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9.11 investigation

Didn't FBI brand ADL a "terrorist organisation"?

How is this possible then?
ADL Conducts Law Enforcement Training in Georgia and Nevada

No, the FBI deemed the JDL a terrorist organization. 20.Mar.2004 17:47


The ADL is considered, by morons, to be a civil rights organization. The JDL is considered to be a terrorist organization. The ADL lost a case in San Francisco where it was proved that the ADL was spying on Americans and exchanging that information with the FBI.

these are the right wing jewish extremists 20.Mar.2004 18:17

tsalagi red

who ended up with the police databases after cointel was (supposedly) ended. They keep tabs on the left.

ADL and the Bnai Brith 21.Mar.2004 12:09

who sponsors them?

They are a cover for the Israeli Mossad.