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NY 9/11 Truth Peace Solidarity March Mega Success

Summary NY 9/11 Truth Solidarity March (New York)


800 SIGNS, 5000 FLYERS, Cover NY Daily News, Story Newsday etc...

Saturday March 20th, 2004
Nico Haupt aka ewing2001

The NY Truth Alliance (http://nyc911truth.org) succesfully finished their 9/11 Truth March, in solidarity with the 9/11 Family Members, the 9/11 Steering Committee and the Peace Movement.
Our both banners "STOP THE 9/11 COVER-UP"and "THE BUSH REGIMEE ENGINEERED 9/11" marched since 11 AM Madison Avenue between 23rd and 34th Sts. for the permitted rally, supported by appr. 100.000 peaceful protestors on the streets, chanting with us "STOP THE 9/11 COVER-UP" and other slogans.
Others followed with own bullhorn raps, summarizing countless 9/11 smoking guns and irregularities of the official Sep11th story.
Many of our friends of other projects helped us to hand out 5000 9/11 Truth Flyers and literature with different messages, incl. announcements from our forthcoming event with Ellen Mariani and the 9/11 Inquiry in San Francisco.
Among countless volunteers on the streets, we had also 800-900 "STOP THE 9/11 COVER-UP" Signs from our alliance in Kansas City (septembereleventh.org, 911visibility.org,incl. a visible link to our friends 911Review.org) and 1000s of deception dollars.
Among other helping hands and supporters: 911truth.com, OsamasKidneys.org, Scott Loughrey (9/11 Scientist/Baltimore, 911hoax.com, Counterpunch, GlobalResearch.ca etc..), Voxfux.com, UnansweredQuestions.org, 9/11Citizens Watch, Stop the Police State Group, Axisoflogic.com and many more.
Today NY 9/11 Truth was covered by Michael Kane (SGTV), INN World Report, FSTV and gave interviews to many international and national radio- and tv stations plus print media outlets, among them Philadelphia Enquirer.
Many peace- and activist groups were open minded to our message and signs and promised also, to show up at our weekly 9/11 truth campaign at GROUND ZERO (12PM-4PM), where we currently show up with our banner "STOP THE 9/11 COVER-UP".
NY 9/11 Truth also made the cover of the Sunday NY Daily News (http://www.nydailynews.com/), where we're counting at least 8 of our "STOP THE 9/11 COVER-UP"-signs.
Newsday wrote about our signs:
"Money for jobs, not war," read one sign; another called on the Bush administration to "Stop the 9/11 coverup."

Forthcoming stories from Michael Kane, Nic Lewis, Indymedia, INN Report, 911skeptics.blogspot.com and ny911truth.org coming up soon...










NY Daily News (coming up soon) ">
9/11 Truth and Peace to the world :)

homepage: homepage: http://ny911truth.org/

Deception Dollars at Rio Peace Protest 20.Mar.2004 18:34

Nico Haupt nicohaupt@yahoo.com

Reuters -March 20 Reuters
Rio de janeiro


A Brazilian anti-war protester holds fake U.S. currency, modeled after the dollar bill but showing an image of U.S. President George W. Bush (news - web sites) and referring to the September 11 attacks, during a demonstration along Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, March 20,2004. Anti-war protests are taking place in many cities around the world on the anniversary of U.S.-led war in Iraq
REUTERS/Bruno Domingos

Stop the 9/11 Cover-up at NY Antiwar Protest 20.Mar.2004 19:17

Nic Levis

More than 100,000 people turned out today for the big antiwar demonstration in New York:
"The World Says No to War."

New York 9/11 Truth activists worked hard to prepare a high-profile presence at the demo. We made several hundred double-sided signs on poles from the "STOP THE 9/11 COVERUP" posters, generously donated to us by the 9/11 Visibility project in Kansas City. The success in creating a presence that no one could ignore would have been impossible without them!

We also received a bunch of the Washington DC Metro ads that 9/11 Citizens Watch financed. We managed to transport these to a number of drop-off points before the cops began to close the march area to traffic.

Hundreds of people proved willing to carry the signs, and in the end you could see these signs down the entire length of the march. No matter which way one turned, there was at least one visible. (The red color was a big advantage, most of the other signs were in white or blue.) Many people reacted with comments like "right on," although many also asked: "What is the 9/11 cover up"? Distributing leaflets was no problem, people literally snapped them up, several thousand at least (plus a whole lot of D-dollars, which as usual people would simply grab for). It's a shame we didn't have 50,000 leaflets and 50 or 100 people to distribute them, because we could have given out that many in the expectation that they would actually be read. (Often people rejected a leaflet, then saw it was about 9/11 truth, and grabbed for it.)

