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actions & protests | imperialism & war march 20, 2004

Anti-War March Pictures!

Protest pictures from the March 20, 2004 anti-war demonstration
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Fun March 20.Mar.2004 19:24

that one guy

That was a fun march no matter what people say. They may say that it did nothing, but we had numbers and we showed solidarity with the rest of the world.

Nice March Today 20.Mar.2004 20:03

Sherry sherry@corereflections.com

I agree with "that one guy" -

I took some pics - if you're interested


sigh... 20.Mar.2004 22:50


did anyone ever tell that poor guy that saddam is still alive? i wonder if he also thinks that the WMDs have been found....

Some more 20.Mar.2004 23:45

Grace's Dad

Here are some more...

Here are some of mine... 20.Mar.2004 23:46

Grace's Dad

It was soooooo nice to be out with all of you fine people again. Man, talk about some good zibes.

Here are some of the images I was able to capture.

More pix 21.Mar.2004 23:18

sillydog sillydog@hypothetical.net

It was a wonderful day for the picture taking and wonderful to see so much creativity working for good and not evil. Even more pix @ http://www.hypothetical.net/sillydog/pix/04spring/m20protest/

killbuch 07.Jun.2004 14:57

hijo de la tierra

usa primer pais maldito mi desprecio por todos sus habitantes bush ultio hijo del ,vomito de una rata que comio mierda.