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Friend of Tre conveys his thanks to all for their support

I spoke with Tre this afternoon, he is doing as well as can be expected, and he wanted to reiterate his gratitude to all for their love and support, your cards,letters and good wishes mean the world to him.
Attorneys working on his behalf will be releasing a formal statement in the next day or so, but Tre asked that I convey his heart felt thanks for the cards, letters and good wishes folks have been sending him, they are a lifeline for him in these dark days. He would welcome visits or letters from supporters.

As Tre's friend, I would like to add that speculations and rumors about his case will run rampant in the media as the case progresses. We must keep in mind that these tactics are meant to hurt his case, regardless of where they appear. Those who know the true facts in evedence will not be talking, those who mean to fracture support for him, and the movement, will.

letters can be sent to

Michael Scarpitti
4216 Wilkinson Road
Victoria BC
V8Z 5B2

although Tre legally changed his name years ago, if you want the letter to get through it needs to be addressed as above. Be aware that letters will be read and photocopied by authorities. Do not say anything in the letter you would not say in open court.

He is allowed one visitor a day, no visits on Thursdays or Fridays.
Visits must be arranged 24 hours in advance by calling 250-953-4433
You must be at least 19 years old and have two pieces of goverment issued ID (e.g. a drivers licence and a copy of your birth certificate)

Ferrys to BC depart from Seattle and Port Angeles, fares run between $18-$60 round trip for pedestrians and cyclists.

homepage: homepage: http://www.griffinsforge.com/truth2power

We Love You Tre! 20.Mar.2004 06:38

Chyld Cascadia ysab@efn.org

I cried when I saw his picture on that ledge. We are all in jail with you. FREE TRE ARROW! FREE FREE! FREE CRITTER! FREE ROB LOS RICOS! FREE ME! FREE YOU!

is there a number to go with the name? 20.Mar.2004 14:32


in canada do they have a name associated with a prisoner name?

no number required 21.Mar.2004 08:40


No number required, but you must use the fake name (Scarpitti) and include a return address.
The authorities will photo copy contents of mail, so (this should go without saying) it is vital letters contain nothing you wouldnt say in court, and just be mindful that anything _we_ say could be used against him.

The letters are a life line for him right now, because he is not allowed books or related resourses. So by all means keep those cards and letters coming, let him know he has plenty of support and that we will stick with him through this long fight ~ a good thing for the authorities reading his mail to know!

fake name? 21.Mar.2004 16:44

bullied by mike. joyitude@yahoo.com

his name was changed. his birth name is michael scarpitti. he lived in pinecrest lakes in jensen beach and graduated from martin county high school in stuart florida in 1992. he was on the wrestling team with coach cliff weatherly (himself a repgugnant, mean spirited man), has a little sister named gina and was a bully who picked on people on the bus. he was a part of the "popular" crowd - "clean cut" and basically not a very nice person at all.
tre arrow is not the person i knew growing up. it's all well and good to ask to be called by your legal name, but the "fake" name business is pointless. he is not malcom x. i hope that if he didn't blow anything up that he is released, but your rose colored glasses are sadly misplaced.

Have an open mind 23.Mar.2004 10:00


Haven't we all changed since high school?

If it makes you feel any better... 24.Mar.2004 13:37

A Cascadian action(at)cascadiarising.org

Tre hasn't beaten anybody up in several years. He hasn't even eaten animal flesh, and has issues with processing plant foods. He has been beaten severely by government agents, which is perhaps his karma for his earlier life. I wouldn't be surirpised if he's even okay with that.

do you know he is innocent as charged,or do you support him regardless? 27.Mar.2004 21:08

nature friend

I've never gotten a good vibe from Tre Arrow. He always seemed to me to be a grand-stander, someone more into gaining attention than serving a higher cause. Nevertheless, I believe in the system of innoncent until proven guilty. This does not mean, however, that he deserved my blind support. I have to suspend judgment until the evidence proves him either innocent or guilty of the charges. Perhaps many among his supporters don't consider the arson he is charged with a crime that he should be tried and punished for, should he be found guilty. But among those of his supporters who believe that arson is a crime for which the perpetrator should repay society, why do you support him, if you are not certain that he is innocent of the crime? And if you believe that theft is a crime, why do you support him, knowing that he was caught stealing, not once, but twice?

Scarpitti is pretty petty 14.May.2004 00:30


What a waste of time....some counter culture hero....Why don't you write about the people who actually do something worthwhile, instead of this glory seeking idiot. He did more harm to his supposed causes, and caused more investigations of innocent people than any right wing nut ever did. The heck with him. Drop us a line Michael when you finally get out of prison. Then maybe you can actually do something worthwhile with your life, instead of just playing leftist revolutionary. In case you didn't notice, that was done to death in the '60's, and most of those people are now investment bankers.

A disgrace 15.Dec.2004 08:27

Michael A. Scarpitti mikescarpitti@yahoo.com

Due to the fact that we share the same name, I have been confused with this moron. Lock him up and throw away the key!