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actions & protests | police / legal march 20, 2004


Pick YOUR favorite officer and watch them today; prevent crime!
"It is the responsibility of all citizens, not just the police, to stop crime before it becomes troublesome"
Officer Jeff Myers, Portland Police Senior Neighborhood Officer, Nob Hill Business Association Crime Prevention Committee

Today I am going to be one of several observers/reporters who have decided to follow one of Portland's "finest", hack, hack, cough, cough, bleah! Wow, was that hard to even think about and type. Why would I want to be around one of these jerks all day? I figure that if they know that they are being CLOSELY watched and followed they will be a lot less likely to do something that would compromise what little rights and freedoms we all have left. There are about 20 officers that long ago proved that they are not on the force (good descriptive, that!) not to serve and protect but to bully and destroy. If I end up being bored all day and nothing happens, GREAT! If MY buddy Myers, who I have chosen, behaves like a human all day long, smiles, pats babies on the head instead of spraying them, is courteous to bicyclists instead of trying to tackle one down for having legal fun, GREAT! From what I understand, if I follow at a safe distance with my cameras and binoculars do not interfere with anything that he is doing, there is nothing illegal that I can be charged with. Besides, there will be people watching the watchers, both other police, who DO take seriously their oath to serve and protect, and citizens with cameras and video cams... ... ...
Press Badge 20.Mar.2004 07:18


Lion, you had courage all along, but what you didn't have was a homemade PRESS BADGE to hang around your neck. You can just put a little plastic on both sides with the word PRESS in big black letters and you won't even have to stay that far away.

I would encourage all protestors to bring working or non-working cameras and keep them highly visible to all police.

don't forget to be on the lookout for 20.Mar.2004 08:06

Scott McCollister

today. Bet his pals are getting feed up of dropping off food baskets and will surely want him
in on the Overtime Scam, so he'll be there ((probably NOT with a nametag though). If there is
to be any citizen's rights bashing, you know he'll want to be in the middle of it, given he's
gotten away with so much. So, do be on the lookout and snap away when you see him...shoot him
to your heart's content!

This is actually a very good idea 20.Mar.2004 08:32


We have a Portland Police Officer in our neighborhood.

Both he and his wife are "strange" people.

Ever since a mysterious video arrived in our mist last
December that clearly showed this man participating in
some serious human rights violations, we've been watch-
ing this guy's every step looking for a trip up on his

We suspect he'll do something nasty today, as these type
of people never really learn.

So, we're going out as much as to protest the war, as to
watch him!

Great idea you have there. This is one way to put these
Blue Bastards under CONTROL.

So, let's make this a WATCH-A-COP-4-A-DAY day along with
a protest against Bush. These kind of people are Bush's
supporter's anyway...lacking intelligence, they seek rule
by intimidation. So, take the intimidation out of them
by watching their every move. (will frustrate them too!)



out in uniform today, it'll be great time to finally get his picture! so, shoot away on him!

Thank you, 99th Monkey... 20.Mar.2004 10:15


I will be out with a video camera today as well.......the more cameras, the better the citizens are protected. And it doesn't even matter if it's protesters' cameras or police cameras - the video doesn't lie. (It can be edited to tell a different story, like the corporate media has done, but raw video doesn't lie.)

So, uh, 20.Mar.2004 10:15

Catalina Eddie

do we just pick one at random, or will there be someone around who can point out the vicious ones?

A very important point to remember! 20.Mar.2004 10:42


These police--those trained under Kroeker--are instructed/trained to immediately go after any
person filming or taking a photograph of one of their fellow officier's, and more especially
so if there is any question as to whether human rights or civil rights are at issue.

They truly don't give a damned for you, your rights, or your humanness, for they're more into
the ratpack mentality in which they only care for their fellow rats.

The point to remember: if you happen to film or take picture of an incident, as soon as you've
gotten it in the can, so to speak, immediately survey the scene to find out what direction any
fellow police are coming from, and whether they've noticed you with your gear, and then run like hell in opposite direction away from them to keep safe what you've got on them.

Let's not kid ourselves on this? Some of these bastards that are on the payroll of Portland
Police Bureau would soon kill you as look at you (and laugh at your corpse on top of it all)
and your rights mean NOTHING to these wretched men. All you've got to remember is a guy named
McCollister is doubt what I'm saying?

What I'm trying to get across is this FACT: these people would kill you if they knew they'd get
away with it in order to protect a fellow officer. That's the degradation of their mentality!

So, you have to be aware of that FACT and outsmart them every step of the way. If you do so,
then it's fun to play one-on-one with 'em...you'll win everytime. Just "think" and "act" as
fast as you can...take your pictures and then be running by next breath!

try to see clearly 21.Mar.2004 09:32

a secretary

I work with cops, and I can tell you that
1. They'd rather protests didn't exist, and they think the people in them are annoying, and
2. Some are more mature than others.
But it's not true that they're "trained to go after anyone with a camera" or that they're out to kill people. Yeah, follow one if you want, of course scrutiny is a good thing. But stop dehumanizing and demonizing these guys. That kind of polarization makes peace impossible. Police officers are out there wanting to keep their jobs, dealing with crowd psychology, all that stuff-- in short, they're human beings.

RE: a secretary 24.Mar.2004 12:46


part of what you are saying is correct, but at the same time some of those cops you work with are fucking bastards.

It is really important not to put people in boxes (ie. ALL cops will beat you senseless given the chance)...but, it's usually a better idea to be prepared and on guard so as to not be beaten senseless.

To all those who followed a cop for a day...what did you learn? I did the same thing except I devoted the day to watching all cops ("peacekeepers" included) and came up with some very interesting observations.

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