité de Empresa de Roca por CGT
Lluis Perernau, Miembro por UGT de la Junta de Personal de la Universidad Autónoma de Bellaterra (Barcelona)
Carlos Castellano, Delegado sindical de CCOO de Seguros Mafre
Salvador Aranda, Presidente del Comité de Empresa de Musersa (Girona)
Antonio Damián, Delegado de CCOO - Tesorería de la Seguridad Social de Barcelona
Alfredo Luna, Delegado de CCOO - Hotel Nuñez y Navarro
Pilar Ubeda, Presidenta del Comité de Empresa de Telefónica Móviles España
Conchi Garbi, Comité de Empresa de Telefónica Móviles España
José Hernández, Comité de Empresa del Auditorio Nacional de Música por CCOO
José Luis Ruíz, Delegado de UGT - Ayuntamiento de Parla (Madrid)
Teresa Cortés, Comité de Empresa del CO Juan de Austria - Comunidad de Madrid
M .Murphy. Comite de Empresa, Academia, Madrid
Miguel Mitxitorena, FeS-UGT y PSOE


Martin Lööf, student at the university of Gothenburg
Solmaz Beik, Art Student Gothenburg
Martin Oscarsson, Gothenburg, Shop Steward, Teachers' union
Gunnar Thorell
Christer Bengtsson, Social Democratic Youth of Sweden, member of the food workers union


Chourabi Sofiène, étudiant, membre de RAID, Attac Tunisie.

United States

Yosef Mikhah, Workers International League, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Jerry Wilson 820 First st Scotland, SD 57059 United States of America
Cort Greene CNA-ND,American Federation of State, County and Municpal Employees Local 2699
Osvaldo CamiloChapel Hill, North Carolina
Shane Jones, Providence, Rhode Island, Workers International League
John Peterson, Fargo, ND - Workers International League
Holly Tornay, Workers International League, Philadelphia, PA
Josh Shelton, Workers International League Providence, Rhodes Island
Chris Borges, Workers International League
Mia Veltri, Youth for International Socialism, Findlay, Ohio
Chris Ensle,WIL
Alexander Malina, Social Nerve Magazine
Robert T., Boston MA, Laborers local 223 (USA)
Ben Morse, electrical union(IBEW) local #99, RI
Matt Brochotz
S. Rounds
Liz Seed
Mark Blicharz
Deb Ihant
Heffery L. Rubin
Caden E. of New Paltz
Eric Braudy
Lauren A.
Jessica Glickman of New Paltz
Abeulla Alhouri of New Paltz
Clare Johnson
Alex Sears
James Bradwell
Eric Hoover
Kristen Hoover
Paul Kerins
Bob Brown, Asheville, NC, USA
Justine Johnson
Durf Humpfries


Julio César Torres, Santa Cruz, Edo.Aragua.2123

See also:-  http://www.marxist.com

Hands Off Venezuela! See also in French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Dutch..

Faced with reactionary danger the Venezuelan Revolution must advance towards socialism (February, 2004)
Also in Spanish, Danish, Italian, and German.
See original appeal:
HANDS OFF VENEZUELA! - An appeal to the international Labour Movement

See also the website of the Revolutionary Marxist Current (El Topo Obrero - El Militante) in Venezuela-  http://venezuela.elmilitante.org

US poised to attack (your country here) 21.Mar.2004 11:16

would be a better title

Attack means many things. Was Haiti attacked in the usual sense of the word? It was more like "absorbed" which is roughly what Anschluss means-the absorbtion of Austria by Nazi Germany.

Haiti may simply be the new Caribbean model for dealing with countries.....in the Caribbean.

messages 1,2,3 21.Mar.2004 15:18


How about this for a thought rarely posed? The posters of messages one, two, and three are the same person coming at the article from different angles. Yep, that's right. These cats are coy, yes they are. They make the point they make the rebuttle and then they escalate the name calling. Before you know it all of us have joined in behind one of the persons schools of thought and are nagging at each other. One person differnet angles with cyber space as their cloke. That must be really easy, i mean it's a major pattern. Look at most any post on this site. I've seen it, and you've probably seen it time and time again.

You're Not Helping 21.Mar.2004 15:43

Josef Schneider

I am no defender of US foreign policy, this is a bit silly. I have been following the situation in Venezuela quite closely including the attempts of the US government to overthrow Pres Hugo Chavez and the Bolivaria movement.

I see no evidence that an invasion of Venezuela is imminent. Right now the US government - through funding opposition groups through USAID and CIA skulduggery are working to force a referendum to recall Pres Chavez. They may be able to get it. If they cannot get a referendum, they may begin to plan for direct military intervention - but I kinda doubt it.

For a couple reasons:

Venezuela would be no pushover they have a fairly modern military and their leader is quite popular especially with the working classes. Unlike Saddam Hussein, quite a few of Chavez's compatriots would be willing to fight for his government. Mountains, Jungles, . . . Venezuela would be a tough nut to crack.

The US military is stretched almost to breaking point in Iraq. What would they invade with the Chicago Police department and the Iowa National Guard? They don't have the troops. (this is one of the unintended benefits of the tragedy in Iraq: the people in Latin America don't have to worry about US military intervention while the US is bogged down there.

They've tried a military coup, that didn't work so well. They're trying the Chilean model of destabilization. If the recall vote doesn't work out I expect the US will next try the "Contra" method. A "Venezuelan" contra army will be formed by the CIA in Colombia and they'll begin a terror campaign.

Your crying wolf about US invasions now aren't very realistic, and they don't help the credibility of the Venezuela solidarity movement. Get better sources of information, back up what you say by siting sources, and maybe get involved with the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee (PCASC). That will actually be helpful.


Me, Me, Me. . . 21.Mar.2004 16:27

1, 2, 3

"How about this for a thought rarely posed? The posters of messages one, two, and three are the same person coming at the article from different angles. Yep, that's right."

--unsubstantiated speculation.

"These cats are coy, yes they are. They make the point they make the rebuttle [sic] and then they escalate the name calling. Before you know it all of us have joined in behind one of the persons schools of thought and are nagging at each other. One person differnet angles with cyber space as their cloke. That must be really easy, i mean it's a major pattern.Look at most any post on this site. I've seen it, and you've probably seen it time and time again."

--that'd be rebutt_A_l. all we're asking for is simple, substantiated attribution.

to say Venezuela is under economic, political, and covert operations pressure from the US is one thing -

"U.S. Poised to Attack Venezuela"


"A top U.S. intelligence insider has leaked information he has about war plans to attack Venezuela."

is _____something else entirely_____,

and requires references and substantiated facts to back it up.

otherwise, it won't be taken seriously.