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Dumpster diver alert (Beaverton)

Lots of good-condition office chairs
There are around 10-15 good quality (a few coffee stains here and there, but mechanically and comfort-wise good condition) office chairs in a red dumpster at the Murray Business Center (3601 SW Murray, right off on Canyon Rd if you're going west).

It's just a block or so past the K-Mart. Head straight back on the left, and look for a big red dumpster.

Happy diving.
chairs are a bit off 20.Mar.2004 21:25

Albert Kaufman

But thanks!!!! also coat hangers, and other weird stuff. Some chairs in decent shape. Like the one we just got!

I got two! 20.Mar.2004 22:37


In fine shape! $300 chairs too! nice! Thanks!
My old wooden comp chair was being held together with pine firring strips, sheetrock screws and the always ubiquitious duct tape.

Free is a very good price!

You can never 21.Mar.2004 08:24

be too careful

Be sure to disinfect those seats from Suburban fat ass!

Another dumpster in NE PDX 21.Mar.2004 13:24

Dumpster Bear

There's another dumpster on NE 33rd near Stanton. We got some incredible stuff- luggage, towels, shelving, clothes, and even dishes still in the box. At first we thought it was an eviction, but it turns out it's some yuppies just throwing away things they don't want anymore. It's truly unbelievable. Most of it is in excellent condition- they could have given it to charity. They're still loading things in the dumpster last time I checked. I might check it out again, but pretty soon I'm gonna have too much stuff myself, what with all this dumpster diving!