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actions & protests | imperialism & war march 20, 2004

Best signs from the march

A summary of great anti-war slogans
This was my first time marching in Portland and it was wonderful! High energy, good speakers, smiling folks, and great signs. Some of the best were - pictures of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, Powell with the title "Asses of Evil",
a banner of a missile that read "What Goes Around Comes Around", a little girl whose sign had a picture of Bush in his army fatigues which said " Hey Bush, I like to play dress up, too!" , a woman with an umbrella that read "SI, Spain!". The cops seemed to stay in the background, from what I could see. The drum circles, dancers and samba group made the march into a party and lots of protestors danced with their signs. I don't live in Portland and came up alone but felt completely welcome immediatly. Thanks to all the oragnizers and activists and participants for making this such a great event!

A new world is truly possible.....
I liked this Sign - 20.Mar.2004 20:22


Four year olds are pretty darn smart!!
It really is so simple - isn't it?
It really is so simple - isn't it?

favorite signs 20.Mar.2004 21:57

ouijongbu cody@gtyh.ath.cx

the one that i saw get the most laughs and attention was one this girl was holding, it read "frodo failed, bush has the ring"

many people seemed to like that one, too bad i forgot my camera...

IN SF 21.Mar.2004 11:33


I saw a photo of an amerikkkan flag that had this written in the white lines: "My fascist government kills for profit, and all I got was this lousy flag"

It's probably been done, but it's timeless, you know

Another One From SF 21.Mar.2004 16:10



a personal favorite 21.Mar.2004 16:47

sign watcher

a woman holding a small sign that read: "another legally-married lesbian against the war"

ha 22.Mar.2004 16:55



(uh...no he's not).

he is alive 22.Mar.2004 22:10


lol, ya, i noticed that also, i was thinking about telling him he is still alive, but i decided to just keep walking...