As for the media coverage, we will see how it goes. I heard reports of our people interviewed by Hartford Courant, Brazilian and Polish TV, Gannett and many other outlets.

Certainly a lot of work went into this demo and the organizers are to be commended for that. Unfortunately, they decided to reject our proposal of Phil Berg as a speaker on the 9/11 coverup, apparently after a long debate. This is an unfortunate failure of nerve! I hope the organizers will acknowledge the importance of the 9/11 investigation in the future. It was too bad to hear so many speakers touch on Sept. 11 and its consequences, without mentioning anything about the family demands, the unanswered questions, the investigation, the lies. How can peace organizers be blind to how 9/11, the most important weapon in the Bush regime's ideological arsenal, is actually the Achilles' heel? Most of the demonstrators seemed to understand this very well.

In their style, almost all of the speakers were more screamers or "preachers," and this was disturbing. Almost none of them adopted a calm or discursive tone. Why so fast, always, and why so damned loud?! I don't disagree that we must "Say No to Imperialism," but who needs to hear this screamed 100 times an hour from the podium? This thing needed more content, narrative, analysis of the sort that might convince the non-demonstrating public. For whatever reason, humor, music, and poetry all seemed to be banished from the stage. A shame really.

But the feeling of the demo itself was fabulous. One year later, the antiwar movement is showing a great energy. And there is no doubt that more and more people in the antiwar movement are understanding the keystone significance of the 9/11 lie.

September 11 Watchdog Group Demands End to Stonewalling, Cover- Up 20.Mar.2004 19:46


September 11 Watchdog Group Demands End to Stonewalling, Cover- Up

US Newswire
Newsradio 1000 KTOK

U.S. Newswire


A watchdog group, 9/11 CitizensWatch, that monitors the official 9/11 investigation, will be joined by family members of those who lost loved ones on 9/11 to formally present as yet unanswered questions regarding the attacks of September 11, 2001. They are set to present tough questions for the 9/11 Commission witnesses giving testimony at upcoming hearings on March 23 and 24. (See http://www.9- 11commission.gov.)

"These are questions for top officials from current and former administrations that we'd like to see answered before the 9/11 Commission, under oath and in public. Americans deserve a transparent investigation into this world-changing event and the deaths of over 3000 people. To date the concerns and key questions raised by families and citizens remain to be addressed," insisted, John Judge, a co-founder of 9/11 CitizensWatch.

The 9/11 Commission currently investigating the attacks will be holding hearings next week with members of the Clinton and Bush administrations. Notably absent is National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice who has refused to offer sworn public testimony. "There is a growing chorus calling for public testimony from not only Condoleezza Rice, but also from Bush and Cheney. Ongoing stonewalling is not only an affront to the victims and their families, but conveys a sense to the American people that they have something to hide. Full disclosure and accountability is a must," said Kyle F. Hence of CitizensWatch.

Current administration resistance to a public inquiry began shortly after members of Congress called for a Commission inquiry and public hearings. 9/11 Commission chair Gov. Thomas Kean and other members have consistently spoken out about a pattern by the FAA, NORAD and the current administration of withholding or delaying access to documents and testimony. Commissioner Bob Kerry recently said that they could not do a thorough investigation under the restrictions currently imposed by the White House staff.

Organizers and 9/11 family members have consistently raised disturbing and unsettling questions for potential witnesses, based on solid independent research and analysis. Jamie Gorelick, one of the 9/11 Commissioners, referred to the questions posed by 9/11 widow Mindy Kleinberg of the 9/11 Family Steering Committee as a 'road map' for the commission ( http:// www.911independentcommission.org ). "We feel these questions are best answered openly in a public forum not in closed interviews or overly classified reports. We want to send a clear message to all individuals in a position to provide the country with a full accounting to do so in the open," said Kyle Hence, one of the event organizers.

9/11 CitizensWatch will also be unveiling an ad campaign in D.C. designed to reach hundreds of thousands with their message calling for an end to stonewalling on 9/11.


