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Kaza for Congress becomes only Oregon primary campaign to endorse "World STILL Says No to War! Global Day of Action Against War and Occupation" protest March 20th, 2004
PORTLAND, OR - March 20, 2004 - Democratic Congressional candidate Andrew Kaza (OR-5) today formally announced that he is an official endorser at Saturday's peace rally in downtown Portland. Kaza, facing Rep. Darlene Hooley in the May primary, is the only candidate in Oregon to take such a public position against the on-going occupation in Iraq.

Local peace and justice organizations expect thousands of people to turn out for the rally and march at 1:00 PM on Saturday, March 20th. Over 110 faith, social justice, peace, environmental, and other progressive organizations and small businesses have endorsed the rally. The event will begin at Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square at SW Yamhill and 6th. It is being organized as part of a "Global Day of Action Against War and Occupation" on the one-year anniversary of the most recent massive U.S. attack on Iraq. Another 150 protests are planned in cities across the United States, as well as several hundred more cities across the globe, all calling for an end to the occupation of Iraq.

"As I have been saying for months now, it is time for the truth on Iraq, and a timetable for bringing U.S. troops home," says Kaza. "It's sad that I'm the only candidate for high office in Oregon that is officially endorsing this protest, but our campaign is joining hundreds of concerned citizen groups in the peaceful gathering against the open-ended occupation and the pre-emptive war that started it all."

Kaza, who is in the midst of his recently launched "Listen First" tour, visiting 99 Communities in the 5th District in 99 Days, has found great support from around the district. "Democrats are encouraged that for the first time since 1996, they have a real choice," explained Kaza. "People are paying attention this year and they are ready for change."

"My opponent chose to break with the Oregon Democratic Congressional delegation back in October and support this on-going occupation," explains Kaza. "and it seems to be a blatant example of her continued shift to the right. Her support of President Bush's 'blank check' for this war was one of the main reasons I entered this race. It's time we prioritize funding towards jobs, education, and healthcare; not war.

"If she is simply going to side with the President on issues as paramount as this war, maybe it's about time for her to change registration and run as a Republican!"

# # #

More information about Andrew Kaza and his campaign is available at:  http://www.kazaforcongress.org.

Press note:
Kaza will be available for interviews before/during Saturday's event. If possible, press should pre-arrange timing with Andy Jones, Kaza for Congress campaign manager.

Press contacts:
Andy Jones
Campaign Manager
Kaza for Congress
(971) 645-2178

homepage: homepage: http://www.kazaforcongress.com
phone: phone: (971) 645-2178

a step forward 20.Mar.2004 20:36

Brian O.

It is good to see someone take a stance on the issues people are afraid of.

If Kaza is to be elected for the position he is running for, that would be one more person the real people in the world can trust.

Go Kaza!

Not True! 21.Mar.2004 13:22


There is another candidate who has been much more outspoken against the war. Robert Hinds - the mayoral candidate - who I met at the march. I found him to be very intelligent and insightful.