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Medicine Lake Lawsuit decision favors developers

**Stop experimental chemical testing!
** Ask Energy Commission to pull $50 million in subsidies!
** Tell Calpine to withdraw from Medicine Lake and Bonneville to drop the contract!!!
**Support a local movie showing or benefit in your area!!
Fourmile Hill Lawsuit Favored Geothermal Energy Development at Medicine Lake!!!

Fourmile Hill is the first of two power plants Calpine currently
would like build at Medicine Lake. Last September the Pit River
Tribe, Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center (MSBEC), and Native
Coalition for Medicine Lake Highlands Defence sued to stop the
Fourmile Hill Power Plant and subsequent pipelines, roads, power
lines and toxic sumps. The lawsuit was based on Cumulative
Environmental Impacts to pure water, air, and Native American
cultural values. Those trying to defend the Medicine Lake highlands
found no justice in the courts - they lost the lawsuit on all counts
so far. The time has come to step up the pressure for Medicine Lake!

Stop Experimental Chemical Testing at Medicine Lake - Come to a
Meeting in Late April.

The Water Quality Control Board will hold a public hearing on April
22 or 23 in Sacramento (details change often, please call to confirm)
to decide on Calpine's proposal to use experimental technology at
Medicine Lake. The experimental technology involves injecting
hydrofluoric and hydrochloric acids into test wells at Medicine Lake
to create more geothermal activity. What's at stake is the health of
the largest aquifer in California that feeds into the water supplies
of many cities. This practice is largely experimental, undocumented
and has been found to cause earthquakes and could pollute water. The
most likely company to perform this harmful experimental practice is
none other then war profiteer Halliburton (Dick Cheney's former
company that is being investigated for illegal business dealings in
Iraq). Extensive testing of this experimental drilling must be
undertaken before allowing Calpine to move forward at Medicine Lake.
Demand that the Water Quality Board undergo widespread testing to
determine the long-term effects of such experimental drilling. Please
come out to Sacramento on the 22 or 23 (Call for details) or write to
the Water Quality Board and urge them to not allow this harmful
practice at Medicine Lake!

Stop Taxpayer Subsidies to Calpine

The California Energy Commission and Department of Energy are
subsidizing the destruction of Medicine Lake with your tax dollars.
They will then sell it back to you "green energy." Ever since the
"Energy Crisis" that Calpine helped to create with ENRON, the
California Energy Commission has been awarding Calpine millions to
build and experiment at Medicine Lake. Public money has been given
for unapproved public lands projects and roadless areas incursions.
The taxpayer money being used is supposed to go to real green energy
projects not to cut old growth and pollute wild lands and possibly
ground water. The Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center and other
groups working on Medicine Lake have asked for the Commission to
direct money toward projects that will benefit minority and low
income communities, not ones with documented environmental justice
impacts, such as Medicine Lake. Over $50 million of our dollars have
already been awarded to Calpine despite their role in ripping off
West Coast rate-payers in the "Energy Crisis."

Take action , Contact the California Energy Commissioners and ask them to:

***Stop funding environmental destruction at the Medicine Lake
Highlands and to rescind the $50 million already awarded.
***Stop funding projects that have negative environmental impacts,
such as at Medicine Lake.
***Stop funding companies that knowingly participated in price fixing
in California.

Commissioner John Geesman
Commissioner James Boyd
phone# 916 654-4001 fax: 916 654 4420 phone
916-954 3787 fax 916 654-4420

Address for both : CA ENERGY COMMISSION , 1516 Ninth St. MS-31
Sacramento, CA 95814

Tell Calpine to Get out of Medicine Lake!!

Calpine has ignored everyone from the United Nations Indian Treaty
Council to the local home owners on requests to pull out of Medicine
Lake. It's time for them to hear from the public. Write a letter,
make a phone call or plan a demonstration at your local Calpine
office (call for more locations)

Calpine Corporate Headquarters Calpine Portland Office
50 West San Fernanado St. San Jose CA, 805 SW Broadway, Suite
1850, Portland, OR
95513 phone #408 995-5115 97205 phone # 503 223-2300

Calpine Washington DC office, 1350 Eye St. NW Suite 1270 Washington DC, 10005

Tell Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) to cancel the Fourmile
Hill Contract and oppose Medicine Lake Development!!!
US Department of Energy, BPA PO Box 3621 Portland, OR 97208-3621

For the best updated information on the current situation at Medicine
Lake or details on the Water Quality meeting contact the Mount Shasta
Bioregional Ecology Center at (530) 926-5655 and ask to be sent the
most recent newsletter.

For more information or if you are interested in a movie
showing,tabling or benefit in your area contact:

Medicine Lake Defence Project at 541-482-2640 or email
 regina@kswild.org. We have outreach packets and photos available for

homepage: homepage: http://cascadiarising.org/en/2004/03/102.shtml

"they lost the lawsuit on all counts" 28.Mar.2004 07:16


You idiots don't want justice, you just want to stop all progress and jobs in this country. why don't you all pack up and head for France or Canada, we don't need your negativism here!!!