AP "STOP THE 9/11 COVER-UP" signs in NYC picked up by more media 20.Mar.2004 20:22

Nico Haupt http://911skeptics.blogspot.com

News 24 Houston AP/Boston Globe
San Francisco Chronicle
Canada Post

Some AP-outlets shrubbed the paragraph about "9/11 truth", if you carefully compare...

Back from New York 20.Mar.2004 20:30

Scott Loughrey

The greatest day of the 911 Truth Movement
By Scott Loughrey, 911Hoax.com

I just got back from today's big demonstration in New York. It was thrilling. I saw Yoko Ono and her son Sean up close. (Sean looks much like his father; it is like watching a ghost.)

There were about 100,000 people marching, carrying signs and banners against the war on Iraq and the current occupation of it.

However, the most unbelievable part of the whole day was running into Nico. Nico gave me a "Stop the 911 Coverup" sign. A lot of people came up to me to compliment me on it during the day. It seemed to me like thousands of New Yorkers were looking at me as I carried it through the march. Everywhere I went New Yorkers were noticing the sign.

Hours after bumping into Nico I saw him again, boldly (and slowly) carrying a large banner in the middle of the street with two friends. (The banner says: "The Bush Regime Engineered 911".) This part of the day was absolutely incredible. Talk about speaking truth to power. I can't think of the words to express how valuable Nico's activism is. I'll have to leave it here for now.

Today might have been the greatest day of the 911 Truth Movement. It is definitely gathering momentum; and Nico is at the front of it.


SF 9/11 Truth (March 20th) 20.Mar.2004 21:46

Jeff Strahl

San Francisco 9/11 Truth (March 20th)
By Jeff Strahl (LeftGateKeepers, 911research.wtc7.net)

Up to 50,000 were in the streets of San Francisco. Several of us put up a table, distributing our pamphlet (9/11: Great Crime, Greater Cover-Up), got lots of takers, many discussions. Lots of people (1000, we're told) carried the "Stop the 9/11 Cover-Up" signs, many of them of course came by the table. Carol had her own table, as did Bonnie Faulkner and Ralph Schoenmann. Breakaway marches from the main rally ended in clashes with police, some quite severe.

Chicago 9/11 Truth 20.Mar.2004 22:18


More 9/11 Cover-up Photos from NYC 21.Mar.2004 09:34

Nico Haupt

(*Thx To Allan Duncan and Joshua Weiner)

NYC Indymedia

I found more photos:

9/11 Truth right behind Sean Lennon and Yoko Ono

(Source: Indymedia/Fred Askew)

During the march:



(Source: Fred Askew

March After Party:


(Source: Wrybread

Updates 21.Mar.2004 10:39

Nico Haupt

Hartford Courant/CT picked up the same AP-story, which mentions the "Stop 9/11 Cover-up" signs

Updates 21.Mar.2004 11:04

Nico Haupt

In an own story by Rick Green, the Courant mentioned this line:
"Many marchers carried signs alleging a cover-up of the investigation into the Sept. 11 attacks."
International Answer, who refused to allow Phil Berg (9/11 Widow Ellen Mariani) to speak at the protest, brought the same REUTERS-pictures, which show 9/11 Truth all over the place.

Philly.com, who interviewed 2 members of the NY 9/11 Truth Alliance, didn't mention us.

The New Britain Herald picked up the AP-story with the line ""Money for jobs, not war," read one sign; another called on the Bush administration to "Stop the 9/11 coverup."


Unsurprisingly, the NeoCon-editorialized NY POST (John Podhoretz/son of PNAC-Norman, Ralph Peters, Peter Brookes/Heritage, Daniel Pipes, Robert Novak etc..) didn't bring the protest march on their cover. In their own, totally biased report (by ignoring the peace protest in their national and world sections), they decided to release a photo of one of the few arrests in New York and brought their own spin:
"The were only four arrests for minor infractions, a stark contrast to a protest last year on the eve of the Iraq war".

Updates 21.Mar.2004 11:12

Nico Haupt

Updates 21.Mar.2004 14:59

Nico Haupt

Newsday put the same 9/11 Truth picture on their Sunday Manhattan Cover


Stop the 9/11 Coverup 21.Mar.2004 16:06

Les Jamieson

Stop the 9/11 Coverup

By Les Jamieson, NY 9/11 Truth Alliance
March 21, 2004

I'd like to add my thanks and congrats to all who contributed their valuable time, energy and resources to yesterdays thrilling experience. It goes to show how a brilliant idea with great timing and the right opportunity can have a powerful effect. The broad-based peace movement and the media has now seen us. With our high level visibility yesterday and the distribution of tons of literature, I predict a ripple effect that will result in a noticeable increase in awareness of the critical questions and real crime committed on 9/11.

In addition to newspaper coverage already noted, last night NY News 1, the main local TV news station, ran the story and showed a good amount of video footage. Every segment shown of the march showed our signs so the NYC metro area audience has seen the slogan "Stop the 9/11 Coverup". It's quite possible that hundreds of thousands of people have seen it. Equally important is that thousands of police saw us so the seed has been planted in their minds that the government they work for has serious questions to answer for and has blood on its hands. Also, both political parties will be made aware of this movement. This morning on Meet the Press, Ted Kennedy twice mentioned the worldwide protests.

I was one of the people handing out signs on 32nd and Madison Ave at 10 am as people were streaming down to the stage area. They were so popular that several people traded in other signs they were carrying for ours! It's also important to note that the Kucinich people walked by in groups and were very open to the signs and the message. In an hour or so all the signs were distributed.

We walked down to the stage area and couldn't get further than 25th street due to the crowd. From there we just held our signs and banners and had people coming up to us asking for literature. Then during the march I went up to people along the route handing out a document about the 9/11 families demand for full disclosure and their 23 questions for GWB. Almost everybody I offered it to reached out for it with an obvious hunger to know what's really going on. Everybody seemed to be aware that America is getting the runaround on 9/11 from our own government and are disgusted if not outraged. It was also great so see so many young people who are aware of the deception. We can all have hope now for the possibility of the 9/11 issue getting closer to the surface of public awareness and debate and the media and government leadership will be forced to face the unspeakable, unimaginable idea that 9/11 was our Reichstag Fire and all that implies.


White Horses 22.Mar.2004 08:22

Marc Farinelli farinellimarc@hotmail.com

Like great riders on White Horses, the peaceful warriors marched!

Updates 22.Mar.2004 23:38

Nico Haupt

Vanderbilt Hustler, News24 Houston and Albany Times NY picked up the AP story with the line "Money for jobs, not war,'' read one sign; another called on the Bush administration to "Stop the 9/11 coverup.''

Updates 22.Mar.2004 23:41

Nico Haupt

More response from New York at NYC Indymedia

Updates 23.Mar.2004 17:31

Nico Haupt


The NY 9/11 Truth will be also at the International Inquiry into 9-11, Phase One, San Francisco, March 26-28th 2004 see you there :)

Updates 23.Mar.2004 17:41

Scott Loughrey

March 20, 2004 NYC Protest: A Credible Resistance Movement Builds, by Scott Loughrey
Baltimore IMC -23 Mar 2004

On March 20th, 2004 a protest was held in New York City with about 100,000 participants (not including the tens of thousands of police). Unlike last year's protest in the same location the atmosphere was light and festive. The police attacked no protesters who in turn did no property damage. Even the weather cooperated, producing a sunny, windless day on the first day of Spring.

March 20th is a special day for the new century. This writer is a veteran of many rallies, vigils and protests since 9/11/01. However, on this day comes a spark from a single individual of such intensity that it rivals in mind the Chinese man who stopped a tank by himself at some time surrounding the massacre at Tianneman Square. More on this will come shortly.

One of the clear highlights of the afternoon is when Yoko Ono and her son Sean Lennon briefly stand in front of me as they participate in the event. Yoko seems vulnerable and is not entirely comfortable with large crowds. Sean looks so much like his mad genius father (i.e., Dr. Winston O'Boogie) that looking at his face produces a jolt to the senses.

We take the bus out from Baltimore via All People's Congress. The two buses that have been chartered are not the best. (The bus I am on has few functional reading lights and no television for the long ride home.) However, it is rather exciting when we finally arrive in Manhattan. The bus parks near the United Nations building and the East River.

While heading southwest to the focal point of the demonstration I see two guys walking across the street carrying 9-11 signs. I make a quick J-walk over to the opposite sidewalk to ask them for a sign. It is here that I finally meet Nico, with whom I have been corresponding for over a year. We talk; he gives me a 9-11 protest sign and some literature to distribute. Then we part.

Suddenly, my optimism about the effectiveness of this demonstration soars. This is not going to be kind of protest where little is said that disturbs power. Indeed, Nico will boast later that evening that thousands of "911 Coverup" signs were collectively employed in the New York and San Francisco demonstrations....

More at Baltimore IMC